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Opportunities Available at U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

There are 70 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
76.33.01.C0161 ARL Acinetobacter baumannii as a Model for Burkholderia pseudomallei in Development of Antibody Therapeutics West Point NY
76.36.02.B5443 ARL Acoustic, Seismic, and Electro-Optic Propagation and Imaging in Complex Environments Adelphi MD
76.27.02.B7670 ARL Adaptive Computer-Based Tutoring Research Orlando FL
76.37.02.B7318 ARL Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Networked Collaboration Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.02.B7330 ARL Atmospheric, Biological, Organic, & Chemical Aerosols Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B7309 ARL Auditory Situation Awareness in Complex Acoustic Environments Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.33.01.C0138 ARL Bacteriophage for Biothreat Treatment and Remediation West Point NY
76.30.09.B3188 ARL Behavior of Materials under Extreme Pressures and Temperatures Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.11.C0296 ARL Cavity QED and Quantum Information Processing With Trapped Atomic Ions Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B8215 ARL Characterization of Human Variability through Multifaceted Assessment Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B6410 ARL Cognitive Readiness in Military Operations Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.30.10.B7122 ARL Computational and/or Experimental Projectile Aerodynamics Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.30.09.B4502 ARL Computational Modeling of Coupled Multiphysical Fields in Solids Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B8515 ARL Dynamical Systems Modeling of Human States Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.30.09.B4733 ARL Effect of Loading Rate on the Deformation/Failure Behavior of Materials at Different Length-Scales Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B3129 ARL Effect of Signal Processing on Auditory Spatial Perception Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B8416 ARL Electric Machines and Electromagnetic Drives for Vertical Lift Propulsion Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.10.B4983 ARL Electrically Scanned Antenna Array Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B6892 ARL Enhancing Performance of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Teams Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B7432 ARL Experimental Cognition in Adaptive Automation Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B7810 ARL Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostics for Total Material State Awareness and Condition Based Maintenance of Army Vehicles Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B7906 ARL Fundamental Research in Propulsion Material State Awareness of Army Vehicles Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B7905 ARL Fundamental Research in Propulsion Materials Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.04.B6696 ARL High Power Solid-State Laser Science and Technologies Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B3134 ARL Human Performance Modeling, Implementation, and Validation Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.02.B6896 ARL Human-Robot Interaction and Advanced Displays for Human-Vehicle Interaction Orlando FL
76.27.01.B3132 ARL Identification of Military-relevant Sound Events in Complex Operational Environments Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.02.B7960 ARL Image Processing Research Adelphi MD
76.30.08.B3183 ARL In Situ Characterization of Novel, Pulsed Laser Deposited Thin Films Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.02.B7080 ARL Information Fusion over Sources of Unknown Reliability Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B7631 ARL Intelligent Atmospheric Optical Systems Adelphi MD
76.37.01.B7882 ARL Investigation on the Effect of Altitudes on UAV Engine Combustion and Performance Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B7883 ARL Investigation on the Spray and Combustion Processes of Various Military Fuels Using Optical Diagnostics Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.30.08.B3182 ARL Laser Desorption and Surface Scattering Studies Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.30.02.B4148 ARL Laser-Based Sensitive Detection of Energetic Materials Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.02.B7113 ARL Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B7846 ARL Machine Learning Algorithms for Brain Computer Interaction Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.04.B7656 ARL Materials and Device Research of PiezoMEMS Technology for RF and mm-scale Robotics Applications Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B8548 ARL Mathematical and Empirical Analysis of Cyber Security and Resilience of Networked Devices and Traffic Adelphi MD
76.36.02.C0071 ARL Mathematical Approaches to Cyber Physical System Security Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B8401 ARL Mathematical Physics: Quantum Computing: Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Formal verification, and Annealing Adelphi MD
76.37.01.B8415 ARL Modeling and Simulation for Power Transfer in Hybrid Composite Material Systems Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.02.B7552 ARL Monitoring, Metrics, and Performance Analysis for Intrusion Detection Networks Adelphi MD
76.30.06.B7532 ARL Multidisciplinary Multiscale Materials Modeling Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.01.B8448 ARL Network Abstractions and Algorithms for Programmable Quantum Networks Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B7068 ARL Network Science: Social Networks and Cognitive Factors Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.04.B3240 ARL Novel Optoelectronic Photonic Devices Adelphi MD
76.30.09.B7437 ARL Numerical Modeling and Experimentation for Energetic Material Behavior Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B8496 ARL Quantifying and Predicting Brain-Body State Changes During Human-Intelligent Agent Teaming Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.05.B8260 ARL Quantum Networking and Processing with Quantum Memories and Integrated Components Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B3126 ARL Raman Spectroscopy for Characterization of Airborne Biological Particles Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B8520 ARL Real-World Neuroimaging Technologies Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.02.B7503 ARL Research and Development of Anomaly Detection Theories and Methods in Streaming and Imagery Data Adelphi MD
76.31.09.B7055 ARL Research on High-Energy Density and High Power Density Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Adelphi MD
76.31.09.B7056 ARL Research on High-Energy-Density Dielectrics and Capacitors for Power Electronics and Pulsed Power Applications Adelphi MD
76.31.04.B3206 ARL RF-Photonics Research Adelphi MD
76.37.02.B7839 ARL Rotor Morphing Technologies for Improved Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.36.02.B7556 ARL Science of Cyber Security Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B8245 ARL Secure Communications for Highly Dynamic Networks Adelphi MD
76.31.10.B7140 ARL Signal Processing for Imaging Systems Adelphi MD
76.31.09.B8116 ARL Spectro-electrochemical Studies on Kinetics/Mechanisms for Reactions in Energy Conversion Devices Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B3133 ARL Stealth Military Operations and Force Projection Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.11.B7799 ARL Study and Development of Advanced Semiconductor Materials for Infrared and Electronic Applications Adelphi MD
76.36.02.B7856 ARL Study of Turbulent Atmospheric Boundary Layer over Mountainous Terrain via Large-Eddy Simulation Adelphi MD
76.30.04.B7069 ARL Theory, Modeling and Simulation of Mechanics of Solids Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B8417 ARL Tribological Modeling of Material Degradation under Loss-of-Oil Conditions Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.37.01.B7903 ARL Tribology and Lubrication Science for High-Performance Power Transmission Abredeen Proving Ground MD
76.31.04.B6656 ARL Ultrafast Light and Matter Interactions Adelphi MD
76.27.01.B8461 ARL Understanding and Computational Modeling of Behavioral and EEG Signals during Visual Search Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
76.27.01.B7858 ARL Understanding Brain Structure-Function Relationships in Healthy Individuals Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
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