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Opportunities Available at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)

There are 6 opportunities.

RO Number Program Title City State
15.61.00.B0242 AFRRI Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology: Human Biodosimetry Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B4584 AFRRI Mechanisms of Non-targeted Effects of Radiation or Depleted Uranium Late Effects Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B5111 AFRRI Gene Expression Changes as Radiation-Responsive Molecular Biomarkers for Human Biological Dosimetry Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B6382 AFRRI Mechanism of Action of Radiation Countermeasures: Cellular and Molecular Immunology Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B6655 AFRRI Hypoxia and Radiation Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B8529 AFRRI Effect of Ionizing Radiation Doses on Human Endogenous Retroviruses: Reactivation, Pathogenesis and Potential to Use as Radiation Biomarkers Bethesda MD
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