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Opportunity at Chemical and Biological Defense Funded Laboratories (CBD)

Materials Design Based on Molecular Self-Assembly and Nanomaterials


NSRDEC-US Army Natick Soldier Research Center, Materials

RO# Location
01.06.02.B7109 Natick, MA 017605020


Name E-mail Phone
Nagarajan, Ramanathan 508.233.6445


We are interested in fundamental and applied studies of molecular self-assembly from many points of view, to develop material systems that will have potential solider applications. A particular emphasis is the use of nanomaterials, in conjunction with self-assembly, for developing novel material solutions to advance soldier system needs of the future.

A few examples of current research include (1) carbon nanotube size/chirality fractionation based on co-assembly with block copolymers; (2) multifunctional tungsten oxide for energy conversion, antimicrobial, and photocatalytic activity; (3) functionalization of carbon nanotubes with biomolecules to synergize applications of CNTs; (4) dispersion of nanoparticles in polymer melts and in solutions; (5) self-assembled biofunctional nanoparticles for sensing and other material design applications; (6) stable, robust, synthetic enzyme by molecular self-assembly; (7) polymer multilayers for textiles functionalization; (8) nanomaterial-membrane interactions to understand cytotoxicity of nanomaterials; (9) methods to integrate nanomaterials with textiles and other relevant substrates; and (10) nanomaterials for chemical/biological agent sensing and inactivation.


Self-assembly; Nanoparticles; Polymer nanocomposite; Membrane destabilization; Functionalization of nanoparticles; Nanofibers; Carbon nanotubes; Spore deactivation; Responsive nanomaterials;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants
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