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Current RAP Awardees

Awardee NameReview DateLabResearch TitleAdviser Name
Lee, Shiwoo2009/08NETLControl of the Catalytic Activity of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes through Surface ModificationGemmen, Randall S.
Jensen, Michael2009/11NOAADefining Units to Conserve for Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas): a Global ApproachDutton, Peter H.
Bolarinwa, Emmanuel2009/11FHWADeveloping New Vehicle/Tire and Contact Friction Models Sherwood, James Alden
Ciarcia, Marco2010/02NPSInvestigation of Optimal Spacecraft Rendezvous Trajectories and Docking Maneuvers:Analysis,Simulation,and Hardware ExperimentationRomano, Marcello
Sambanthamoorthy, Karthik2010/05AMRMCDevelopment of Biofilm Disruption Treatment for Wound InfectionWagar, Eric James
Harrell, William2010/05AMRMCRedesigning Small Molecule Inhibitors of Botulinum Neurotoxin A to Improve Stability and FunctionSmith, Leonard Alan
Sanan, Toby2010/08EPAMolecular Modeling, Mechanistic Studies, and QSPRs on Dissolved Organic Material in Water Treatment ProcessesMash, Heath E.
Flanagan, Jason2010/08NPSThe Stability of Ocean RingsRadko, Timour
Zarling, Stasya2010/11AMRMCCharacterization of Immune Responses Resulting in Protection after Vaccination with Liver Stage Antigens of Plasmodium bergheiKrzych, Urszula
Kopera, Michal2010/11NPSImproving the Efficiency and Scalability of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Numerical Weather PredictionGiraldo, Francis Xavier
Edmunds, Richard2010/11NOAAToxic Tuna Hearts: Elucidating the Impact of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PACS) on Cardiac Phenotype and Transcriptomics of Embryonic and Sub-adult Bluefin TunaIncardona, John Patrick
Purcell, Catherine2010/11NOAAExamining Spatial Heterogeneity and Migration Patterns of Striped Marlin in the North Pacific Through Molecular AnalysisHyde, John Raymond
Allen, Camryn2011/02NOAAMarine Turtle Status Assessment Under the Endangered Species Act: Integrating Existing Products to Develop a Novel Species Status Assessment FrameworkSeminoff, Jeffrey Aleksandr
Gan, Chuen Meei2011/02EPAAssessment of Aerosol and Clouds Characteristics and Their Effects on Surface Radiation Using in situ Instruments, Satellites and Model Data.Pleim, Jonathan E
Malec, Christopher2011/02NRLScaling Ferromagnet-semiconductor Devices to Study Magnetism at the NanoscaleJohnson, Mark B.
Tamborello, Franklin2011/02NRLRoutine Procedural Behavior and Human ErrorTrafton, John Gregory
Xing, Jia2011/02EPAProposal for Modeling and Analysis of Aerosol Pollution Effects on Surface RadiationPleim, Jonathan E
Garland, Ellen2011/05NOAAInvestigating Potential Noise Impacts From Oil and Gas Exploration on Arctic Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) Populations: Baseline Information on Population Differences in Vocal BehaviorClapham, Phillip J.
Kobylinski, Kevin2011/05AMRMCResearch on vector/pathogen biology and surveillance/control methods that protect personnel from vector-borne diseases.Szumlas, Daniel Edward
Tun Beltran, Samuel2011/05NRLStatistical Study of Solar Radio TransientsPlunkett, Simon P.
Lee, Kyoungmin2011/05NPSEnhancement of Environment Representation for Autonomous MobilityKölsch, Mathias
Choi, Jae hyek2011/08AMRMCTransplantations of iPS-derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Transduced with GDNF to Restore VisionWang, Heuy-Ching H.
Whitener, Keith2011/08NRLCurvature-Directed Patterned Graphene FunctionalizationSheehan, Paul Edward
Marr, Kenneth2011/08NRLDevelopment of a DASH Spectrometer with Echelle GratingsEnglert, Christoph R.
Compton, Ryan2011/08NRLSurface Plasmon Resonance-Mediated Enhancement of Adsorbate Vibrational RelaxationOwrutsky, Jeffrey C.
Chowdhury, Indranil2011/08EPAFate, and Transport of Carbon Nanotubes: Understanding the Fundamental Mechanisms from Synthesis to Environmentally Relevant ConditionsBouchard, Dermont Charles
McCreary, Kathleen2011/08NRLSpin Transport in Chemically Modified GrapheneJonker, Berend Thomas
Ratchford, Daniel2011/08NRLBiosensing with Hybrid NanostructuresPehrsson, Pehr Eric
Alqadah, Hatim2011/08NRLA Compressive Source Decomposition Method for Underwater Near-Field Electromagnetic HolographyWilliams, Earl G.
Van Laar, Tricia2011/08AMRMCPolymicrobial Biofilms in War Wound HealingLeung, Kai P
Pala, Irina2011/08NRLStructure–Property Correlation in RuO2 Ultrathin Films: Development of a Truly Broadband, All-Surface Transparent ConductorRolison, Debra Rose
Dasu, Kavitha2011/08EPAInvestigation of the Fate of Fluorotelomer Precursors in Wastewater SystemsMills, Marc A.
Fernandez, Bautista2011/08NPSDeformable Mirrors and Sensors for Correction of Deep TurbulenceAgrawal, Brij Nandan
Schmucker, Scott2011/08NRLAtomic-Scale Patterning of Graphene Films for Nanoelectronic DevicesRobinson, Jeremy T
Abarca Fuente, Sergio2011/08NPSOn the Dynamics of Secondary Eyewall Formation Montgomery, Michael Thomas
Podpirka, Adrian2011/08NRLGrowth and Characterization of InSb-based HeterostructuresRuppalt, Laura B.
Cao, Yongcan2011/11AFRLDistributed Cooperative Control of Networked Autonomous Vehicles: A Task-Oriented PerspectiveKingston, Derek B
Sheremet, Vitalii2011/11NOAAInvestigation of Potential Factors Influencing the Biological Productivity on New England Shelf and Georges BankBrooks, Elizabeth N
Greene, Whitney2011/11AMRMCVisualization of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells and Photoreceptors During Repair of Ocular TraumaWang, Heuy-Ching H.
Shen, Lixin2011/11AFRLGeneralizing Compressive Sensing with Lp(0Suter, Bruce W.
Hubbard, Kyle2011/11AMRMCTranscriptome and Functional Analysis of Excitotoxic Mechanisms Using Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Glutamatergic NeuronsMcNutt, Patrick Michael
DeWald, Lisa2011/11AMRMCEvaluation of FDA-approved Drugs for Broad-spectrum Antiviral Efficacy Against FilovirusesGlass, Pamela J
Benson, Patrice2011/11ARL/USMADevelopment of Advanced Computational Techniques for Modeling Blast-induced Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryHoppel, Christopher P
Bell, Richard2011/11NOAAImproving Fisheries Management Through Environmentally Integrated Stock AssessmentsHare, Jonathan A.
Parida, Bijaya2011/11AMRMCStudies into the Relationship Between Microparticles and Trauma-induced Inflammation and CoagulopathyDubick, Michael A.
Raghukumar, Kaustubha2012/02NPSTranport Theory Applied to Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation: Theoretical and Experimental DemonstrationChiu, Ching-Sang
Nyadjro, Ebenezer2012/02NOAAImpact of ENSO and Indian Ocean Dipole on Indian Ocean Salinity Variability McPhaden, Michael James
Feig, Michael2012/02NISTExploring Spin-orbital Physics with Cold Atoms and MoleculesClark, Charles Winthrop
Sun, Bo2012/02NISTTwo Dimensional Fourier Spectroscopy of InAs Quantum DotsCundiff, Steven T.
