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Associateship Programs at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

This page provides specific information about the NRC Research Associateship Program at AFRL.

When to Apply

This Agency participates in all reviews.

Click How to Apply for information about reviews and review deadlines.


Click Eligibility for overall eligibility criteria for RAP.

Research opportunities at AFRL are open to U.S. citizens.

Research opportunities at AFRL are open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants.

Click About RAP - Levels for a definition of each level.

Please note: Eligibility can vary for each research opportunity; be sure to check the specific opportunity(s) in which you are interested.


Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - Arlington, VA
Ms. Ellen M. Robinson (703) 588-8527
Aeronautical Research Center - ,
Matthew Munson 719 333 2613
Aerospace Systems Directorate - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Dr. David A. Johnston 937-255-7220
Dr. Siva Banda (937) 938-4997
Air Force Inst of Technology - ,
Dr. Darryl Ahner 937-255-6565
Mr. Jeff Murray 937 255 3633
Air Force Office of Scientific Research - Wright-Patterson, OH
Dr. Leslie M Blaha 412.268.4156
Airman Systems Directorate - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Dr. Nina Pryor 937 255 7629 Nina.Pryor.Ctr@US.AF.Mil
Dr. Gaurav Sharma 937-255-8222
Dr. Daniel J. Zelik 937 255 0416
Directed Energy Directorate - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Andreas Schmitt-Sody 505 853 7311
Dr. Donald A. Shiffler (505) 853-3906
Information Directorate - Rome, NY
Dr. Paul Antonik (315) 330-4512
John J. Salerno 315 356 2661
Dr. Stanley J. Wenndt (315) 330-7244
Dr. Nathaniel Gemelli 315-723-2327
Materials & Manufacturing Directorate - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Mr. Mark N. Groff (937) 255-9836
Dr. Jennifer Anne Martin 937.938.3788
Dr. Richard A. Vaia 937-255-6825
Munitions Directorate - Eglin AFB, FL
Dr. David E. Lambert (850) 865-1851
Dr. C. Michael Lindsay (850) 882-1543
RQ/Rocket Propulsion Division - Edwards AFB, CA
Dr. Joseph M. Mabry (661) 857-6289
Sensors Directorate - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Dr. Richard Ott 937 713 8841
Space Vehicles Directorate - Kirtland AFB, NM
Dr. Thomas Cooley (505) 846-2986
Ms. Judith A. Saavedra (505) 853-9987
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs - USAF Academy, CO
Lt Col Chris McClernon 719 333 4195
Rick Rogers 719 333 2847
Sean Tucker 719-333-3273
NRC Program Administrator
Dr. Eric Basques 202-334-2707
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