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RAP Lab Opportunities at NOAA

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Opportunities Available at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

There are 216 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
26.03.38.B7550 NOAA A Simulation Study to Explore Problems Encountered Using Surveys in Stock Assessments Woods Hole MA
26.03.80.B7851 NOAA Abundance and Distribution of Sea Turtles in the Pacific Islands Honolulu HI
26.07.98.B0688 NOAA Advanced Methods for Assimilation of Time-Continuous Observations College Park MD
26.03.38.B6559 NOAA Advanced Sampling Technologies in the Northwest Atlantic Woods Hole MA
26.05.03.B5809 NOAA Aerosol Chemistry and Climate Connections Boulder CO
26.05.03.B7783 NOAA Aerosol Processes in the Atmosphere Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4932 NOAA Aerosol-Cloud Interactions: Modeling and Observations Boulder CO
26.05.03.B6616 NOAA Air Quality Modeling Boulder CO
26.05.02.B0590 NOAA Air-Sea Interaction and Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Turbulence and Clouds Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4611 NOAA Airborne Lidar for Biological and Chemical Oceanography Boulder CO
26.05.01.B0567 NOAA Aircraft and Balloon Measurements of Trace Gases and Modeling of Transport in the Lower Troposphere and Upper Stratosphere Boulder CO
26.03.44.B8050 NOAA An Interdisciplinary Study of Fishery Management Beaufort NC
26.05.03.B6608 NOAA Analysis of Transport in the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere Boulder CO
26.05.02.B0550 NOAA Analytical Studies of the Tropical Atmosphere and its Relationship to Global Climate Boulder CO
26.01.08.B0484 NOAA Application of Passive Microwave Satellite Measurements for Deriving Surface and Atmospheric Parameters College Park MD
26.01.34.B0479 NOAA Application of Satellite Data to Monitoring Environment College Park MD
26.01.34.B0489 NOAA Application of Satellite Observations to Land-Surface-Climate Interaction College Park MD
26.76.00.B0651 NOAA Applications of Cloud-Scale and Mesoscale Models to Operational Forecasting Norman OK
26.03.55.B0626 NOAA Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Fisheries Oceanography Narragansett RI
26.03.55.B7587 NOAA Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Marine Ecosystem Based Management Narragansett RI
26.03.44.B7817 NOAA Assessment and Management of Fisheries and Fish Populations Beaufort NC
26.51.00.B4630 NOAA Atlantic and Pacific Climate Variability Miami FL
26.05.01.B6101 NOAA Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements Boulder CO
26.05.02.B5786 NOAA Atmospheric Boundary-Layer and Mesoscale Processes in High-Impact Regions Boulder CO
26.05.03.B6609 NOAA Atmospheric Chemical Processes Boulder CO
26.05.03.B0554 NOAA Atmospheric Chemistry Boulder CO
26.05.03.B4930 NOAA Atmospheric Chemistry Boulder CO
26.76.00.B0653 NOAA Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning Norman OK
26.05.01.B5753 NOAA Atmospheric Measurements of the Global Carbon Cycle Boulder CO
26.07.98.B0689 NOAA Atmospheric Predictability College Park MD
26.05.03.B0587 NOAA Atmospheric Research with Lidar Remote Sensing Boulder CO
26.05.02.B0540 NOAA Attribution of Causes and Predictability of Weather and Climate Events Boulder CO
26.05.01.B0574 NOAA Baseline Monitoring for Climatic Change Boulder CO
26.01.08.B5051 NOAA Biological Oceanography from Space College Park MD
26.07.96.B7004 NOAA Calibration Strategies for Distributed Models Silver Spring MD
26.03.37.B7123 NOAA Cetacean and Seabird Ecology and Ecosystem Research La Jolla CA
26.05.03.B4931 NOAA Chemical and Physical Characterization of Tropospheric Aerosols Boulder CO
26.09.10.B0469 NOAA Chemical Characterization of Novel Toxins and other natural products implicated in Environmental and/or human health Charleston SC
26.77.85.B0671 NOAA Chemical Oceanography Seattle WA
26.03.02.B0456 NOAA Climate and Ecosystem Variability in Eastern Boundary Current Systems Pacific Grove CA