Dev, Pratibha2012/02NRLProperties of Defects and Functionalizations in Graphene from Density Functional TheoryReinecke, Thomas Leonard
Roy, Debjani2012/02NRLThermodynamic and Time-resolved Studies of the Effects of Negative Pressure on the Glass Transition DynamicsRoland, C. Mike
Hildreth, Owen2012/02NISTIntegrated Opto-mechanical Plasmon ResonatorsMoreland, John Michael
Lowrance, Lisa2012/02ARL/USMAModeling the Effects of Social-Cognitivie Factors on Network Structure and ProcessingBuchler, Norbou
Schmidt, Morgan2012/02AFRLTrends in Melanosome Damage Thresholds for 10-nanosecond Near-Infrared Laser Radiation ExposuresRockwell, Benjamin A.
Peltier, Scott2012/02AFRLThe Influence of Inlet Distortion Effects upon a Supersonic Combustor CavityCarter, Campbell Duncan
Cheppudira, Bopaiah2012/05AMRMCAntinociceptive and Anti-hypertrophic Scarring Effects of Curcumin in a Rat Thermal Injury ModelClifford, John L
Fotia, Matthew2012/05AFRLIgnition and Flame Stabilization through Pulsed Detonations in a Scramjet CombustorSchauer, Fred
Hallenbeck, Patrick2012/05AFRLImproving Algal Biofuels Production through Media optimizationWestmoreland, David A.
Mueller, Andreas2012/05NPSOptimizing Adaptive Mesh Refinement in a DG Atmospheric ModelGiraldo, Francis Xavier
Stites, Ronald2012/05AFRLA High Power Mid-infrared Continuous Wave Cr2+:ZnSe Disk LaserBedford, Robert G.
Fossette-Halot, Sabrina2012/05NOAADeveloping a Multi-species Bycatch Avoidance Index for the Management of Marine Resources in Dynamic EnvironmentsBograd, Steven James
Bos, Jeremy2012/05AFRLDaylight Imaging of Space Situational Awareness Targets at Low Elevation Angles: Analytical Models for Light Propagation in Strong, Non-Kolmogorov, and Anisotropic TurbulenceGudimetla, Venkata S.
Hsueh, Lily2012/05NOAAA First Look: How have Catch Shares Impacted Fishermen’s Capitalization Decisions in the Pacific Coast Trawl Fisheries?McClure, Michelle Marie
Pilia, Marcello2012/05AMRMCComposite Pre-vascularized Scaffold for Large Bony DefectsRathbone, Christopher R
Guzman Jimenez, Jose2012/05NOAACharacterization of the Reproductive Endocrine System of Sablefish and Development of Hormonal Treatments to Induce Puberty in F1 femalesLuckenbach, J. Adam
Bednarsek, Nina2012/05NOAAPteropod Dissolution as an Indicator of Ongoing Anthropogenic CO2 Impacts along the California Current System and Arctic OceansFeely, Richard Alan
David, Sabrina Rainwater2012/05NRLMixed Resolution Ensemble Data Assimilation and the Optimization of Weather Forecasting.Bishop, Craig Huntly
Pustovit, Vitaliy2012/05AFRLCooperative Plasmon-mediated Effects on Gain Dyes Near Subwavelength Metallic Structures. Loss Compensation, Resonance Energy Transfer and Stimulated Emission in Plasmonics SpectroscopyUrbas, Augustine M.
Nyland, Jennifer2012/05AMRMCThe Use of Glial Inhibitors to Increase the Efficacy of Opioid Analgesics while Eliminating the Propensity for AddictionClifford, John L
Li, Shibin2012/05EPASilver Nanoparticles in a Simplified Freshwater Food Chain: Bioaccumulation, Toxicity and Trophic TransferHoff, Dale J
Alava, Pradeep2012/05EPABioaccessibility and Biotransformations of Arsenic and Nanosilver at Gastrointestinal Level and their Toxic EffectsBradham, Karen
Pathrose Alappattu, Denny2012/05NPSComprehensive Measurement of Stratocumulus Topped Boundary Layers in Broken Cloud Regime to Parameterize Fractional Cloudiness through PDF ApproachWang, Qing
de Ceglia, Domenico2012/05AMRDECNonlinear Light-matter Interactions in NanostructuresScalora, Michael
Singamaneni, Srinivasa Rao2012/05AROReexamine the Interface Atomic Structure of Epitaxial NiFe/BiFeO3/Si and Exchange Coupling: Electric Field (E-field) Induced Magnetization SwitchingPrater, John T
Alnemrat, Sufian2012/05NPSAdsorption, Transformation, Decomposition, and Signature Changes of Buried ExplosivesHooper, Joseph Patrick
Vincenti, Maria Antonietta2012/05AMRDECLinear and Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Epsilon-near-zero MetamaterialsScalora, Michael
Miller, Joseph2012/05AFRLProbe-multiplexed Hybrid Femtosecond/Picosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering for kHz-rate Thermometry in High-pressure Reacting FlowsGord, James R.
King, Sarah2012/05NRLOptimal Sensor Placement for Data AssimilationXu, Liang
Bittner, Jennifer2012/05AFRLHuman Cognition and Decision Making over Visual Representations, Tasks, and Multispectral Image EnhancementsPinkus, Alan R
Placencia, Diogenes2012/05NRLOrientation-Dependent Effects of 1-Dimensional Lead Chalcogenide NanocrystalsTischler, Joseph G.
Everett, Meredith2012/05NOAAConservation Genomics in the Deep: Discovery and Application of Molecular Markers for Deep-sea Corals and SpongesPark, Linda K.
Ha, Cam2012/05AFRRIMechanism(s) of REDD1 Signal Transduction Pathway In Self-defense Of Radiation Injured Mammalian Cells Xiao, Mang
Jang, Woo-Yong2012/05AFRLCompressive Spectral Sensing Using an Electrically Tunable Infrared Focal Plane ArrayDerov, John S.
Schmidt, Andre2012/05NOAAValidating and Hidcasting Bottom Temperature in the Mid-Atlantic Bight using multiple data sets fro m SMAST/HOPS Forecast System, NOAA/Fishing Industry Fleet and NEFSC Surveys.Manderson, John Pilling
Kalkstein, Adam2012/05ARL/USMAThe Impacts of Atmospheric Particulates on Infectious Disease in Desert ClimatesHill, Steven C
Xu, Yi2012/05NOAAInfluence of the North Pacific Current on the Spatial Distribution and Availability of North Pacific Albacore Tuna in the Northeast Pacific OceanTeo, Steven L
Martin, Kylara2012/05NRLModeling Seafloor Carbon Flux from Convergent MarginsWood, Warren T.
Hawkes, Teresa2012/05AFRLEffect of Long-term Practice of Aerobic Fitness, Tai Chi, or Resistance Training and Circulating BDNF Levels on Executive Attention Function Performance in Active Duty Air Force Personnel.Eveland, Edward (Ed)
Smith, Jonathan2012/05NOAAEstimating Tropospheric Ozone Production from Lightning NOx and Biomass Burning Over the Tropical Atlantic Ocean Using WRF-Chem and Ozonesondes from the NOAA Aerosols and Ocean Science Expedition (AEROSE) CampaignsNalli, Nicholas Rocco
Sinclair, Laura2012/08NISTSlipping the Bonds of Fixed Fiber-Links: A Thousand-Fold Improvement in Free-Space Frequency-TransferNewbury, Nathan
Gustafsson, Carl2012/08NPSControl of Flows Around Unmanned Submerged VehiclesSritharan, Sivaguru S.
Maya Duque, Luis Felipe2012/08FHWATensile Response of UHPFRC: Validation of Characterization MethodsGraybeal, Benjamin Allen
Miller, Christine2012/08AMRMCIdentification of Regulatory RNAs of Mixed-species Biofilms Associated with Chronic War WoundsLeung, Kai P
Ao, Geyou2012/08NIH(NIBIB)/NISTDNA-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids and Their Stability in Biological EnvironmentZheng, Ming
Gao, Yuan2012/08NIH(NIBIB)/NISTInvestigation of the Influence of Nanoscale Molecular Assemblies within Cells by Molecular Imaging and Neutron ScatteringDouglas, Jack Frank
Grubisic, Andrej2012/08NISTHot Electron Dynamics in Single Semiconducting Quantum DotsNesbitt, David John
Vollmer, Nicole2012/08NOAAInsight into Inter- and Intra-specific Relationships of Lagenorhynchus (Cetacea: Odontoceti: Delphinidae) based on Phylogenetic and Morphological AnalysesVecchione, Michael
Parks, Ashley2012/08EPAMetal Nanoparticle Toxicity and Bioaccumulation: A Nano-sized Problem?Burgess, Robert M.
