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Opportunity at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Ultracold Atomic and Molecular Physics


Physical Measurement Laboratory, Quantum Measurement Division

RO# Location
50.68.41.C0038 Gaithersburg, MD

Please note: This Agency only participates in the February and August reviews.


name email phone
Charles Winthrop Clark 301.405.9139


We conduct theoretical and computational studies of ultracold atomic gases in collaboration with experimental and other theoretical groups. Recent topics of interest include atomtronics of cold-atom devices, physics of analog black holes, supersolidity, nanokelvin thermometry, atom lasers, optical lattices, solitons and collective excitations, atomic analogs of spintronics, simulating graphene and quantum spin Hall systems, competition between interactions and disorder in the superfluid-insulator transition, and new theoretical and experimental techniques for accurate measurements of ultracold atomic gases. This work is performed within the context of the Joint Quantum Institute of NIST and the University of Maryland, which offers access to expertise in many areas of atomic, molecular, optical, and condensed matter physics.


Atomtronics; Bose-Einstein condensation; Ultracold atoms; Atom interferometry; Theoretical physics;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$74,950.00 $3,000.00
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