26.03.02.B5059 NOAA Climate Change and Ecosystem Fluctuations Pacific Grove CA
26.04.63.B5393 NOAA Climate Variability and Trends College Park MD
26.76.00.B6815 NOAA Climatological Aspects of Severe Thunderstorms Norman OK
26.76.00.B6893 NOAA Cloud and Precipitation Studies with Doppler Polarimetric Radar Norman OK
26.09.00.B0458 NOAA Coastal and Estuarine Circulation Modeling and Forecasting Silver Spring MD
26.09.11.B0537 NOAA Coastal Wetland Ecology, Carbon Fluxes, and Response to Sea Level Rise Beaufort NC
26.03.78.B4233 NOAA Community Structure and Trophic Ecology in a Dynamic Pelagic Ecosystem Newport OR
26.03.80.B7463 NOAA Competition and Interactions of Top-Level Predators: Hawaiian Monk Seals and Large Predatory Fish Honolulu HI
26.65.00.B5034 NOAA Coupled Modeling of the Great Lakes’ Physical System Ann Arbor MI
26.51.00.B5047 NOAA Data Assimilation Miami FL
26.76.00.B5854 NOAA Data Assimilation, Short-Range Forecasting Research and Development, and Diagnostic Studies of Mesoscale Weather Systems Norman OK
26.03.40.B7766 NOAA Developing a Euphausiid Time Series for the Central Gulf of Alaska Seattle WA
26.05.02.B6404 NOAA Developing a Predictive Understanding of Regional Climate Variability and Change Boulder CO
26.03.38.B7166 NOAA Developing an Optimal Fishery-Independent In-Water Sampling Plan for Sea Turtles Woods Hole MA
26.03.80.B7462 NOAA Developing Innovative Life-History Metrics and Methods of Application for Stock Assessments Honolulu HI
26.03.43.B6513 NOAA Development and evaluation of quantitative tools for assessing anthropogenic impacts on sea turtle populations Miami FL
26.05.03.B6307 NOAA Development and Interpretation of New Atmospheric Measurements from Research Aircraft Boulder CO
26.03.38.B7976 NOAA Development and Testing of a New Method for Selecting Among Stock Assessment Models Woods Hole MA
26.03.39.B7416 NOAA Development of Chemical Tracer Methods and their Application in Aquatic Ecosystems Seattle WA
26.07.96.B4641 NOAA Development of GIS-Based Hillslope and Channel Routing Parameters for Application in Distributed Modeling Silver Spring MD
26.09.11.B7861 NOAA Developments in Hydroacoustic Technologies for Coastal Ecosystem Management Beaufort NC
26.76.00.B0649 NOAA Diagnosis and Prediction of Severe Convection Norman OK
26.76.00.B0565 NOAA Diagnostic Studies of Mesoscale Convective Systems Norman OK
26.07.96.B7008 NOAA Distributed Modeling for Flash Flood Forecasting Silver Spring MD
26.76.00.B0652 NOAA Doppler Radar and Remote-Sensing Research Norman OK
26.76.00.B6306 NOAA Dynamic Data Assimilation Norman OK
26.01.34.B0496 NOAA Earth Radiation Budget Measurement Methods College Park MD
26.07.45.B0584 NOAA Earth’s Magnetosphere: Basic Physical Processes Boulder CO
26.03.39.B7558 NOAA Ecological and Economic Evaluation of Groundfish Harvest Management Strategies on the West Coast Seattle WA
26.03.78.B4691 NOAA Ecological Modeling of Salmon in the Landscape Newport OR
26.65.00.B0645 NOAA Ecology of Zooplankton and Benthos in Large Lakes Ann Arbor MI
26.03.68.B6313 NOAA Ecosystem Approach to Management of Living Marine Resources Juneau AK
26.03.44.B7510 NOAA Ecosystem Approaches to Marine Resource Management Beaufort NC
26.03.38.B7046 NOAA Ecosystem Structure and Dynamics on the Northeast Continental Shelf Woods Hole MA
26.03.55.B7046 NOAA Ecosystem Structure and Dynamics on the Northeast Continental Shelf Narragansett RI
26.03.60.B6062 NOAA Ecosystem-Based Analysis and Management of Apex Predators Panama City FL
26.03.39.B7411 NOAA Ecotoxicology to Support Aquatic Conservation Biology Seattle WA
26.03.37.B7202 NOAA Effect of Climate Variability on California’s Fisheries La Jolla CA
26.07.96.B7007 NOAA Effective Transition to the Use of Energy Budget Snow Models Silver Spring MD
26.04.63.B6511 NOAA Emission, Transport, and Fate of Nutrients, Oxidants, and Toxic Compounds College Park MD
26.05.03.B6606 NOAA Emissions and Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere Boulder CO