Bertrand, Christopher2012/08NISTNeutron Scattering Studies of Complex Colloidal Interactions and Structure Formation in Novel Electrorheological FluidsNeumann, Dan Alan
Kozak, Dmitry2012/08NRLMEMS-based Porous Silicon Fabry-Perot InterferometerStievater, Todd H.
Shainline, Jeffrey2012/08NISTAn Optical Table on a Chip for Metrology and Quantum ComputingMirin, Richard
Vazquez-Alvarez, Antonio Jose2012/08AFRLGame Theory in Pass Planning: a Distributed Approach Towards Autonomous Operations in Ground Station NetworksErwin, Richard Scott
Lopez-Perez, Daneli2012/08NISTNew Resin Polymers with Natural Antibacterial Agents: α-Tumerone and Germacrone Modified Bis-GMA PolymersLin-Gibson, Sheng
Salas, Margaux2012/08AMRMCAnalgesic and Wound Healing Responses to Curcumin Treatment in a Partial Thickness Burn Model.Clifford, John L
Hirst, Louise2012/08NRLIII-V Quantum Well Structures for Ultra-high Efficiency Hot Carrier Solar CellsWalters, Robert John
Florczyk, Stephen2012/08NISTUse of Proteomics to Identify Molecular Mechanisms for Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Induced by 3D Nanofiber ScaffoldsSimon, Carl George
Bokel, Felicia2012/08NISTIn-situ Analysis of a Slot-die Coated Active Layer Film for OPV Applications by Scattering TechniquesSoles, Christopher L.
Sprague, Matthew2012/08NISTEffects of Internal Hydrogen Bond Formation on the Predicted Vibrational and Electronic Spectra of Hydroxyalkylperoxy Radicals and Hydroxylated Criegee IntermediatesIrikura, Karl K.
Colbert-Kelly, Sean2012/08NISTDynamical Properties of Vortices for a Generalized Ginzburg-Landau Type Energy ModelMcFadden, Geoffrey B.
Nadermann, Nichole2012/08NISTTowards Improved Flux and Reduced Fouling in Membrane Filtration through Controlled Membrane Surface RoughnessStafford, Christopher M.
Lo, Liangchung2012/08NISTTransition Between Pressure and Momentum Based Flow in Wind-driven Natural VentilationPersily, Andrew Keith
Hecht, Ariel2012/08NISTHigh-Throughput GEMBE-Based SELEX to Enable Targeted Cancer Identification and Treatment ModalitiesMunson, Matthew S
Salipante, Paul2012/08NISTModel Colloids for Interfacial DynamicsHudson, Steven David
Downing, Jonathan2012/08NISTIn-Situ Morphology Measurements of Organic Photovoltaics Processed by Roll-To-Roll MethodsDeLongchamp, Dean M.
Mates, John2012/08NISTUltra-low field MRI with a Phased-Array of SQUIDsHilton, Gene C.
Davis, Alexander2012/08NISTOxidation and Thermal Decomposition of Tetrahydrofuran:Manion, Jeffrey A.
Scott, Daniel2012/08NISTMolecular Machines At the Membrane Interface: Novel Methods For Understanding T-Cell Signal TransductionKrueger, Susan
Eckel, Stephen2012/08NISTStudying Superfluids Using an Ultra-cold Gas of Sodium AtomsPhillips, William D.
West, Ryan2012/08NISTPolyaniline-Gold Nanocomposite Films for Electrochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (EC-SERS) BiosensorsSemancik, Steve
Levinson, Amanda2012/08NRLEvaluation of Grain Boundary Structure-Property Relationships in Three DimensionsFonda, Richard Warren
Castellanos Beltran, Manuel2012/08NISTA Scheme for Superconducting Qubit Coupling Using Parametric Frequency ConversionAumentado, Jose A.
McDermott, Amanda2012/08NISTEffect of Polymer-Nanoparticle Interfaces in Composites on Permeation of Small MoleculesJones, Ronald L.
Abdulagatov, Aziz2012/08NISTControlled Surface Passivation of GaN Nanowires Using Atomic Layer DepositionBertness, Kristine A.
Melcher, John2012/08NISTDevelopment of Small-force Standards with Dynamic Force SpectroscopyShaw, Gordon Allan
Boggs, Ashley2012/08NISTDevelopment of a Multiclass Hormone Profiling Method using Offline SPE/ASE-LC-MS/MS for an Enhanced Understanding of Endocrine DisruptionKucklick, John R.
So, Christopher2012/08NRLEngineering Protein Building Blocks and Linkers for Control over Surface Properties Wahl, Kathryn J.
Hoogerheide, David2012/08NIH(NIBIB)/NISTCan Lipid Composition Regulate Mitochondrial Respiration by Modulation of the VDAC-Tubulin Interaction?Krueger, Susan
Gannett, William2012/08NISTSpintronic Devices from Zigzag Graphene NanoribbonsKeller, Mark William
Newburgh, Laura2012/08NISTMeasuring Inflation: A 30+40 GHz Multi-chroic Pixel for CMB Polarimetry Irwin, Kent David
Peterson, David2012/08NRLA Short-Term Predictor of Satellite-Observed Fire Activity: Toward Improving the Prediction of Smoke EmissionsHyer, Edward J
Rose, Lloyd2012/08AMRMCElucidating the Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Modulating the Wound EnvironmentLeung, Kai P
Kaini, Ramesh2012/08AMRMCTransplantation of Stem Cells Isolated from Mouse iPSCs-derived Self-formed Optic Cups in Laser-injured RetinaWang, Heuy-Ching H.
Morrison, John2012/08AFRLDevelopment of a Laser based kHz Repetition Rate Neutron SourceRoquemore, William Melvyn
Brown, Christopher2012/08NISTCorrelative Microscopy for Visualization of HIV Envelope Glycoprotein Binding in Flow Cells with Graphene WindowsStranick, Stephan Jeffrey
Karna, Sai Lakshmi Rajasekhar2012/08AMRMCThe Role of sRNAS of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Single Species and Polymicrobial BiofilmsLeung, Kai P
Marlow, Jeffrey2012/08NETL/MHFPGeobiological Controls on the Abundance and Stability of Methane HydrateBuffett, Bruce
Sun, Hongyan2012/08AFRLAb Initio Kinetics and Ignition Chemistry Mechanism of Mononitrobiuret (MNB) and 1,5-Dinitrobiuret (DNB)Vaghjiani, Ghanshyam L
Okamoto, Kazufusa2012/11CBDForensic DNA Mixture Analysis and Interpretation Using Massively Parallel High-throughput SequencingSalyards, Jeff
Kukreja, Vaibhav2012/11NPSMathematical Analysis and Control Theory of Compressible Fluid Flows with Vortex Sheets, Entropy Waves, and ShocksSritharan, Sivaguru S.
Marras, Simone2012/11NPSResidual-based Stabilization and Large Eddy Simulation of Hurricanes within a High-Order Galerkin Framework for Atmospheric ModelingGiraldo, Francis Xavier
Rankin, Brent2012/11AFRLExperimental Studies of Pollutant Emissions from Alternative Aviation FuelsEdwards, J. Tim
Harris, Pamela2012/11ARL/USMAImage Contrast Enhancement for Electronic SensorsRao, Raghuveer M
Berland, Adam2012/11EPAConsequences of Municipal Street Tree Heterogeneity for Urban Ecosystem ServicesHopton, Matthew E
Kohlmeyer, Ryan2012/11AFRLOrganic Photovoltaic Devices Based on Single-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesDurstock, Michael F.
