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Opportunity at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

Shock Physics


Munitions Directorate, RW/Ordnance Division

RO# Location
13.45.02.B7623 Eglin Air Force Base, FL 325426810


Name E-mail Phone
Lambert, David E. david.lambert.9@us.af.mil 850 865-1851


This research opportunity focuses on the fundamental understanding of shock physics in inert and chemically reacting systems. A persistent need remains in the understanding of material response under shock loading, specifically in the area of high-fidelity experiments and measurements. Emerging “mesoscale” modeling approaches have highlighted shortfalls in the conventional characterization methods treating the materials specimens as continuum, or homogenized fields. Current line VISAR (velocity interferometer system for any reflector), digital image correlation (DIC), and photonic Doppler velocimeter (PDV) for ultrahigh-speed image intensified cameras (IIC) and time-resolve emission spectroscopy are available for this research in quantifying the material states of impact shock-loadings. The research will emphasize new opportunities and capabilities in characterizing (both analytically and experimentally) the mesoscale constituent response of heterogeneous and particular materials. A broad range of material systems are considered for this research, including specific geomaterials and soils to nanoparticle reactive materials capable of rapid self-oxidation, to high-energy explosive compositions. We are interested in the broad range of research topics, which include new equations of state, improvements to existing EOS descriptions and models, improved diagnostics or implementations of existing, and advancing our understanding of the constituent response at mesoscale and how to link that response up through the macro-level responses. This research will rely heavily on the interactions between numerical simulation, experiment, and theory with the primary goal of drawing each to comparable fidelity and common basis of comparison.



Lambert DE, et al: Journal of Fluid Mechanics 546: 227, 2006

Eskins DE, Thadhani NN: International Materials Reviews 54(4): 181, 2009


Shock; Hugoniot; Equation of state; Detonation; Mesoscale; Interferometry; Particulate mechanics;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants
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