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Opportunity at Davies Teaching Fellowships (ARL/USMA)

Understanding Brain Structure-Function Relationships in Healthy Individuals


MD and FL-Human Research & Engineering Dir-FFP, Human Research and Engineering Directorate - FFP

RO# Location
AA.27.01.B7858 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 210055425


Name E-mail Phone
Vettel, Jean M 410.278.7431


ARL’s Neuroscience program seeks to enable revolutionary advances in Soldier-system performance by integrating modern neuroscience with computer science and engineering to both enhance our understanding of Soldier function in complex operational settings and develop novel and effective means to enhance systems design. ARL’s neuroscience efforts focus on the scientific study of the brain and its interaction with technology. We are looking for Associates to advance efforts in brain structure-function couplings.

The brain structure-function couplings effort incorporates several neuroimaging methods to image structure (MPRAGE, diffusion imaging) and function (mostly EEG with some fMRI) to derive structural and functional networks for an individual. Ongoing research examines the sensitivity and reliability of reconstruction methods to derive structural tractography from diffusion-weighted imaging, as well as the ability of functional connectivity measures to derive task-relevant, functional networks. The successful applicant will implement and evaluate metrics (e.g., network-level descriptions) that quantify individual differences in structural and/or functional connectivity.



Gordon SM, et al: Journal of Neuroscience Methods 212: 247, 2013

Vettel JM, et al: Physics-Based Models of Brain Structure Connectivity Informed by Diffusion-Weighted Imaging. 2010 Army Science Conference, Orlando, Florida (also published as ARL-RP-0355) 2010


Neuroimaging; Brain structure-function couplings; Diffusion weighted imaging; Tractography; EEG and/or fMRI; Individual differences; Connectivity;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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