Simonsen, Kirsten2012/11NOAADeveloping a Euphausiid Biomass Time Series for the Central Gulf of Alaska Continental Shelf to Understand Fish-zooplankton Interactions and Ecosystem ConditionsRessler, Patrick Henry
Price, Candice2012/11ARL/USMAAlternative Liquid Fuel Production Using Clostridium AcetobutylicumPellegrino, Paul M.
Qureshi, Tariq2012/11AFRLAdaptive Waveform Design for MIMO Radar in the Presence of ClutterRangaswamy, Muralidhar
Chang, Xiaojun2012/11EPAFormation of Aqueous Carbon Nanotube Suspensions via Extended Mixing and Their Separation by Size Using Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4)Bouchard, Dermont Charles
O'Hearn, Aileen2012/11CBDDetection and Identification of Endemic and Emerging Hemorrhagic Fever VirusesSchoepp, Randal J.
Breslow, Sara2012/11NOAADeveloping Indicators of Human Well-being for an Integrated Assessment of Coastal and Marine EcosystemsLevin, Phillip S.
Corne, Matthew2012/11AFRLOptimization of Complex Networks in Quantum Information ScienceAlsing, Paul M.
Cha, Ki Young2012/11EPAOptimizing Pumping Tests for DNAPL Source CharacterizationBrooks, Michael Carson
Mangina, Rao2012/11AFRLParametric Study of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Aerodynamic Actuator with Oxygen and Noble Gas MixturesEnloe, Carl Lon
Wisniewski, Matthew2012/11AFRLNeural Correlates of Experience Dependent Effects on Acuity for Aircraft in Real-World EnvironmentsIyer, Nandini
Melgaard, Seth2012/11AFRLCryogenic Optical RefrigerationLeVan, Paul D.
Sommers, Bradley2012/11AFRLCharacterization of Electron Energy Distribution Functions in Atmospheric Discharges Using Thomson ScatteringAdams, Steven F
Pirtle, Jodi2012/11NOAAHabitat Suitability Modeling for Groundfish in the Gulf of AlaskaShotwell, Stacey Anne Kalei
Andrews, Elizabeth2013/02CBDEffect of Environmental Factors on the Ability of North American Mosquitoes to Transmit Rift Valley Fever Virus.Turell, Michael J
Berweger, Samuel2013/02NISTElastic Domain Wall Engineering in Transition Metal OxidesKabos, Pavel
Cui, Yuyan2013/02NOAAInverse Model Estimates of CH4 and other VOC Emissions from Oil and Gas Production Operations in Northeastern ColoradoMcKeen, Stuart A.
Davis, Chelsea2013/02NISTInvestigation of Interfaces in Sustainable Nanocomposites Utilizing Fluorescence SpectroscopyGilman, Jeffrey W.
Disseler, Steven2013/02NISTNeutron Scattering Studies of Rhodium Doped LaCoO3Lynn, Jeffrey W.
Klose, Andrew2013/02NISTOptical Frequency Comb-based Spectroscopy of Greenhouse GasesDiddams, Scott A.
Moody, Galan2013/02NISTHigh-resolution Spectroscopy of Field-enhanced Interactions Between Semiconductor Quantum DotsSilverman, Kevin L
Schaal, Meagan2013/02NRLTerrestrial Gamma Ray Flash Observations with Fermi LatGrove, J Eric
Wilson, Truman2013/02NISTTransverse Cooling of a Ba+ Ion Source to Create a High Brightness Focused Ion BeamMcClelland, Jabez J.
Wyrick, Jonathan2013/02NISTDirect Tailoring of Impurity Potentials in Graphene Using Atom ManipulationStroscio, Joseph Anthony
Steinkamp, Frank2013/02NRLUnderstanding Ammonium Nitrate and Urea Nitrate Aerosols for the Validation of New Explosive Vapor Detection TechnologiesGiordano, Braden C
Arnatt, Christopher2013/02NISTDevelopment of a DNA Methyltransferase (DNMT3b) Fluorescent Probe to Monitor Pluripotency in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.Elliott, John Timothy
Carbone, Nicholas2013/02NISTMeasuring the Remaining Service Life of Polymeric Coatings Using a Probabilistic ModelWhite, Christopher Cleaveland
Cole, Megan2013/02CBDBacterial Discrimination using Shape-based, Cytolysis-sensing HydrogelsMello, Charlene M.
Gallagher, Elyssia2013/02NISTDevelopment of a Top-down Approach for Analyzing Transmembrane Protein Structure by Hydrogen-deuterium Exchange - Mass SpectrometryHudgens, Jeffrey Warren
Glasbrenner, James2013/02NRLComputational Search for Unconventional Novel Superconductors with Spin-fluctuation PairingMazin, Igor
Hanna, Shannon2013/02NISTDeveloping Standard Methods for Determining Nanomaterial Ecological Toxicity Using Caenorhabditis ElegansPetersen, Elijah Joel
Islam, Ahmad2013/02AFRLHigh Density, Chirality-sorted, Aligned-array Single-wall Carbon Nanotube for Electronic and Photonic ApplicationsMaruyama, Benji
Kemper, Yvonne2013/02NISTApproximating Flow and Chromatic Polynomials of Big Data NetworksBeichl, Isabel M.
Kong, Byoung Don2013/02NRLInterface Transport Modeling for Next Generation Antimonide-based Compound Semiconductor and Graphene DevicesChamplain, James Galloway
Ortiz-Montalvo, Diana2013/02NISTAnalysis of Individual Atmospheric Particles to Understand Aerosol Effects on ClimateConny, Joseph M.
Smith, Jessica2013/02AMRMC Development of Protein Microarrays for the Detection of Biomarkers of Arboviral InfectionUlrich, Robert Glenn
Sriram, Indira2013/02NISTDevelopment of Microscopic High Throughput Cloud Point TechniqueQuinn, Timothy P.
Tenenbaum, Laura2013/02AMRMCGEMS Educational Outreach Research and DevelopmentYourick, Debra Lynn
Loh, William2013/02NISTSupercontinuum Generation of Optical Frequency CombsDiddams, Scott A.
McLean, Mark2013/02NISTThickness Dependence of Fracture Toughness in Thin Metal MEMS FilmsDelRio, Frank William
Skinner, Patrick2013/02NOAAOptimal Methods for Data Assimilation of Rapid-Scan Doppler Radar Data using an Ensemble Kalman FilterWicker, Louis J.
Stuhl, Benjamin2013/02NISTControl of Atomic Feshbach Resonances Through rf Coupling to Other Rotation-vibration LevelsSpielman, Ian B.
Weismiller, Michael2013/02NRLUnderstanding the Combustion Characteristics of Reactive Mixed-metal Nanopowders (RMNP) and Their Viability as High Energy Fuel AdditivesWilliams, Bradley A.
Young, Steve2013/02NRLEngineering Topological Insulator Bulk and Surface States from First Principles.Hellberg, C. Stephen
Arbogast, Luke2013/02NISTDevelopment of NMR Methods for the Study of the Effect of Glycan Structure on Glycoprotein FunctionBrinson, Robert Goodwin
Beske, Phillip2013/02CBDFunctional, Kinomic and Transcriptomic Characterization of Glutamate Receptor-dependent Mechanisms of Neuroplasticity Versus Neurotoxicity in a Novel Cortical Neuron Model.McNutt, Patrick Michael
Holm, Jason2013/02NISTChitosan-clad Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles for Water TreatmentKeller, Robert
Hoogerheide, Shannon2013/02NISTRydberg States of One-electron Ions: Measuring the Rydberg Constant and Resolving the Proton Radius PuzzleTan, Joseph N.
Katz, Michael2013/02NRLElectron Microscopy Determination and Analysis of Interface Structure and Layer Morphology for Graphene Growth on (0001) SiCTwigg, Mark E.
Khalsa, Guru Bahadur2013/02NISTSpintronics in Strong Spin-orbit Oxide 2DEGsStiles, Mark David
Iordanov, Ivan2013/02CBDMultifunctional Nano-structured MaterialsKarwacki, Christopher J
Johnston-Peck, Aaron2013/02NISTReduction of Electron-channeling Artifacts in Aberration-corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Through the Use of Annular AperturesAnderson, Ian M.
