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Opportunity at U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC)

Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicological Effects


Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, & Behavioral Sciences

RO# Location
11.01.04.B4465 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 210105423


Name E-mail Phone
Checkai, Ronald T 410.436.2129


Research program and support activities focus in several areas including environmental fate of chemicals and materials in terrestrial and aquatic environments, environmental toxicity and ecotoxicological effects of chemicals and materials in soil and aquatic environments, toxicology of ecosystem contaminants or decontamination/remediation materials and methods, and ecological risk assessment. Chemicals/materials under investigation are those having military importance, including chemical warfare agents (CWA) and related materials, CWA degradation products and simulants, CWA decontaminants, smoke and obscurant materials, energetic materials (e.g., propellants and explosives), metals, cationic or anionic inorganic compounds, solvents, organic, and metallo-organic compounds. Environmental investigations include establishing the ecotoxicity of chemicals/materials and related compounds in soil or aquatic ecosystems and factors affecting environmental fate and transport, and developing or adapting and utilizing soil or aquatic ecotoxicity bioassays to determine the toxicity of contaminated soils, sediments, pore waters, and surface waters. Investigations may include determining soil and aquatic characteristics affecting chemical/material fate and ecotoxicity in both field and well-defined laboratory environments. Soil ecotoxicological investigations focus on toxicity to soil invertebrates, plants, soil communities, and microcosms. Aquatic ecotoxicity investigations include a variety of test species, including freshwater and marine organisms, and aquatic microcosms.


Soil ecotoxicology; Soil invertebrates; Soil chemistry; Materials of military importance; Fate and transport; Eco-risk assessment; Phytotoxicity; Aquatic ecotoxicology; Aquatic chemistry;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants
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