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Opportunities Available at EPA/Faculty Fellowship Program (EPA/FFP)

There are 32 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
AC.01.08.B7967 EPA/FFP An Integrated Genomics Approach to Assessing Human and Ecological Health in Aquatic Systems Cincinnati OH
AC.02.06.B0399 EPA/FFP Assessing the Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals on Aquatic Organisms Duluth MN
AC.02.01.B8538 EPA/FFP Assessing the Use of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Polymers for Passive Sampling Munitions and Low Molecular Weight Compounds Narragansett RI
AC.01.03.B7049 EPA/FFP Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability of Metals in Contaminated Soils Research Triangle Park NC
AC.03.05.B5412 EPA/FFP Chemical Oxidation and Process Optimization Ada OK
AC.01.10.C0068 EPA/FFP Development of Next Generation Air Quality Modeling System Research Triangle Park NC
AC.01.06.B6522 EPA/FFP Environmental biomonitoring using metabolomics Athens GA
AC.01.06.B4283 EPA/FFP Environmental Transformations of Nanomaterials and Pathogens Athens GA
AC.01.03.B0288 EPA/FFP Environmental transport and transformation of nanomaterials Research Triangle Park NC
AC.02.06.B8377 EPA/FFP Estimating the Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Avian Populations Duluth MN
AC.02.01.C0053 EPA/FFP Evaluating Passive Sampling for Predicting the Bioaccumulation of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants by Fish and Shellfish Narragansett RI
AC.03.01.B6157 EPA/FFP Fate and transformation of PFASs in Wastewater Treatment Cincinnati OH
AC.03.01.B6941 EPA/FFP Fate of Emerging Contaminants (EDCs, Pharmaceuticals Fluorinated Chemicals) in Municipal Waters Cincinnati OH
AC.03.05.B0453 EPA/FFP Geochemical Processes in Subsurface Systems Ada OK
AC.01.06.B6447 EPA/FFP Identifying Markers of Chemical Exposure with Metabolomics Athens GA
AC.02.09.B7165 EPA/FFP Impacts of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs on Ecosystem Services Corvallis OR
AC.03.05.B0454 EPA/FFP In Situ Remediation of Contaminants in Ground Water and Soils Using Permeable Reactive Barriers Ada OK
AC.02.06.B8296 EPA/FFP Incorporating Autonomous Underwater Gliders into an Intensive Observational Campaign on Lake Superior Duluth MN
AC.02.08.B8348 EPA/FFP Interactions between Chemical Stressors and Factors that Impact Children’s Health and Development Research Triangle Park NC
AC.02.09.C0001 EPA/FFP Interpreting the Conditions of the Nation's Freshwater, Wetland and Coastal Resources Corvallis OR
AC.02.06.B8319 EPA/FFP Mechanistic Modeling for Population-Level Chemical Risk Assessment Duluth MN
AC.03.05.B8216 EPA/FFP Model Simulation of DNAPL Emissions and Remediation in Low Permeability Formations Ada OK
AC.01.06.B5146 EPA/FFP Multiscale Groundwater Modeling of Flow and Transport for Safe and Sustainable Waters Athens GA
AC.01.06.B5146 EPA/FFP Multiscale Groundwater Modeling of Flow and Transport for Safe and Sustainable Waters Athens GA
AC.03.05.B0450 EPA/FFP Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in the Subsurface Ada OK
AC.02.02.B5114 EPA/FFP Physicochemical Characteristics of Air Pollution Particles and Their Impact on Health Research Triangle Park NC
AC.02.08.B0340 EPA/FFP Relationship of Prenatal Toxicity to Postnatal Functional Deficits Research Triangle Park NC
AC.02.00.B0338 EPA/FFP Sensory System Toxicology Research Triangle Park NC
AC.03.05.B8222 EPA/FFP The Ecosystem Effects of River Floodplain Restoration and Infrastructure Ada OK
AC.03.05.B8212 EPA/FFP The Influence of Green Infrastructure Based Stormwater Management Practices on Groundwater Quality Ada OK
AC.03.05.B8329 EPA/FFP Tools for Watershed and Water Quality Management Ada OK
AC.03.05.B7927 EPA/FFP Understanding the Mass Discharge Behavior of Groundwater Source Zones Ada OK
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