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Opportunities Available at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

There are 155 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
26.01.25.B0462 NOAA Multi-spectral Satellite Developments for Mesoscale Applications Fort Collins CO
26.01.33.B5760 NOAA Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for Environmental Data Stewardship Silver Spring MD
26.03.02.B0456 NOAA Climate and Ecosystem Variability in Eastern Boundary Current Systems Monterey CA
26.03.02.B0457 NOAA Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Habitat Classification Monterey CA
26.03.02.B5059 NOAA Climate Change and Ecosystem Fluctuations Monterey CA
26.03.37.B0500 NOAA Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Population Biology La Jolla CA
26.03.37.B0502 NOAA Genetics and Physiology of Marine Fishes La Jolla CA
26.03.37.B7123 NOAA Cetacean and Seabird Ecology and Ecosystem Research La Jolla CA
26.03.37.B7490 NOAA Marine Turtle Ecological Research La Jolla CA
26.03.37.B8090 NOAA Physiology and Behavior of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates La Jolla CA
26.03.37.B8577 NOAA Does Larval Condition Impact Rockfish Recruitment Off Southern California? La Jolla CA
26.03.37.C0057 NOAA Next Generation Sequencing to Evaluate Fish Assemblages in the California Current La Jolla CA
26.03.37.C0158 NOAA Endangered White Abalone Research to Inform Restoration La Jolla CA
26.03.37.C0316 NOAA Ecosystem Indicators La Jolla CA
26.03.38.B6559 NOAA Advanced Sampling Technologies in the Northwest Atlantic Woods Hole MA
26.03.38.C0125 NOAA Seasonal-to-Interannual Statistical Forecasting on the Northeast US Shelf Woods Hole MA
26.03.38.C0491 NOAA Regional coupled modeling for multi-year prediction on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf Woods Hole MA
26.03.39.B4647 NOAA Olfactory Physiology and Behavior of Salmonids Seattle WA
26.03.39.B4687 NOAA Impacts of Toxic Chemicals on Aquatic Organisms Seattle WA
26.03.39.B6512 NOAA Improving Artificial Propagation Systems to Support Natural Populations of Salmon and Steelhead Seattle WA
26.03.39.B7410 NOAA Marine Fish Reproductive and Growth Physiology Seattle WA
26.03.39.B7411 NOAA Ecotoxicology to Support Aquatic Conservation Biology Seattle WA
26.03.39.B7416 NOAA Development of Chemical Tracer Methods and their Application in Aquatic Ecosystems Seattle WA
26.03.39.B7446 NOAA Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Viability of Species at Risk Seattle WA
26.03.39.B7558 NOAA Ecological and Economic Evaluation of Groundfish Harvest Management Strategies on the West Coast Seattle WA
26.03.39.B8368 NOAA Genetics and Genomics to Inform Conservation and Management in Marine and Anadromous Fishes Seattle WA
26.03.39.B8369 NOAA Population Genetics of Marine Fish Species to Inform Assessment and Management Efforts Seattle WA
26.03.39.B8523 NOAA Seasonal Forecasting of Pacific Hake Distribution in the California Current Ecosystem Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0079 NOAA Genetic Mixture Analysis in Ocean Fisheries Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0141 NOAA Using Genomics and Genetics to Promote Shellfish Aquaculture Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0176 NOAA Amelioration of Environmental Effects of Fish Net-pens by Sea Cucumber Polyculture as Estimated by Meiofauna Metabarcoding Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0232 NOAA Salmon Ocean Behavior and Distribution in the California Current Marine Ecosystem Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0436 NOAA Fecal Microbiome Community Structure as a Non-invasive Health Biomarker for Endangered Killer Whales Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0503 NOAA Development of a Model for Trophic Transfer and Wildlife Health Impacts of Algal Toxins in Arctic/Subarctic Food Webs Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0558 NOAA Evaluating Resilience of Shellfish to Ocean Acidification in Support of Aquaculture Seattle WA
26.03.39.C0613 NOAA Salmon-oriented foodweb scenario exploration in the northern California Current under a changing climate Seattle WA
