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Opportunity at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

Novel Responsive Optical Materials


Materials & Manufacturing, RX/Photonic Materials

RO# Location
13.25.03.B8379 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 454337817


name email phone
Nicholas Paul Godman 937.255.9824


Our research team in the Photonic Materials Branch at the AFRL Materials & Manufacturing Directorate focuses on preparing stimuli responsive, high contrast optical materials directed towards the development of next-generation, high performance optoelectronics to meet operational Air Force needs. Ongoing projects and interests include, but are not limited to: microfluidic behavior of colloids, development of nanomaterials for advanced optical applications, high refractive index organic/inorganic polymers, fluorinated elastomers, all organic electrochromic devices, stimuli responsive dopants for liquid crystal devices, and next generation biophotonics. Projects are interdisciplinary and encompass organic/polymer synthesis, electrical engineering, fluid dynamics, electrochemistry, optics/photonics, and biochemistry. The Materials & Manufacturing Directorate hosts a suite of modern, state-of-the-art materials processing and characterization facilities, and working as a NRC Associate at AFRL is a unique opportunity to solve important challenges and guide research efforts in an environment that strongly encourages collaboration (government/academic/industry), publication in top journals, and conference attendance. Candidates from all backgrounds are highly encouraged to contact the advisor to discuss research opportunities.

Optoelectronics; Materials Science, Microfluidics; Electrochromics; Liquid Crystals; Colloids


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$76,542.00 $4,000.00

$3,000 Supplement for Doctorates in Engineering & Computer Science

Experience Supplement:
Postdoctoral and Senior Associates will receive an appropriately higher stipend based on the number of years of experience past their PhD.

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