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RAP Lab Opportunities at EPA

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Opportunities Available at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

There are 56 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
22.01.08.B7967 EPA An Integrated Genomics Approach to Assessing Human and Ecological Health in Aquatic Systems Cincinnati OH
22.03.05.B0449 EPA Anaerobic Transformation Processes Ada OK
22.01.10.B7996 EPA Application and Evaluation of Linked Global-Regional Air Quality Models to Study Intercontinental Source-Receptor Relationships Research Triangle Park NC
22.03.02.B4722 EPA Application of Pervaporation Technology to the Recovery of Biomass Fermentation Products Cincinnati OH
22.02.06.B8074 EPA Aquatic Invasive Species Early Detection Duluth MN
22.02.06.B0399 EPA Assessing the Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals on Aquatic Organisms Duluth MN
22.01.03.B7049 EPA Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability of Metals in Contaminated Soils Research Triangle Park NC
22.04.00.B5851 EPA Biological and Chemical Agent Dispersion and Sampling Research Triangle Park NC
22.01.08.B7984 EPA Characterization of Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water from Conventional and Alternative Treatments Cincinnati OH
22.01.10.B7710 EPA Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in Ambient Air Research Triangle Park NC
22.02.09.B7312 EPA Characterizing Ecological Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles in Terrestrial Ecosystems Corvallis OR
22.05.00.B7141 EPA Chemical Structure Classifiers and Approaches for Toxicity Prediction in ToxCastâ„¢ Research Triangle Park NC
22.01.04.B7758 EPA Detecting, Quantifying, and Characterizing Engineered Nanomaterials in the Environment Las Vegas NV
22.03.02.B4734 EPA Developing Environmental Impact Assessment Software for Chemical Process Design Cincinnati OH
22.03.02.B6118 EPA Developing Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships for Prioritizing Chemicals Cincinnati OH
22.01.10.B7428 EPA Development and Evaluation of a Regional Climate Chemistry Model Research Triangle Park NC
22.01.10.B7974 EPA Development and Evaluation of Air Quality Model Based Source Apportionment and Application to Oil and Gas Production Industry Research Triangle Park NC
22.03.05.B7074 EPA Development of Biological Sample Preparation Methods for Molecular Biological Analysis of Environmental Soil and Water Samples Ada OK
22.03.02.B7993 EPA Economic Analysis of Subsurface Water Contamination Cincinnati OH
22.02.01.B7988 EPA Environmental Fate and Effects of Nanomaterials in Marine Systems Narragansett RI
22.01.06.B4283 EPA Environmental Transformations of Nanomaterials and Pathogens Athens GA
22.01.03.B0288 EPA Environmental transport and transformation of nanomaterials Research Triangle Park NC
22.03.05.B6723 EPA Fate and Transport of Nanoparticles in the Subsurface and Nanotechnology for Treating Groundwater Contaminants Ada OK
22.03.01.B6941 EPA Fate of Emerging Contaminants (EDCs, Pharmaceuticals Fluorinated Chemicals) in Municipal Waters Cincinnati OH
22.03.01.B6157 EPA Fate of PFOA and Telomer Compounds in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Cincinnati OH
22.02.06.B0405 EPA Fish Physiology/Toxicokinetic Modeling Duluth MN
22.03.05.B0453 EPA Geochemical Processes in Subsurface Systems Ada OK
22.01.06.B6447 EPA Identifying Markers of Chemical Exposure with Metabolomics Athens GA
22.02.09.B7165 EPA Impacts of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs on Ecosystem Services Corvallis OR
22.03.05.B4731 EPA Impacts of Source Zone Remediation Ada OK
22.03.05.B0454 EPA In Situ Remediation of Contaminants in Ground Water and Soils Using Permeable Reactive Barriers Ada OK
22.01.06.B6451 EPA In Vitro Metabolism Research to Support Risk Assessment and the Prioritization of Chemicals for Toxicity Testing Athens GA
22.03.05.B5412 EPA In-Situ Chemical Oxidization: Process Optimization Ada OK
22.03.06.B7931 EPA Investigations of Internal Mechanisms of Stormwater Control Measures and Developing Methods to Determine Performance Edison NJ
22.01.06.B6522 EPA Metabolomics for Assessing Environmental Toxicity by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Athens GA
22.01.03.B7893 EPA Metrics of Exposure Associated with Household Dust and Soil Ingestion Research Triangle Park NC
22.03.05.B5792 EPA Microbial Ecology of Permeable Reactive Barriers Using Molecular Techniques Ada OK
22.03.05.B0451 EPA Molecular Characterization of Subsurface Ecosystems Ada OK
22.02.01.B7806 EPA Molecular Ecology of Stress Responses in Estuarine Populations Narragansett RI
22.03.03.B7363 EPA Molecular methods for fecal source identification Cincinnati OH
22.03.03.B6384 EPA Molecular Modeling of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies Cincinnati OH
22.01.06.B5146 EPA Multiscale Groundwater Modeling of Flow and Transport for Safe and Sustainable Waters Athens GA
22.03.05.B0450 EPA Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in the Subsurface Ada OK
22.01.10.B8000 EPA Numerical Air Quality Modeling: Use of Inverse Modeling to Optimize Emission Scenarios that Simultaneously Improve Air Quality, Climate Change Mitigation, and Ecosystem Protection Research Triangle Park NC
22.02.00.B5114 EPA Physicochemical characteristics of air pollution particles and their impact on health Research Triangle Park NC
22.01.08.B7980 EPA Rapid Methods for Quantifying E. coli or Enterococcus in Ambient Waters Cincinnati OH
22.01.06.B5791 EPA Refinement and Extension of the SPARC Models Athens GA
22.02.00.B0340 EPA Relationship of Prenatal Toxicity to Postnatal Functional Deficits Research Triangle Park NC
22.03.05.B6675 EPA Remedial Effectiveness of Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron for Source Zone Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents and Transport of Nanoscale Particles in the Subsurface Ada OK
22.03.02.B8112 EPA Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems Cincinnati OH
22.03.03.B8025 EPA Role of Inland Waters in the Climate System Cincinnati OH
22.02.00.B0338 EPA Sensory System Toxicology Research Triangle Park NC
22.01.06.B8110 EPA Simulating Fate and Transport of Nanomaterials in Aquatic Ecosystems Athens GA
22.03.02.B7871 EPA Sustainability of Urban Social-Ecological Systems Cincinnati OH
22.03.02.B7152 EPA Sustainable Synthetic Alternatives to Organics and Nanomaterials Cincinnati OH
22.03.05.B7927 EPA Understanding the Mass Discharge Behavior of Groundwater Source Zones Ada OK
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