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Opportunities Available at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Laboratories at Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML). Click to view all opportunities at NIST.

There are 24 opportunities.

RO Number Program Title City State
50.68.51.C0233 NIST 3D Thermal Imaging and Control with Magnetic Nano-objects Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7910 NIST Applications of Computational Optical Imaging Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0661 NIST Compact Blackbody Rydberg Atom Sensor (CoBRAS) Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0070 NIST Discrete Photon Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7536 NIST Fluid Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0645 NIST Fundamental measurements of the metal additive manufacturing process Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7541 NIST Ground- and Space-Based Remote Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0027 NIST Infrared Detection Using Novel Devices and Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7540 NIST Infrared Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8194 NIST Intraoperative Visualization Tools Using Optical Molecular Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0577 NIST Machine Learning Driven Autonomous Metrology System Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7535 NIST Measurement Science for Astronomy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7534 NIST Metrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0380 NIST Miniaturized Cold Atom Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7548 NIST Next Generation Flow Measurement Standards and Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7542 NIST Optical Properties of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7538 NIST Photometry, Colorimetry, and Solid-State Lighting Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0630 NIST Platform for Realizing Integrated Molecule Experiments (PRIME) Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0034 NIST Pressure and Vacuum Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8354 NIST Quantum Nanophotonic Sensor for Precision Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0699 NIST Refractive Index Properties of Bulk and Nano-scale Materials from VUV to mid-IR Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7533 NIST Synchrotron Radiation Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7543 NIST Temperature Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0069 NIST X-Ray Computed Tomography Gaithersburg MD
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