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Opportunities Available at Davies Teaching Fellowships (ARL/USMA)

There are 60 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
AA.33.01.C0161 ARL/USMA Acinetobacter baumannii as a Model for Burkholderia pseudomallei in Development of Antibody Therapeutics West Point NY
AA.36.02.B5443 ARL/USMA Acoustic, Seismic, and Electro-Optic Propagation and Imaging in Complex Environments Adelphi MD
AA.37.02.B7318 ARL/USMA Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Networked Collaboration Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B7330 ARL/USMA Atmospheric, Biological, Organic, & Chemical Aerosols Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B7309 ARL/USMA Auditory Situation Awareness in Complex Acoustic Environments Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.33.01.C0138 ARL/USMA Bacteriophage for Biothreat Treatment and Remediation West Point NY
AA.30.09.B3188 ARL/USMA Behavior of Materials under Extreme Pressures and Temperatures Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.11.C0296 ARL/USMA Cavity QED and Quantum Information Processing With Trapped Atomic Ions Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B8215 ARL/USMA Characterization of Human Variability through Multifaceted Assessment Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B6410 ARL/USMA Cognitive Readiness in Military Operations Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.10.B7122 ARL/USMA Computational and/or Experimental Projectile Aerodynamics Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.09.B4502 ARL/USMA Computational Modeling of Coupled Multiphysical Fields in Solids Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B8515 ARL/USMA Dynamical Systems Modeling of Human States Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.09.B4733 ARL/USMA Effect of Loading Rate on the Deformation/Failure Behavior of Materials at Different Length-Scales Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B3129 ARL/USMA Effect of Signal Processing on Auditory Spatial Perception Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.10.B4983 ARL/USMA Electrically Scanned Antenna Array Adelphi MD
AA.30.06.B8310 ARL/USMA Electrosynthesis from Ionic Liquid Plating Baths Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B6892 ARL/USMA Enhancing Performance of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Teams Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B7432 ARL/USMA Experimental Cognition in Adaptive Automation Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B7810 ARL/USMA Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostics for Total Material State Awareness and Condition Based Maintenance of Army Vehicles Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B7906 ARL/USMA Fundamental Research in Propulsion Material State Awareness of Army Vehicles Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B7905 ARL/USMA Fundamental Research in Propulsion Materials Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.04.B6696 ARL/USMA High Power Solid-State Laser Science and Technologies Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B3134 ARL/USMA Human Performance Modeling, Implementation, and Validation Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.02.B6896 ARL/USMA Human-Robot Interaction and Advanced Displays for Human-Vehicle Interaction Orlando FL
AA.27.01.B3132 ARL/USMA Identification of Military-relevant Sound Events in Complex Operational Environments Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.08.B3183 ARL/USMA In Situ Characterization of Novel, Pulsed Laser Deposited Thin Films Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.02.B7080 ARL/USMA Information Fusion over Sources of Unknown Reliability Adelphi MD
AA.37.01.B7882 ARL/USMA Investigation on the Effect of Altitudes on UAV Engine Combustion and Performance Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B7883 ARL/USMA Investigation on the Spray and Combustion Processes of Various Military Fuels Using Optical Diagnostics Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.08.B3182 ARL/USMA Laser Desorption and Surface Scattering Studies Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.30.02.B4148 ARL/USMA Laser-Based Sensitive Detection of Energetic Materials Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B7113 ARL/USMA Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles Adelphi MD
AA.31.04.B7656 ARL/USMA Materials and Device Research of PiezoMEMS Technology for RF and mm-scale Robotics Applications Adelphi MD
AA.36.02.B8548 ARL/USMA Mathematical and Empirical Analysis of Cyber Security and Resilience of Networked Devices and Traffic Adelphi MD
AA.36.02.C0071 ARL/USMA Mathematical Approaches to Cyber Physical System Security Adelphi MD
AA.36.02.B7552 ARL/USMA Monitoring, Metrics, and Performance Analysis for Intrusion Detection Networks Adelphi MD
AA.30.06.B7532 ARL/USMA Multidisciplinary Multiscale Materials Modeling Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B7068 ARL/USMA Network Science: Social Networks and Cognitive Factors Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.04.B3240 ARL/USMA Novel Optoelectronic Photonic Devices Adelphi MD
AA.30.09.B7437 ARL/USMA Numerical Modeling and Experimentation for Energetic Material Behavior Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B3126 ARL/USMA Raman Spectroscopy for Characterization of Airborne Biological Particles Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B8520 ARL/USMA Real-World Neuroimaging Technologies Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B7503 ARL/USMA Research and Development of Anomaly Detection Theories and Methods in Streaming and Imagery Data Adelphi MD
AA.31.09.B7055 ARL/USMA Research on High-Energy Density and Safe Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Adelphi MD
AA.31.09.B7056 ARL/USMA Research on High-Energy-Density Dielectrics and Capacitors for Power Electronics and Pulsed Power Applications Adelphi MD
AA.31.04.B3206 ARL/USMA RF-Photonics Research Adelphi MD
AA.37.02.B7839 ARL/USMA Rotor Morphing Technologies for Improved Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B7556 ARL/USMA Science of Cyber Security Adelphi MD
AA.36.02.B8245 ARL/USMA Secure Communications for Highly Dynamic Networks Adelphi MD
AA.31.10.B7140 ARL/USMA Signal Processing for Imaging Systems Adelphi MD
AA.31.09.B8116 ARL/USMA Spectro-electrochemical Studies on Kinetics/Mechanisms for Reactions in Energy Conversion Devices Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B3133 ARL/USMA Stealth Military Operations and Force Projection Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.36.02.B7856 ARL/USMA Study of Turbulent Atmospheric Boundary Layer over Mountainous Terrain via Large-Eddy Simulation Adelphi MD
AA.30.04.B7069 ARL/USMA Theory, Modeling and Simulation of Mechanics of Solids Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B8417 ARL/USMA Tribological Modeling of Material Degradation under Loss-of-Oil Conditions Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.37.01.B7903 ARL/USMA Tribology and Lubrication Science for High-Performance Power Transmission Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.31.04.B6656 ARL/USMA Ultrafast Light and Matter Interactions Adelphi MD
AA.27.01.B8461 ARL/USMA Understanding and Computational Modeling of Behavioral and EEG Signals during Visual Search Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
AA.27.01.B7858 ARL/USMA Understanding Brain Structure-Function Relationships in Healthy Individuals Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
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