26.03.40.B6138 NOAA Population Ecology of Stellar Sea Lions and Northern Fur Seals in Alaska Seattle WA
26.03.40.B8028 NOAA Integrating Bering Sea Spatial Economic and Ecosystem Models Seattle WA
26.03.40.B8179 NOAA Environmental Influences on Vertical Distribution of Age-0 Walleye Pollock Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0003 NOAA Ichthyoplankton Metrics as Fishery-Independent Indicators of Ecosystem Change along the US West Coast from California to Alaska Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0264 NOAA Strategies for Reducing Costs of Fishery-Independent Surveys Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0277 NOAA Collaborating with the Alaska Commercial Rockfish Fishery: Using Fishery Dependent Catch and Effort Data to Inform Gulf of Alaska Stock Assessments. Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0310 NOAA Optimal Sampling Design for Fisheries Monitoring in the North Pacific Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0533 NOAA Arctic Ecosystem Study Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0547 NOAA Evaluating Historical and Future Climate-driven Changes to Groundfish Habitat in Alaska’s Large Marine Ecosystems Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0565 NOAA Bioinformatics Approaches to Evaluating Responses and Adaptive Capacity to High pCO2 in Alaska Crabs and Fish Seattle WA
26.03.40.C0570 NOAA Acoustic and Image-based Habitat Classification in the Gulf of Alaska Using Machine Learning Seattle WA
26.03.43.B7965 NOAA Microalgal Blooms of Biscayne Bay, Florida and their Ecological Implications Miami FL
26.03.43.C0172 NOAA Stock Assessment / Ecosystem-based Approaches to Fishery Management Miami FL
26.03.43.C0478 NOAA Marine Mammal Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Ecology, and Conservation Miami FL
26.03.44.B5874 NOAA Population Ecology of Exploited Marine Resources Beaufort NC
26.03.44.B7510 NOAA Ecosystem Approaches to Marine Resource Management Beaufort NC
26.03.44.B7818 NOAA Quantitative Fisheries Ecology Beaufort NC
26.03.50.B0456 NOAA Climate and Ecosystem Variability in Eastern Boundary Current Systems Santa Cruz CA
26.03.50.C0146 NOAA Multispecies Forecasting and Ecosystem Management Santa Cruz CA
26.03.50.C0157 NOAA Broad-scale freshwater habitat modeling to support salmon restoration in California Santa Cruz CA
26.03.50.C0316 NOAA Ecosystem Indicators Santa Cruz CA
26.03.53.B4984 NOAA Phytoplankton Trophic Interactions Milford CT
26.03.53.B8575 NOAA Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) Model of the Eastern Oyster Milford CT
26.03.53.C0075 NOAA Ocean Acidification Individual Based Modeling Milford CT
26.03.53.C0142 NOAA Quantification of Phytoplankton Using In Vivo Fluorescence Milford CT
26.03.53.C0522 NOAA Wild Scallop Population Resilience: Using Multigenerational Studies to Estimate Robustness and Adaptive Potential to Rapidly Changing Ocean Acidification Milford CT
26.03.53.C0542 NOAA Susceptibility of Atlantic Surfclams, Spisula solidissima, to Ocean Acidification: Transitioning from Laboratory Experiments to Benthic Habitat Sampling and Characterization Milford CT
26.03.55.B7587 NOAA Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Marine Ecosystem Based Management Narragansett RI
26.03.55.C0150 NOAA New England Groundfish and Climate Narragansett RI
26.03.56.B4573 NOAA Population Ecology of Marine Fishes of the Northeast US Highlands NJ
26.03.56.C0150 NOAA New England Groundfish and Climate Highlands NJ
26.03.56.C0574 NOAA Expanding Marine Finfish Aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic and New England: Developing Capacity, Technologies, and Production Methodologies Highlands NJ
26.03.58.B5824 NOAA Molecular Genetics of Marine Mammals Lafayette LA
26.03.60.B6062 NOAA Ecosystem-Based Analysis and Management of Apex Predators Panama City FL
26.03.60.B6063 NOAA Population Dynamics and Assessment of Elasmobranch Fishes Panama City FL
26.03.66.C0552 NOAA Ocean Acidification Effects on Alaska Groundfishes Newport OR
26.03.68.B7479 NOAA Sablefish Abundance Index Modeling Juneau AK
26.03.68.B7775 NOAA Marine Habitat Suitability Modeling Juneau AK
