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Associateship Programs at Methane Hydrates Fellowship Program (NETL/MHFP)

This page provides specific information about the NRC Research Associateship Program at NETL/MHFP.

When to Apply

This Agency only participates in the February and August reviews.

Click How to Apply for information about reviews and review deadlines.


Click Eligibility for overall eligibility criteria for RAP.

Research opportunities at NETL/MHFP are open to U.S. citizens.

Research opportunities at NETL/MHFP are open to Graduate, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral Applicants.

Click About RAP - Levels for a definition of each level.

Please note: Eligibility can vary for each research opportunity; be sure to check the specific opportunity(s) in which you are interested.


National Energy Technology Laboratory Methane Hydrates Fellowship Program (NETL/MHFP) - Morgantown, WV
Richard Baker 304.285.4714
Joseph Stoffa 304 285 0285
NRC Program Administrator
Dr. Eric Basques 202-334-2707
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