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Opportunities Available at U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command

There are 57 opportunities.

97.15.05.B8049 AMRMC Systematics and Evolution of Medically Important Arthropods Silver Spring MD
97.15.05.C0130 AMRMC Taxonomy, Systematics, Genetics and Genomics of Insect Vectors Silver Spring MD
97.15.06.C0112 AMRMC Psychological Health and Resilience in Military Psychology Silver Spring MD
97.15.06.C0325 AMRMC Integration of Molecular and Clinical Data in PTSD Silver Spring MD
97.15.08.B3674 AMRMC Mechanisms, Sequelae, and Interventions in Brain Injury Silver Spring MD
97.15.08.B7820 AMRMC Science Education Research Silver Spring MD
97.15.08.C0644 AMRMC Measurement of Environmental Exposures in Military Training and Associated Effects Silver Spring MD
97.15.09.C0623 AMRMC Traumatology/Wound Infections Silver Spring MD
97.15.12.B8285 AMRMC Immunology and Systems Biology of Dengue Virus Vaccination and Natural Infections Silver Spring MD
97.15.12.C0430 AMRMC Infectious Disease Genomics Viruses Silver Spring MD
97.15.12.C0521 AMRMC Molecular Virology and Vaccinology Silver Spring MD
97.15.12.C0586 AMRMC Mosquito Factors to Improve Models and Therapeutics for Mosquito-Borne Viruses Silver Spring MD
97.15.30.B6759 AMRMC Malaria Immunology Silver Spring MD
97.15.47.B3418 AMRMC Enteric Diseases Bangkok THAILAND
97.15.51.B6955 AMRMC Neuroprotection and Brain Injury Silver Spring MD
97.15.51.C0262 AMRMC Mitochondria Targeted Neuroprotection Therapeutics for Traumatic Brain Injury Silver Spring MD
97.15.51.C0725 AMRMC Hydrogel-Based Technology for Acute Traumatic Brain Injury Care Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.B3424 AMRMC Human Performance Management Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.B4509 AMRMC Strategies for Maintaining Neurobehavioral Effectiveness during Chronic Sleep Restriction and Total Sleep Deprivation Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.B6954 AMRMC Performance Assessment, Preclinical Drug Development, and Chemical Evaluation Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0181 AMRMC Developing Treatment Strategies to Promote Recovery from Traumatic Stress Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0357 AMRMC Analysis of Electrophysiological Measures of Sleep and Wakefulness: Developing Novel Signal Processing Methods to Quantify Relationships between Sleep and Performance in the Military Environment Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0369 AMRMC The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep: Applications and Solutions for the Military Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0457 AMRMC Systems Biology for Diseases of Military Relevance Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0679 AMRMC Statistician (Population Health, Sleep, and Chronobiology) Silver Spring MD
97.15.52.C0780 AMRMC Operational Research Team - Sleep and Human Performance Research Scientist Silver Spring MD
97.20.00.B3460 AMRMC Molecular Virology - Vaccine development and correlates of protection Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B3474 AMRMC Aerobiology Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B4228 AMRMC Respiratory Immunology Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B4627 AMRMC Mechanism of Toxin Action Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B5410 AMRMC Hantavirus and Orthopoxvirus Countermeasures Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B7426 AMRMC Viral Pathogenesis and Animal Models Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B7513 AMRMC Development of Vaccines and Therapeutics to Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B7865 AMRMC Dissecting the Immunological Response against Extremely Dangerous Pathogens Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B7866 AMRMC Novel Virus Characterization and Disease Causality—Center for Genomic Sciences Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B8047 AMRMC Omics-based System Level Approaches to Investigate Biological Consequences of Bacterial and Viral Infection and Therapeutics at the Molecular Level Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B8095 AMRMC Molecular Pathogenesis of Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, and Burkholderia Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B8337 AMRMC Burkholderia pseudomallei Animal Modeling for Future Testing of Novel Medical Countermeasures Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B8339 AMRMC Viral Evolution of Emerging Pathogen Threats under Positive Selection Center for Genomic Sciences Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.B8572 AMRMC Molecular Pathogenesis of Burkholderia and Development of Glanders and Melioidosis Vaccines Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0189 AMRMC Protective Immune Response Against Yersinia pestis Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0665 AMRMC Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Viral/Bacterial Pathogenesis Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0691 AMRMC Ebola Virus Persistence and Disease Recrudescence Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0743 AMRMC Development, optimization, and verification of novel molecular diagnostic techniques for the identification of biothreat pathogens Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0745 AMRMC Discovery and Development of Therapeutics against New and Emerging viral Pathogens Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0746 AMRMC Development and application of immunodiagnostic methods for emerging infectious disease detection and surveillance Fort Detrick MD
97.20.00.C0763 AMRMC Host-pathogen interaction of emerging viruses Fort Detrick MD
97.25.10.B3487 AMRMC Brain Neurotransmitters Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
97.25.10.B7179 AMRMC Assessment of chemical-induced seizure, neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation: efficacy of medical countermeasures Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
97.40.00.B3507 AMRMC Pathobiology of Hemorrhage and Trauma Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B4676 AMRMC Hemostatic Function in Trauma Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B7471 AMRMC Biofilms Impaired Wound Healing Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B7472 AMRMC Wound Modulation to Improve Healing Response Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B7501 AMRMC Improving Outcomes of Extremity Trauma through Infection Control and Bone Regeneration Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B7730 AMRMC Extracorporeal Life Support Therapy for Acute and Chronic Lung Failure, Renal Failure and Multiorgan Failure Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B7896 AMRMC To Study Changes in the Coagulation and Immune Systems after Trauma and Blood Loss Fort Sam Houston TX
97.40.00.B8491 AMRMC Combat Casualty Care Research for the Prehospital Setting Fort Sam Houston TX
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