Romo, Alicia2013/02FHWAIntegrating Driving Simulation and Behavioral Approach: Assessment of Driver Behavior and Driving PerformanceYang, Chen-Ye David
Audus, Debra2013/02NISTThe Effect of Self-association Phenomena on the Rheological Properties of Antibody SolutionsDouglas, Jack Frank
Bilyeu, David2013/02AFRLA Hybrid Vlasov, Two Fluid Method for Accelerated Transient Plasma Simulations in Electric PropulsionCambier, Jean-Luc
Davis, Eric2013/02NISTIn Situ Characterization of Structure and Water/Ion Transport in Ion Exchange Membranes for Redox Flow BatteriesPage, Kirt Anthony
Deneva, Iulia (Julia)2013/02NRLDeep Millisecond Pulsar Searches in Fermi Unidentified SourcesRay, Paul S.
Duster, Thomas2013/02NISTFabrication, Characterization, and Performance of Graphene Oxide/Polyethersulfone Membranes for Water and Wastewater TreatmentGreenlee, Lauren Fay
Duy, Janice2013/02AMRMCPresymptomatic Biomarker Discovery for Ebola Virus and Other Biothreat AgentsMinogue, Timothy Devins
Evarts, Eric2013/02NISTControlled Coupling of Spin-torque Nano-oscillators for Non-boolean LogicPufall, Matthew Read
Giles, Alexander2013/02NRLGuiding Photons in Air: Epsilon Near Zero Waveguiding using Surface Phonon Polaritons in Polar DielectricsCaldwell, Joshua David
Gullans, Michael2013/02NISTClassical and Quantum Nonlinear Optics at Low Light Levels Taylor, Jacob Mason
Harenza, Jo Lynne2013/02NISTDevelopment of Next Generation Sequencing Quality Control WorkFlow and Tools for Forensic Mitochondrial DNA AnalysisVallone, Peter M.
Hoffmann, Marc2013/02AROGrowth and Fabrication of AlGaN-based Ultraviolet Microcavity LasersGerhold, Michael David
Larrabee, Thomas2013/02NRLStoichiometry and Composition Control via PEALD for Novel Plasmonic and Memristor MaterialsProkes, Sharka Marie
Meierbachtol, Collin2013/02AFRLImproved Boundary Capture and Charge Force Calculations in ICEPICGreenwood, Andrew D.
Rosenberg, David2013/02NRLCombustion Properties of Alternative Jet FuelsWilliams, Bradley A.
Snyder, Jeffrey2013/02NOAAExamining a Polarimetric Signatures Associated with Vertical Velocity ExtremaRyzhkov, Alexander V.
Terry, Treniece2013/02AFRRIDesign of an Oxidation and Radiation Responsive Polymer Capsule for the Lowy, R. Joel
White, Ryan2013/02NISTGrain Boundary Strength of Nanostructured Ferritic AlloysBarbosa, Nick
Xiao, Yao2013/02EPAEnvironmental Fate and Effects of CdSe Quantum Dots in Marine SystemsHo, Kay
Yue, Andrew2013/02NISTA Beam Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime to a Precision of 1 sDewey, Maynard S.
Frederick, Jennifer2013/02NETL/MHFPPore Fluid and Gas Migration Patterns Associated with Degrading Relicit Gas Hydrate and PermafrostBuffett, Bruce
Kimani, Martin2013/05AFRLHydrothermal Bulk Growth of High Quality ZnSe and ZnTe, Development and Growth on Related Orientation Patterned TemplatesTassev, Vladimir Lubomirov
Klibansky, Nikolai2013/05NOAAEvaluating the Influence of Spawning Dynamics and Sampling Design on Batch Fecundity Method Estimates, Through Simulation ModelingShertzer, Kyle W
Mroczkowski, Anthony2013/05NRLHigh-resolution Follow-up of Radio-Selected Galaxy Clusters through the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich EffectClarke, Tracy Ellen
Serrano, Xaymara2013/05NOAASynergistic Effects of Eutrophication and Elevated Sea Surface Temperatures in the Early Life Stages of an Endangered Caribbean CoralHendee, James C.
Staruch, Margo2013/05NRLPerformance of Highly-coupled, Low-loss Multiferroic Magnetoelectric CompositesHoltz, Ronald L.
Verma, Amit2013/05AFRRIIdentification and Characterization of Biomarkers for a Radiation Countermeasure, Ex-RADSingh, Vijay K.
Ahn, Edwin2013/05AFRLAdaptive Control Algorithms for Mitigating Periodic Jitter Caused by Mechanical Vibration and Aero-Optical Effects in AircraftCarreras, Richard A.
Dunkelberger, Adam2013/05NRLState-Specific Ultrafast Raman Studies of Plasmon - Molecular Vibrational Energy Transfer and Dissociation DynamicsOwrutsky, Jeffrey C.
Norton, Dennis2013/05AFRLInfrared LED Array Thermal Effects: Diagnostics on Device PerformanceThompson, Rhoe Anthony
Vattam, Swaroop2013/05NRLGoal Reasoning Using Compound AnalogiesAha, David William
Bernhards, Robert2013/05AMRMCLPS Diversity Among Burkholderia Mallei and Burkholderia Pseudomallei, and the Correlation Between Acute and Chronic InfectionWelkos, Susan Lee
Jiang, Ximiao2013/05FHWADeveloping and Implementing Dynamic Junction Control System in the USBared, Joe G
Liu, Yuan2013/05NOAAEffect of Ocean Acidification on Marine Microbial Community CompositionWikfors, Gary H.
Nootz, Gero2013/05NPSInvestigation of Light Propagation under Deep Atmospheric Turbulence ConditionsAgrawal, Brij Nandan
Rohde, Charles2013/05NRLAcoustic Wave Differentiation Using Plasmonic ResonatorsOrris, Gregory J.
Soykal, Oney2013/05NRLCoherent Control of Single Defect (N-V) Center Spin States via Phonons in Diamond for Quantum Information TechnologyReinecke, Thomas Leonard
Ton, Chau2013/05AFRLNetworked Control Systems with Communication ConstraintsPasiliao, Eduardo Lewis
Bowman, Sherrie2013/05ARLThe Use of Quantum Cascade Lasers for In-situ Trace Gas Analysis via Cavity Ring Down SpectroscopyTober, Richard L.
Clark, Bryan2013/05EPADevelopment of Molecular Markers of Heritable Pollutant Adaptation and Their Association with Spatially Heterogenous PCB ContaminationNacci, Diane E.
Gray, Benjamin2013/05AROGraphen/Oxide InterfacesUlrich, Marc Dalen
Narayanan, Priya2013/05NRLUse of Multiple Cooperating Mobile Robots for Searching Indeterminate Number of Targets in an Unknown Large-Scale Area.Trafton, John Gregory
Roberts, Mark2013/05NRLAssessing Trade-offs in Multi-objective Plan ReasoningAha, David William
Semper, Michael2013/05AFRLInstrumentation Development and Blunt Body Research in the USAFA Ludwieg TubeCummings, Russell Mark
Wiens, Justin2013/05AFRLApplication of the VENDAMS Technique to Study Mutual Neutralization, Dissociative Recombination, and Electron AttachmentViggiano, Albert A.
Anderson, Margery2013/08AMRMCBenefits and Challenges of a Near-peer Mentoring Model for Interns at United States Army Research InstitutesYourick, Debra Lynn
Cockrell, Allison2013/08NRLThe Biochronicity of Regulatory Networks During Cellulose Fermentation in Neurospora CrassaBiffinger, Justin Conan
Gosselin, Jennifer2013/08NOAASalmon Populations in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem: Determining Their Freshwater and Marine Drivers and Modeling Their Projections During Climate ChangeCrozier, Lisa G
Hardy, Matthew2013/08NRLMolecular Beam Epitaxy Growth and Characterization of N-Polar (Al,In,Ga)N for High Electron Mobility TransistorsStorm, David F.
Jones, Paul2013/08NOAAMolecular Method for the Rapid and Cost Effective Monitoring of Coral Reef BioersionHendee, James C.
