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Opportunity at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

Fusion 2+ (Information Fusion)


Information Directorate, RI/Information Fusion and Understanding

RO# Location
13.20.92.B5455 Rome, NY 134414514


Name E-mail Phone
Salerno, John J. john.salerno@rl.af.mil 315.330.3667


Today’s battlespace encompasses a much larger scope than it did just a decade ago. The battlespace now not only includes conventional types of warfare but also includes operations such as asymmetric, space, and cyber. The overall objective of this research area (referred to as Fusion 2+) is to identify threatening entities and to anticipate adversary behaviors. In order to accomplish this, the Fusion 2+ effort focuses on the development of processes that support the detection and identification of the current situation and the ability to project the situation in order to create a set of plausible futures (anticipation). Fusion 2+ is also concerned with the assessment of situations (current and future) in terms of their impact and threat on the environment of interest. Under the Fusion 2+ initiative, AFRL is interested in technologies such as data access, retrieval, extraction, pattern discovery and link analysis, management techniques for large state spaces, modeling and simulation (for both physical and social systems), and analysis of complex dynamic systems. We are also interested in techniques that can support the evaluation, analysis, and validation of the processes and models.


Information fusion; Open source analysis; Machine learning; Situation awareness; Situation assessment; Model generation; Model analysis; Threat/impact assessment; Sociocultural modeling; Metrics;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents
Level:  Open to Regular and Senior applicants
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