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Opportunity at Chemical and Biological Defense Funded Laboratories (CBD)

Genomic and Proteomic Biomarkers


AMRMC-Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center, Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center

RO# Location
01.11.01.B6389 Frederick, MD 2l7025012


Name E-mail Phone
Reifman, Jaques 301.619.7915


To reach our objectives, we are developing genomic and proteomic biomarkers. This objective relates to the need to develop more effective field-deployable assays and biosensors for detection and diagnosis of human exposure to a large array of existing and bio-engineered pathogens and infectious agents. This research will be achieved by porting, modifying, and developing scalable software and algorithms that will speedup the identification of DNA and protein biomarkers (“fingerprints”) that are unique of specific biothreats and indigenous agents. These biomarkers are essential for the design of assays that respond faster with higher sensitivity, allow multiplexing and identification of multiple threats in a single platform, provide independent routes of confirmation, and identify bio-engineered threat agents that foil conventional detection methods. This goal addresses the fact that improved diagnostic assays must be developed to reduce the number of potential casualties and expedite their treatment through the use of the most appropriate medical countermeasures. Prospective applicants should have a strong background in computer science, computational biology, and computational chemistry.


Genomic; Proteomic; Biomarkers; DNA fingerprints; Data mining; Pattern recognition;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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