Matsangas, Panagiotis2013/08NPSThe Effect of Motion on Sleep by Assessing Sleep Attributes, Cognitive Performance and Postural EquilibriumShattuck, Nita Lewis
Putman, Nathan2013/08NOAAA 'Movement Ecology' Approach to Predicting the Oceanic Distribution of Sea TurtlesRichards, Paul M.
Shoemaker, Charles2013/08CBDA Nucleic Acid Vaccine Approach for In Vivo Generation of Filovirus Virus-Like ParticlesSchmaljohn, Connie
Spies, Noah2013/08NISTMeasurement of Mutation Rates Associated with Assisted Reproductive TechnologyZook, Justin Matthew
Stefan, Christopher2013/08AMRMCAntibiotic Resistance Gene Detection by Next-generation SequencingMinogue, Timothy Devins
Alberding, Brian2013/08NISTCharge Mobility in Electrically Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks Evaluated by Time-Resolved Terahertz SpectroscopyHeilweil, Edwin J.
Bauer, Kerry2013/08NISTDevelopment and Comprehensive Comparison of Three Independent Methods for Targeted Mass Spectrometric Quantification of Cytokines Phinney, Karen Williams
Chen, Chia-Ying2013/08EPATransformations of Nanomaterials and Their Polymer Composites in the EnvironmentZepp, Richard G.
Cusick, Kathleen2013/08NRLMolecular Mechanisms Controlling Microbial Nanoparticle SynthesisBiffinger, Justin Conan
Frieberg, Bradley2013/08NISTSegmental Dynamics of Copolymer Electrolytes in Confined GeometriesSoles, Christopher L.
Goldschmidt, Elizabeth2013/08NISTSingle Photon Control of Macroscopic Mechanical Resonators for Quantum Information and MetrologyLawall, John R.
Komaromi, William2013/08NRLInvestigating the Relationship Between Outflow and Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure Using Idealized Modeling and Real Case SimulationsDoyle, James D.
Rubin, Juli2013/08NRLAn Investigation of Spatial Patterns in Aerosol Events Using Global Ensemble-based Data Assimilation of Lidar ObservationsReid, Jeffrey S.
Spinner, Neil2013/08NRLEvaluation and Mitigation of Lithium-Ion Battery Failure Mechanisms for Naval ApplicationsRose-Pehrsson, Susan L
Wylie, Jennifer2013/08NRL3-d Environmental Estimation Using Acoustic Tomography for Use in Real Time Performance Predictions of Multistatic Active SonarsFromm, David Meloy
Bawazer, Lukmaan2013/08NISTDroplet-based Selection of Biobrick Toolkits for Materials BiomanufacturingSalit, Marc L.
Bohnet, Justin2013/08NISTA Continuous, Superradiant Laser with an Calcium Atomic BeamOates, Christopher W.
Easley, Regina2013/08NISTTraceability of Spectrophotometric pH Measurements in SeawaterPratt, Kenneth W.
Gopman, Daniel2013/08NISTStrain-controlled Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Co/Ni MultilayersShull, Robert D.
Grutter, Alexander2013/08NISTTuning Emergent Interfacial Ferromagnetism: Towards Room Temperature FunctionalityBorchers, Julie A.
Jiang, Jie2013/08AFRLRaman Spectroscopy Theory in Graphene upon Moiety/Biomolecule Adsorption and in New Two-dimensional Materials Pachter, Ruth
Karageorgos, Ioannis2013/08NISTDetermination of a Detailed Molecular Mechanism for Gag Viral Assembly in Phospholipid Bilayer Nanodiscs by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS), and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)Hudgens, Jeffrey Warren
Kotula, Anthony2013/08NISTResolving Structure in Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polymer Melts through Raman SpectroscopyMigler, Kalman
Martinez, Oscar2013/08AFRLAdvancing Fuels, Catalysis, and Combustion Through Plasma Chemistry ResearchViggiano, Albert A.
Potter, Henry2013/08NRLLaboratory Study of Whitecap Structure Using Infrared ImagerySmith, Geoffrey
Rittersdorf, Ian2013/08NRLNumerical Studies of Electrode Plasma Formation and Expansion in High Power Charged-Particle-Beam DiodesSchumer, Joseph
Scanlan, Leona2013/08NISTAcute, Chronic, Epigenetic and DNA Damage Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on Caenorhabditis Elegans.Dizdar, Murat Miral
Sheridan, Richard2013/08NISTInvestigation of Polymer Brush and Dilute Polymer Solution Interaction for the Analysis of Critical Adsorption ConditionsBeers, Kathryn L.
Siddon, Elizabeth2013/08NOAAA Cross-ecosystem Comparison of Predator-prey Dynamics with Implications for Predicting Ecosystem-level Responses to Climate VariabilityDeMaster, Douglas P.
Streit, Jason2013/08NISTUsing Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Probe the Mechanism of the Aqueous-two Phase Separation of Carbon NanotubesZheng, Ming
Tursiella, Melissa2013/08AMRMCDefining the Mechanism of Coagulopathy and Fibrinolysis in Viral Hemorrhagic FeverSchmaljohn, Connie
Weigand, Jonathan2013/08NISTComputational Analysis of Fire-induced Progressive CollapseMain, Joseph A.
Bitter, Julie2013/08NISTInvestigating the Evidentiary Value of Smoke Aerosol Residues for the Detection and Quantification of Synthetic CannabinoidsGillen, Greg
Churnside, Allison2013/08NISTSingle-molecule and Bulk Biophysical Characterization of Designer CellulasesQuinn, Timothy P.
Daniels, Yasmine2013/08NISTThe Biological Fate of Nanoparticles: Standardizing Capillary Electrophoresis to Assess Interactions Between Nanoparticles and Biological MoleculesMacCrehan, William Ambrose
Haddow, Andrew2013/08AMRMCApplication of Three-dimensional Imaging Techniques to Study Viral Pathogenesis in Mosquito Vector SpeciesTurell, Michael J
Hatch, Harold2013/08NISTCoarse-Grained Simulation of the Effect of Pressure on Protein Stability in Concentrated SolutionsShen, Vincent K.
Kim, Seongwon2013/08NRLDevelopment of an Automatable, Modular and Robust Pipeline for Biological '-omics' Data ProcessingVora, Gary J.
Schaefer, Jennifer2013/08NISTInfluence of Polymer Dynamics and Morphology on of Ionic Conductivity of the Polystyrene-based Ionomer P(STFSI) and Specific VariationsSoles, Christopher L.
Schmieder, Kenneth2013/08NRLCharacterizing the Radiation Response Mechanisms of Quantum Dot Enhanced Solar CellsWalters, Robert John
Betz, Jordan2013/08NISTDevelopment of Artificial Red Blood Cells to Measure the Contribution of Membrane Stiffness and Intercellular Adhesion on Vascular Occlusion in MalariaLaVan, David A.
Booth, Ryan2013/08AFRLSpectroscopic Study of a Series of Hypergolic Ionic Liquid PropellantsStearns, Jaime A
Bryce, Brian2013/08NISTVapor-Liquid-Solid Nanowire SensorsDavydov, Albert V.
Contento, Nicholas2013/08NISTTuning DNA Sensor Kinetics and Selectivity Using MEMS Microheater DevicesSemancik, Steve
Feldman, Ari2013/08NISTOptoelectronic Waveform Metrology Beyond 1 Terahertz Using ErAs:InGaAs Nanoparticles in Tunable InGaAs PhotoreceiversHale, Paul D.
Graves, Eric2013/08ARLInformation Integrity in Fundamental NetworksErbacher, Robert F
Grutter, Karen2013/08NISTAdding Functionality to Optomechanical Systems for Applications in Sensing and Optical Signal ManipulationSrinivasan, Kartik
Hagmann, Joseph2013/08NISTElectric Transport Characterization of Low-dimensional Topological Surface StatesSeiler, David George
Hotaling, Nathan2013/08NISTDevelopment of a Scaffold to Enable Implantation of Functional Retinal Pigment Epithelium for Treating Macular DegenerationSimon, Carl George
Huynh, Khanh An2013/08EPADetection, Quantification, and Characterization of Engineered Nanomaterials in Wastewater Effluents Using Dynamic Hyphenated SystemsHeithmar, Edward Michael
Kearney, Brian2013/08NRLHeat Transport in Nanostructured Materials and Thin Dielectric FilmsLiu, Xiao
King, Jason2013/08NISTUse of Three-Dimensional Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic Trapping for Studies of Aggregation Formation in Immunoglobulin G-Based Formulations.Cavicchi, Richard E.
