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Opportunities Available at Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

There are 13 opportunities.

RO Number Program Title City State
27.01.00.C0697 FHWA Advanced Data-Driven Crash Analysis Reflecting ADAS for Safe System Approach McLean VA
27.01.00.C0384 FHWA Application of Artificial Intelligence for Highway Infrastructure Asset Management McLean VA
27.01.00.C0210 FHWA Applied Engineering Research to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Concrete Highway Bridges McLean VA
27.01.00.B7929 FHWA Applied Engineering Research to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Highway Transportation Geotechnics McLean VA
27.01.00.C0206 FHWA Developing Resilient Asphalt Materials McLean VA
27.01.01.C0490 FHWA Development of Next Generation Model of the Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS) Washington DC
27.01.01.C0201 FHWA Highway Performance Big Data Applications - Highway Travel Behavior on Safety, Fuel Consumption, and Routing Washington DC
27.01.00.C0487 FHWA Leveraging Big Data for Enhanced Pavement Management McLean VA
27.01.01.C0167 FHWA Support the Development of Models, Analysis Techniques and Tools for Incorporating Sustainable Practices in Pavement Material and Structural Design Decision-Making Washington DC
27.01.00.B8357 FHWA Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Materials and Structures from Research to Deployment McLean VA
27.01.00.C0690 FHWA Use of Data Science in Asphalt Materials McLean VA
27.01.00.C0354 FHWA Use of Pavement Structural Condition from Traffic Speed Deflection Devices in Pavement Management Decisionmaking McLean VA
27.01.00.C0705 FHWA Use of SHRP 2 NDS Data and RID in Highway Safety and Operations Analytics McLean VA
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