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Opportunity at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Bacterial Antagonisms in Marinobacter Ecology


Naval Research Laboratory, Center for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering

RO# Location
64.15.09.B8135 Washington, DC 203755321

Please note: This Agency only participates in the February, May, and August reviews.


Name E-mail Phone
Kirkup, Benjamin Chapman benjamin.kirkup@nrl.navy.mil 202.767.2147


Bacterial antagonisms are the direct killing of bacteria by other bacteria; frequently at very small phylogenetic distances. Antagonisms give structure to bacterial populations and can be used to find the boundaries of populations unlike many other phenotypic traits. To expand the systematic study of bacterial antagonisms and their role in the eco-evolutionary dynamics of bacterial populations, the existing assays for bacterial antagonism must be refined. Marinobacter are common halotolerant marine heterotrophs considered potential bioremediation organisms; they are also common in microbial fuel cells and on marine surfaces. The study of their antagonism and genomics is expected to yield concrete insights into the ecology and population biology of these bacteria.

This opportunity offers the Associate an opportunity to engage with complex microbial ecology, genomics, novel laboratory assays, theory, and sophisticated data analysis. The interfaces between this project and other projects at the Center encourage collaborative thinking.



Pérez-Gutiérrez RA, et al: The ISME Journal 7(3): 487-497, 2013

Cordero OX, et al: Science 337(6099): 1228-1231, 2012

Chatzidaki-Livanis Maria, et al: Molecular Microbiology 94(6): 1361-1374, 2014


Bacteria; Marinobacter; Ecology; Antagonism; Evolution; Marine; Bacteriocin; Genomic; Microscopy;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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