Paralanov, Vanya2013/08NISTUniversal BreadBoard Plasmid (pUBB) for the Measurement of Genetic PartsStrychalski, Elizabeth A
Ridge, Claron2013/08AFRLHelium Droplet Assembled Nanocluster Films of Aluminum Based Energetic MaterialsLindsay, C. Michael
Rodriguez, Manuel2013/08AFRLVerification and Validation Framework for Building Trustworthy SystemsKwiat, Kevin A.
Rosch, Thomas2013/08NISTDevelopment of a Coarse-graining Platform to Examine Flow Induced CrystallizationPhelan, Frederick R.
Smith, Christopher2013/08NISTSimulation and Testing of Fracture in Structural Steels Under Elevated TemperaturesGross, John Lewis
Soliz, Jennifer2013/08ECBCInvestigating the Properties of Ferrite-based Magnetic Nanoparticles with Lanthanide-substitutions and the Adsorptions of Chemical GasesKarwacki, Christopher J
Szwaykowska, Klementyna2013/08NRLA Dynamical Systems Approach to Cooperative Surveillance of Stocahstic Environments Using Sensor NetworksSchwartz, Ira B
Tseng, Frank2013/08NRLExploring Lattice-induced Magnetic Properties in 2D Materials for Electronic Switches Beyond the CMOS TransistorGunlycke, Daniel
Abdi, Daniel2013/11NPSEfficient Porting of NUMA to Heterogeneous Accelerator Based Many-core Machines for Hurricane SimulationsGiraldo, Francis Xavier
Cohen, Courtney2013/11AMRMCInvestigating the Correlates of Protection Following Alphavirus Infection in Nonhuman PrimatesGlass, Pamela J
Cummins, Desmond2013/11ARL/USMAMathematical Modling of Machine/Human InteractionsSadler, Brian M.
Farlow, Kasie2013/11ARL/USMANetwork Topology Enhancement via the Hamilton Jacobi Equation and Queueing AnalysisSadler, Brian M.
Gamble, Katherine2013/11ARLEffects of the Volume, Veracity, and Velocity of Networked Intelligence Information on Visual SearchBuchler, Norbou
Park, Russell2013/11ARL/USMAAggregation and Simulation of Cortical Neuron ModelsFranaszczuk, Piotr Julian
Williams, Kendall2013/11ARL/USMAStatistical Analysis of the Benefits of STEM InitiativesWilkerson, Stephen Andrew
Li, Yuanchao2013/11AROMechanochemistry in Surface-tethered Polymer BrushesKiserow, Douglas
Kilianski, Andrew2013/11CBDUsing Genomic Approaches to Develop Viral Pathogen Discovery and Detection MethodsEmanuel, Peter A.
Reichart, Timothy2013/11CBDModulating Antimicrobial Peptide Arrays for Endotoxin and Pathogen SensingMello, Charlene M.
Drachuk, Irina2013/11AFRLProtection of Cell-based Sensors with Cytocompatible Synthetic Polymer CoatingsKelley-Loughnane, Nancy
Kuznetsova, Anna2013/11AFRLComputational Modeling of Oxidation and Thermo-mechanical Properties of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics in Extreme EnvironmentsPasiliao, Crystal L
Schmucker, Abrin2013/11AFRLSurface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy-based Chemical Detection Using Solution Dispersible Sheets of Anisotropic NanoparticlesNaik, Rajesh
Leuty, Gary2013/11AFRLMolecular Dynamics Simulation of Surface Interactions of Tethered Bottle-brush Polymer Layers and BiomacromoleculesBerry, Rajiv
Beams, Ryan2014/02NISTProbing the Electronic Structures of Nanoscale Devices Using Superresolution Coherent Raman MicroscopyStranick, Stephan Jeffrey
Donakowski, Martin2014/02NRLNanoarchitectured Iron-Sulfide for Stable, Scalable Multi-electron Energy StorageRolison, Debra Rose
Greenlee, Jordan2014/02NRLAnalysis of the Switching Mechanism in Graphene-based Nonvolatile Transistors Anderson, Travis James
Jennings, Abby2014/02AFRLMolecular Design of Siloxanes for Omniphobic Composites and Fabrication of New Silicon-based Nanothermites for Highly Energetic Materials Iacono, Scott T
Joyce, Abigail2014/02EPAOptimizing Polyethylene Passive Sampling for More Accurate Estimations of Organic Contaminant Freely Dissolved Concentrations (Cfree) and BioavailabilityBurgess, Robert M.
McCoppin, Jared2014/02AFRLA Novel Approach for Production of High-Performance 3-Dimensional Electrical InterfacesReitz, Thomas L.
Olekson, Melissa2014/02AMRMCAntimicrobial Delivery System to Treat Biofilm-Infected WoundsLeung, Kai P
raghu, deepa2014/02NRLNanoplasmonic Imaging of Exosome Secretions from Live CellsRaphael, Marc Phillippe
Schwietzke, Stefan2014/02NOAAGlobal Atmospheric Methane and Ethane Constraints on Natural Gas Fugitive Emissions RatesTans, Pieter P.
Hagan, Nicole2014/02EPAMetrics of Exposure Associated with Household Dust and Soil IngestionStout II, Daniel M
CHUNG, MEE-KYUNG2014/02AROInvestigating the Latent Free Energy in Protein Noncovalent Networks with Self-assembled [2]-catenane ModelsLee, Stephen J.
Daniels, Kevin2014/02NRLFlexible Plasmonic Graphene Field Effect Transistor for Terahertz Radiation DetectionGaskill, David Kurt
Lawton, Timothy2014/02CBDCreation of a Multifunctional Surface: Water Repellency and CatalysisFilocamo, Shaun Frank
Che, Justin2014/02AFRLCorrelation of Molecular Structure to Photo Mechanical Responsitivity in GlassesVaia, Richard A.
Garratt, Elias2014/02NISTDefect Evolution Within One-dimensional Semiconducting Nanowire Arrays as a Function of External Stimuli: An Evaluation of Structure and Property DynamicsNikoobakht, Babak
Wall, Michael2014/02NISTNovel Spin Physics with Ultracold Polar Molecules in Optical LatticesJin, Deborah
Chaffin, Brian2014/02EPAThe Emergence of Adaptive Management in Urban Social-Ecological SystemsGarmestani, Ahjond Stefan
Chen, Biao2014/02AFRLMulti-functional Airborne MIMO Systems: Challenges and ApproachesMatyjas, John D.
Cheng, Gary2014/02AFRLHigh Mobility and Transparent Ii-group and Iii-group Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Oxide Thin Film by Direct Pulsed Laser CrystallizationLeedy, Kevin D.
Cossuth, Joshua2014/02NRLObjective Quantification and Prediction of the Tropical Cyclone Lifecycle Using Structural Information from Satellite Microwave ImageryHawkins, Jeffrey Dale
Feldman, Kathleen2014/02NISTHyperbranched Polyamides for Faster Molecular Layer Deposition of Reverse Osmosis MembranesStafford, Christopher M.
Glasgow, Jeff2014/02NISTHigh Throughput Evolution of Enzymes for Cancer TreatmentSalit, Marc L.
Huba, Zachary2014/02NRLSynthesis of Ti-Al-B-H Reactive Metal Nanoparticles as Additives for High Energy Liquid FuelsEpshteyn, Albert
Lam, Stephanie2014/02NISTElucidating the Role of Surfactant/Co-surfactant and Surfactant/Polymer Corona Assemblies in the Separation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Aqueous Two-Phase ExtractionFagan, Jeffrey Alan
Frank, Donya2014/02NRLInvestigation of Sediment Transport with Phase-Separated Particle Image VelocimetryCalantoni, Joseph
Louie, Stacey2014/02NISTDevelopment of a Novel Approach to Evaluate Transformations of the Molecular Corona on Nanoparticles Under Environmental Conditions and Assess Their Impact on Nanoparticle FateHackley, Vincent A.
