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Opportunity at U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (AMRMC)



Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Infectious Diseases-Military HIV Research Program

RO# Location
97.15.70.B3437 Silver Spring, MD 20910


Name E-mail Phone
Michael, Nelson L. 301.319.2279


HIV poses a significant threat to US Military Forces, with exposure to HIV-infected blood and body fluids an anticipated consequence of international deployment. New variants of HIV, with unpredictable qualities continue to emerge and pose challenges to HIV prevention and control. In response to this threat, the Division of Retrovirology is leading a tri-service research and development effort to minimize the impact of HIV on US military readiness. The major area of study is the development and testing of HIV preventive vaccines. Other areas of emphasis include global surveillance of HIV prevalence, genotypes, and serotypes; and development and continual evaluation of prevention/education programs to specifically address the threat of HIV to our sailors, soldiers, and airmen. Program scientists initiated and successfully completed the first HIV preventive trial in Thailand, and have been leaders in the development of the molecular epidemiology of HIV.


AIDS; Epidemiology; Vaccines;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents and non-U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants
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