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Opportunity at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Economic Analysis of Subsurface Water Contamination


National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Sustainable Technology Div

RO# Location
22.03.02.B7993 Cincinnati, OH 45268


Name E-mail Phone
Thurston, Hale William thurston.hale@epa.gov 513.569.7627
Weaver, James W weaver.jim@epa.gov 405.436.8550


This is an opportunity to research issues surrounding the integrity of subsurface water supplies. Abundant, uncontaminated water in underground aquifers is essential for the welfare of the United States. Groundwater scarcity caused by overexploitation is often due to incomplete policy of a policy that contains perverse incentives for extraction. Groundwater pollution is usually the result of the migration of pollutants through the soil from a high concentration area such as mines, underground storage tanks, and superfund sites. Polluted ground water threatens human health and the environment through the contamination of drinking water or irrigation wells or through its interface with surface water. To be able to put forth meaningful policy to reduce or eliminate groundwater pollution or over extraction, we need to better characterize the environmental threats and economic factors affecting the quantity and quality of subsurface water supplies. This research will focus on economic, social, and environmental aspects of the allocation and protection of groundwater. Potential fruitful areas of research in this opportunity include identifying and quantifying the environmental and human health impacts specific to groundwater issues; including such things as the interface between surface and groundwater, contamination of underground aquifers, scarcity/over extraction of water from aquifers, among others.

The Sustainable Environments Branch uses a multidisciplinary approach to research, which employs ecologists, economists, engineers, environmental scientists, geographers, and physical scientists, to address sustainability issues in both watershed management and regional environmental management. This opportunity will require collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data in order to assess water management policies with a probable geographic focus on the South Eastern part of the United States.



Weaver JW, Ferguson JM, Small MC, Mukherjee B, Tillman FD: Statistical Accounting for Uncertainty in Modeling Transport in Environmental Systems, for Practical Applications of Environmental Statistics and Data Analysis. Edited by Rong Y, St Albans, UK: ILM Publications, 2011: 163-194


Economics; Groundwater; Aquifer; Water pollution; Environmental science; Water scarcity; Superfund; Extraction; Recharge;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents and non-U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Regular and Senior applicants
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