26.03.68.C0231 NOAA Establishing New Community Trophic Indices for the Bering Sea: a Stable Isotopic Retrospective Analysis of Food Web Structure Juneau AK
26.03.68.C0437 NOAA Developing Ecosystem Indices to Inform Fisheries Stock Assessments Juneau AK
26.03.68.C0446 NOAA Leveraging Population Genomics to Improve Spatially Explicit Stock Assessments of Alaska’s Groundfish Juneau AK
26.03.68.C0564 NOAA Investigating stock-specific distributions of bycaught salmon to mitigate impacts and inform management Juneau AK
26.03.68.C0599 NOAA Developing Spatial Stock Assessment Models for North Pacific Marine Species Juneau AK
26.03.69.C0279 NOAA King Crab Aquaculture, Stock Enhancement, and Ecology Kodiak AK
26.03.78.B7558 NOAA Ecological and Economic Evaluation of Groundfish Harvest Management Strategies on the West Coast Newport OR
26.03.78.B8523 NOAA Seasonal Forecasting of Pacific Hake Distribution in the California Current Ecosystem Newport OR
26.03.78.C0599 NOAA Developing Spatial Stock Assessment Models for North Pacific Marine Species Newport OR
26.03.80.B8264 NOAA Understanding Sea Turtle Populations in the US Pacific Islands Region Honolulu HI
26.03.80.C0493 NOAA Developing Ecosystem Based Fishery Management in the US Pacific Island Region Honolulu HI
26.04.63.B6003 NOAA Regional Climate Modeling and Applications College Park MD
26.04.79.B8292 NOAA Atmosphere-Biosphere Exchange of Reactive Nitrogen Oak Ridge TN
26.05.01.B0566 NOAA Modeling of Atmospheric Trace Gas Sources and Sinks Using Observed Mixing Ratios Boulder CO
26.05.01.B0568 NOAA Measurements of Halocarbons for Studying Global Atmospheric Processes and the Effectiveness of International Environmental Policy Boulder CO
26.05.01.B0570 NOAA Tropospheric Aerosol Measurements Boulder CO
26.05.01.B5753 NOAA Atmospheric Measurements of the Global Carbon Cycle Boulder CO
26.05.02.B0550 NOAA Analytical Studies of the Tropical Atmosphere and its Relationship to Global Climate Boulder CO
26.05.02.B0590 NOAA Air-Sea Interaction and Boundary Layer Processes in Turbulent Environments Boulder CO
26.05.02.C0537 NOAA Hydrometeorology and Water Resource Management Research Boulder CO
26.05.02.C0550 NOAA Coastal Marine Processes and Their Seasonal-to-Interannual Predictability Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4930 NOAA Atmospheric Chemistry Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4931 NOAA Chemical and Physical Characterization of Tropospheric Aerosols Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4932 NOAA Aerosol-Cloud Interactions: Modeling and Observations Boulder CO
26.05.03.B5809 NOAA Aerosol Chemistry and Climate Connections Boulder CO
26.05.03.B6605 NOAA Atmospheric Trace Gases and Aerosols: New Measurement Techniques, Field Studies and Laboratory Measurements Boulder CO
26.05.03.B6608 NOAA Chemistry, Radiation and Dynamics of the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere Boulder CO
26.05.03.B6616 NOAA Air Quality Modeling Boulder CO
26.05.03.B7783 NOAA Aerosol Processes in the Atmosphere Boulder CO
26.05.04.B0559 NOAA Study and Numerical Weather Prediction of North American Weather Systems Using the Rapid Refresh and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Boulder CO
26.05.04.B7372 NOAA Improving Global Weather Prediction Using a Coupled Global Model Boulder CO
26.05.04.B8073 NOAA Predictability of Weather and Climate Boulder CO
26.05.04.C0056 NOAA Data assimilation, including clouds, radar and boundary layer, and global subseasonal coupled modeling and forecasting Boulder CO
26.05.04.C0561 NOAA Machine Learning for Application in Data Assimilation Boulder CO
26.07.45.B0583 NOAA Space Weather: Specification and Prediction Boulder CO
26.07.45.B0584 NOAA Earth’s Magnetosphere: Basic Physical Processes Boulder CO
26.07.45.B5042 NOAA Solar and Coronal Event Phenomena Boulder CO
26.09.10.B6322 NOAA Coral Health and Disease Charleston SC
26.09.10.C0452 NOAA Advancing sensor technologies for algal biotoxin detection Charleston SC
26.09.10.C0549 NOAA Developing analytical methods for algal toxin detection Charleston SC
26.09.10.C0646 NOAA Effects of Ozone impregnated nano bubbles on sediment and water column nutrient loads Charleston SC
