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Opportunity at Davies Teaching Fellowships (ARL/USMA)

Security Models for SCADA and other Industrial Control Systems


MD and NM-Computational and Information Sciences-FFP, Computational and Information Sciences Directorate - FFP

RO# Location
AA.36.02.B8399 Adelphi, MD 207831197


Name E-mail Phone
Colbert, Edward J 301.394.1674


Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are a general class of cyber-physical control systems that include SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, building control systems, electronic home monitoring systems, industrial production line equipment, the national electrical grid, and many more automated electronic systems that control crucial infrastructure and services. In general, ICSs were designed to be used in isolation from computer networks. However, modern ICSs often have cyber-network components and their systems are often connected to external networks with little or no cyber-security precautions. This exposes the underlying physical systems to highly capable attackers. A transition in design and operation of ICSs must occur in order for these interconnected systems to be safe. Since the processes being controlled are often controlling critical elements, it is very important to design reliable methods for monitoring and designing these systems, especially since the volume of control systems continues to grow in the ever-expanding Internet-of-Things.

The goal of this research opportunity is to develop practical security models of ICSs that can be used to measure relevant internal security properties of the systems. Some example metrics are reliability of the system process, vulnerability of the cyber-physical system to attack, robustness of the control system, and resilience of the process availability to attacks. Sample methods of security modeling include game theory, petri nets, risk estimate models, and attack graphs.



Zhu Q, Basar T: Game-Theoretic Methods for Robustness, Security, and Resilience of Cyberphysical Control Systems. IEEE Control System Magazine 35(1): 46, 2015

Carcano A, et al: A Multidimensional Critical State Analysis for Detecting Intrusions in SCADA Systems. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 7(2): 179-186, 2011

Liao HJ, et al: Intrusion detection system: A comprehensive review. Journal of Network and Computer Applications 36(1): 16-24, 2013


SCADA; ICS; CPS; Security; Models; Risk; Vulnerability; Metrics; Control system;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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