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Opportunity at Chemical and Biological Defense Funded Laboratories (CBD)

Immunoregulatory Cells and Antigen Recognition


AMRMC-U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, US Army Medical Research Insti Infec Diseases

RO# Location
01.10.01.B4629 Fort Detrick, MD 217025011


Name E-mail Phone
Saikh, M. Kamal Uddin 301.619.4807


We use cell biology and molecular/cellular immunology techniques to understand the mechanisms of innate immune regulation, cell signaling, and pathogenesis of host directed response with exposure to pathogens or pathogen derived components with a specific aim for identifying therapeutics. We utilize gene silencing using siRNA based techniques for target validation in primary culture and use a structure-based approach for identifying small molecule inhibitors for developing therapeutics against exposure to biothreat agents. We also investigate immune regulatory genes in different subsets of antigen-presenting cells and other cells of the immune system that are useful as molecular markers for measuring the immune responses to vaccines or disease causing agents. This research focuses on the characterization of different subsets of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells that stimulate immune responses against infectious pathogens or recombinant vaccines and that control both innate and adaptive immunity. These studies emphasize the isolation, induction of maturation, and functional characterization of antigen-presenting cells that are derived from different cell lineages. Research opportunities also include the characterization of cell signaling, antigen uptake, targeting and presentation by antigen-presenting cells, T-cell epitope mapping, analysis of chemokine, and cytokine induction in evaluating immune responses.


Immunology; Innate immunity; Innate immune signaling; Toll receptors; MyD88; Superantigens; Target based therapeutic development; Structure-based approach; Sepsis; Dendritic cells; RT-polymerase chain reaction; Gene array; Cytokine; Chemokine; T-cell stimulation; HLA-DR/CIITA; Immunoregulatory;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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