26.09.11.B8249 NOAA Quantitative Species Distribution Spatial Modeling for ESA-Listed Corals Beaufort NC
26.09.11.C0295 NOAA Remote Sensing Photogrammetry of Coastal and Marine Habitats Using Unoccupied Autonomous Systems Beaufort NC
26.09.11.C0468 NOAA Environmental and model assessment to support the beneficial use of dredged sediment to increase resilience of coastal marshes and communities Beaufort NC
26.09.11.C0619 NOAA Decision support model development to support quantitative evaluations of coral reef interventions Beaufort NC
26.09.12.B8311 NOAA Satellite Derived Bathymetry and Water Clarity Silver Spring MD
26.09.13.B8364 NOAA Satellite Geodesy Using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Techniques Silver Spring MD
26.51.00.B0617 NOAA Spatial and temporal variability of the ocean circulation Miami FL
26.51.00.B6308 NOAA Nutrient Dynamics in the Oceans Miami FL
26.51.00.B8111 NOAA Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Variability and its Impact on Extreme Weather Miami FL
26.51.00.B8119 NOAA Inter-Ocean Exchanges and Regional Sinks of Heat, Salt, and Carbon Miami FL
26.51.00.B8511 NOAA Inter-Hemispheric Variability of AMOC and its Impacts on Global Monsoon Circulations and Extreme Weather Events Miami FL
26.51.00.C0474 NOAA Coral Reef Responses to Global Change Miami FL
26.65.00.B0645 NOAA Ecology of Zooplankton and Benthos in Large Lakes Ann Arbor MI
26.65.00.B5362 NOAA Habitat Mediated Species Interactions and Food Web Disruptions in Coastal Ecosystems Ann Arbor MI
26.65.00.B6902 NOAA Ice Climatologist and Climate Modeler Ann Arbor MI
26.76.00.B0649 NOAA Diagnosis and Prediction of Severe Convection Norman OK
26.76.00.B0652 NOAA Doppler Radar and Remote-Sensing Research Norman OK
26.76.00.B0653 NOAA Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning Norman OK
26.76.00.B4261 NOAA Numerical Weather Prediction for Forecasting and Research Norman OK
26.76.00.B4638 NOAA Thunderstorm Electrification Modeling and Lightning Data Assimilation in Mesoscale Models Norman OK
26.76.00.B4674 NOAA Initiation of Deep Moist Convection Norman OK
26.76.00.B6815 NOAA Climatological Aspects of Severe Thunderstorms Norman OK
26.76.00.B6864 NOAA Radar Data Quality Control and Assimilation Norman OK
26.76.00.B6868 NOAA Storm-Scale Modeling, Assimilation, and Prediction Norman OK
26.76.00.B6893 NOAA Cloud and Precipitation Studies with Doppler Polarimetric Radar Norman OK
26.76.00.B7468 NOAA Understanding of Severe Convective Weather to Improve Hazardous Weather Forecasting Norman OK
26.76.00.B7602 NOAA Severe Weather Studies with Phased-Array Radar Norman OK
26.76.00.B8175 NOAA Impact of Assimilating Multi-Function Phased Array Radar Observations on Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecasts of Severe Convective Storms Norman OK
26.76.00.B8252 NOAA Predictability of Organized Convection and Applications to Warn-on-Forecast Ensemble Design Norman OK
26.76.00.B8274 NOAA Convective Scale Predictability and Development of Severe Weather Model Diagnostics, Verification, and Visualization Strategies for High-Resolution Ensemble Forecast Systems Norman OK
26.76.00.B8554 NOAA Warn-on-Forecast Research and Development Norman OK
26.76.00.C0332 NOAA Decision making under uncertainty for high-impact, short-fused weather events Norman OK
26.76.00.C0481 NOAA Novel Verification and Post-Processing Techniques for Warn-on-Forecast Ensembles Norman OK
26.76.00.C0545 NOAA Investigating the post-landfall evolution of tropical cyclone structure and hazards Norman OK
26.77.77.B4631 NOAA Underwater Environmental Acoustics Newport OR
26.77.85.B0665 NOAA Large-Scale Ocean Circulation, Water-Mass Structure, and Climate Seattle WA
26.77.85.B5364 NOAA The Role of the Tropical Oceans in Climate Seattle WA
26.77.85.B7760 NOAA Ocean Carbon and Acidification Research Seattle WA
26.77.85.C0567 NOAA Upper-Ocean Currents and Air-Sea Interaction: Observations by Uncrewed Surface Vehicles and Simulations/Predictions by Numerical Models Seattle WA
26.77.85.C0588 NOAA Air-sea CO2 observing and new technologies Seattle WA
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