Lowell, Peter2014/02NISTTen Kilopixel Array of Cryogenic Sensors with In-focal Plane Multiplexing Enabling Next-generation X-ray MeasurementsHilton, Gene C.
McCaffrey, Katherine2014/02NOAATurbulence Characterization for Validation and Improvement of Wind Forecast ModelsWilczak, James Michael
Radney, James2014/02NISTOn Brown Carbon Aerosol Mass Specific Absorption Spectra and Chromophore IdentityZangmeister, Christopher Douglas
Roxworthy, Brian2014/02NISTPlasmonic NEMS for Nanoscale Manipulation, Imaging, and SensingAksyuk, Vladimir
Schwarz, Kathleen2014/02NISTRealistic and Affordable Ab Initio Calculations of Fuel Cell ReactionsAllison, Thomas C
Smedberg, Jason2014/02CBDFormation of a Novel Anthrax VaccineFriedlander, Arthur Michael
Spaun, Benjamin2014/02NISTDetecting and Probing Large Molecules with Direct Frequency Comb SpectroscopyYe, Jun
Streifel, Benjamin2014/02NRLSelf-doped Conducting Polymers for Anticorrosive ApplicationsWynne, James Howard
Tomasulo, Stephanie2014/02NRLMolecular Beam Epitaxy of Gasb- and GaAs-based Dual-junction Solar Cells for 4-junction Wafer-bonded Devices Toward 50 Walters, Robert John
Abouzeid, Abraham2014/02NISTThe Importance of Size: Investigating the Size-Depndent Toxicity of Liposome NanomedicinesVreeland, Wyatt Neil
Ahmido, Tariq2014/02NISTDevelopment of In Situ Instruments for Atomic Layer Deposition: Combined Time Resolved Short Pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman SpectroscopyMaslar, James E.
Chaloux, Brian2014/02NRLImproving Group IIIA Hydride Hydrogen Storage Kinetics by Ligation within Covalent Organic FrameworksEpshteyn, Albert
Clark, Jeremy2014/02NISTQuantum-Enhanced Detection of a Micromechanical Oscillator Using Squeezed Microwave FieldsTeufel, John Daniel
Edwards, Devin2014/02NISTEnhanced Mechanical Studies of Protein Folding Enabled by Significant Improvements in the Precision and Bandwidth of Atomic Force MicroscopyPerkins, Thomas Tupper
Frost, Wende2014/02NRLAutomatic Dialect ClassificationPerzanowski, Dennis
Gor, Gennady2014/02NRLMechanical Properties of Microstructured Lithium-Ion Battery ComponentsBernstein, Noam
Howland, Gregory2014/02AFRLProgrammable Quantum Photonic ProcessorAlsing, Paul M.
Idell, Jonathan2014/02NISTDislocation Evolution Characterization for Improved Understanding of Deformation Mechanisms in Trip SteelLevine, Lyle Edward
Levine, Aaron2014/02NOAAExamining the Role of Changes in the Western Pacific Warm Pool Edge on Multidecadal ENSO VariabilityMcPhaden, Michael James
LI-Byarlay, Hongmei2014/02AROStudy of Oxidative Stress in Honey Bee Using NGS toolsStrand, Micheline
Mille, Matthew2014/02NISTComputational Dosimetry in Support of NIST Standards for Electronic BrachytherapyBergstrom, Paul M.
McTigue, Nathan2014/02NOAAImproving Predictions of Marsh Response to Sea Level Rise: Blue Carbon Remineralization After Simulated Erosion to Oxic HorizonsCurrin, Carolyn A.
Williams, Elissa2014/02NISTReal-time, Single Cell Measurement of 3D Stem Cell-material Interactions Using Silicon Nanowire DevicesSimon, Carl George
Wood, Erin2014/02NISTMultifunctional Engineered Plasmonic Metal Nanowires for Sensing ApplicationsHight Walker, Angela
Lee, Cheng-Rei2014/02NMRC/NHRCDevelopment and Evaluation of Field-Deployable Diagnostic Assays for Dengue Fever for FDA 510(k) ApprovalWu, Shuenn-Jue Liou
Psiaki, Mark2014/02AFRLNonlinear Filtering Algorithms for Orbit Determination That Use Gaussian MixturesJah, Moriba K.
Beakes, Michael2014/05NOAACoupling Habitat and Life Cycle Models to Inform Habitat Restoration for Imperiled SalmonBeechie, Timothy Jon
Bixler, Sandra2014/05CBDCharacterizing the Dynamics, Phenotype, and Functionality of Immune Responses to Filovirus InfectionGoff, Arthur James
Breckenfeld, Eric2014/05NRLAdvanced Deposition Studies for Next-Generation Oxide ElectronicsPique, Alberto
Cummings, Paul2014/05AFRLAnalytic Scalings for Radiation Generation in Laser Wake-Field AccelerationShiffler, Don A.
Guild, Matthew2014/05NRLAqueous Acoustic Scattering Cancellation ShellOrris, Gregory J.
Qadri, Syed2014/05NRLInvestigation of Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells with In Situ SpectroscopyOwrutsky, Jeffrey C.
Reed, Jennifer2014/05AFRLUltrafast Temporal Dynamics of the Nonlinear Optical Response of Metals Probed with a Modified Beam Deflection TechniqueUrbas, Augustine M.
Smith, Kyle2014/05AFRLMultiscale Development of Shock Mitigating Mechanical MetamaterialsFoley, Jason R
Spann, Bryan2014/05NRLUltrafast Spectroscopic Investigations of Plasmonically Enhanced Photocatalysis in Au-TiO2 Aerogel MatricesOwrutsky, Jeffrey C.
Tarr, Lucas2014/05NRLFlux Emergence in Realistic Solar Atmospheres with Realistic Magnetic TopologiesLinton, Mark
Benov, Avi2014/05AMRMCResuscitation with Whole Blood/ Platelets Stored at 4??C for Improving Hemostasis After Polytrauma and Hemorrhage.Darlington, Daniel Norman
Freeman, Lauren2014/05NRLThe Impact of Recent Global Change on Sediment Load and Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay: Analysis of Historical Remotely Sensed and in Situ ObservationsAckleson, Steven Gary
Lee, Jongsub2014/05FHWADeveloping Frameworks of Performance-Based Asphalt Mix DesignGibson, Nelson Harold
Graber, Benjamin2014/05NRLDevelopment of High Resolution Terahertz SpectrometerWu, Dong-Ho
Josset, Damien2014/05NRLNovel Polarized Lidar Approach to Characterize Ocean Turbulence and Particle DistributionHou, Weilin
Mosley, Jonathan2014/05EPAIdentifying Markers of Chemical Exposure with MetabolomicsCollette, Timothy Wayne
Mivule, Kato2014/05AFRLAn Investigation of User-Defined Data Privacy and Utility Modeling Using Machine Learning Classification as a GaugeHopkinson, Kenneth Mark
Wang, Yubian2014/05FHWAOperational and Safety Analyses of Alternative Intersection/interchange DesignsZhang, Wei
Simonelli, Guido2014/08AMRMCResilience and Sleep DeprivationBalkin, Thomas J.
Ellis, Gregory2014/08NRLMetabolomics Analyses of Marine MicroorganismsLeary, Dagmar
Huse, Valerie2014/08AMRMCMicroRNA Expression Patterns in Whole Blood from Presymptomatic Alphavirus-infected MiceMinogue, Timothy Devins
Alves, Nathan2014/08NRLHijacking Bacterial Vesicle Production to Package Active EnzymeWalper, Scott Allen
Yates, Matthew2014/08NRLElectron Transfer Processes at the Interface Between Insoluble Surfaces and Exoelectrogenic Microorganisms Tender, Leonard M.
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