26.03.37.B7704 NOAA Environmental Influences on the Distribution and Population Dynamics of Large Pelagic Fish La Jolla CA
26.51.00.B5846 NOAA Environmental Microbiology Miami FL
26.51.10.B5846 NOAA Environmental Microbiology La Jolla CA
26.09.10.B0468 NOAA Environmental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology of Agricultural and Urban Nonpoint Source Runoff on Estuarine Fish and Shellfish Charleston SC
26.05.01.B0569 NOAA Estimating Oceanic Fluxes of Atmospheric Trace Gases Boulder CO
26.03.58.B6564 NOAA Estuarine Essential Fishery Habitat Lafayette LA
26.03.58.B6565 NOAA Estuarine Habitat Restoration Lafayette LA
26.05.03.B6605 NOAA Field Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gases and Aerosols Using Optical Methods Boulder CO
26.03.43.B7764 NOAA Fish/Fisheries Ecologist Miami FL
26.03.02.B0457 NOAA Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Habitat Classification Pacific Grove CA
26.03.38.B7045 NOAA Fisheries, Ecosystems, and the Environment Woods Hole MA
26.03.55.B7045 NOAA Fisheries, Ecosystems, and the Environment Narragansett RI
26.76.00.B6863 NOAA Flash flood research, observations, and modeling Norman OK
26.07.96.B7009 NOAA Generation of New Gridded Soil Moisture and Temperature Products Silver Spring MD
26.03.39.B4633 NOAA Genetic Analysis of Life History Variation in Salmonids Seattle WA
26.03.39.B8045 NOAA Genetic Identification of Shark Species in the International Shark Fin Trade Seattle WA
26.03.39.B0527 NOAA Genetic Inventory of Marine Organisms in the Salish Sea Seattle WA
26.03.37.B0502 NOAA Genetics and Physiology of Marine Fishes La Jolla CA
26.05.01.B4650 NOAA Global Measurements of Carbon Monoxide Boulder CO
26.07.45.B0577 NOAA Global Solar Wind Modeling Boulder CO
26.65.00.B5362 NOAA Habitat Mediated Species Interactions and Food Web Disruptions in Coastal Ecosystems Ann Arbor MI
26.03.39.B4689 NOAA Harmful Algal Blooms in the Pacific Northwest Seattle WA
26.05.02.B0610 NOAA Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Boulder CO
26.51.00.B0610 NOAA Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Miami FL
26.07.96.B0677 NOAA Hydrologic Systems Analysis Silver Spring MD
26.65.00.B6902 NOAA Ice Climatologist and Climate Modeler Ann Arbor MI
26.07.96.B7006 NOAA Identification of Basins that Benefit from Distributed Modeling Silver Spring MD
26.03.39.B4687 NOAA Impacts of Toxic Chemicals on Aquatic Organisms Seattle WA
26.05.02.B7625 NOAA Improving Ensemble Weather Predictions Through Statistical Post-processing Boulder CO
26.05.04.B7372 NOAA Improving Global Weather Prediction Using a Coupled Global Model Boulder CO
26.03.60.B6064 NOAA Improving measures of reproductive potential in reef and coastal pelagic fishes Panama City FL
26.07.45.B7365 NOAA Improving Predictions of CME Arrival Time and Geoeffectivness Boulder CO
26.76.00.B4674 NOAA Initiation of Deep Moist Convection Norman OK
26.03.40.B8028 NOAA Integrating Bering Sea Spatial Economic and Ecosystem Models Seattle WA
26.51.00.B8119 NOAA Inter-Ocean Exchanges and Regional Sinks of Heat, Salt, and Carbon Miami FL
26.04.63.B7957 NOAA Investigation of Planetary Boundary Processes for State-of-Science Regional Air Quality Modeling College Park MD
26.04.79.B7401 NOAA Investigations of Chemical and Physical Processes of Air Quality Models Oak Ridge TN
26.03.56.B7502 NOAA Keystone Habitats in the Mid-Atlantic Bight Coastal Ocean Highlands NJ
26.03.39.B7979 NOAA Landscape Analysis and Population Modeling for Salmon Recovery Planning Seattle WA
26.03.40.B4262 NOAA Large Whale Biology Seattle WA
26.77.85.B0665 NOAA Large-Scale Ocean Circulation, Water-Mass Structure, and Climate Seattle WA
26.09.11.B7483 NOAA Marine Aquaculture, Invasive Species, and Coastal Ecology Beaufort NC
26.03.53.B7256 NOAA Marine Aquaculture/Physiological Research Milford CT
26.03.55.B5414 NOAA Marine Ecosystems Assessment and Management Narragansett RI
26.03.39.B7410 NOAA Marine Fish Reproductive and Growth Physiology Seattle WA
26.03.44.B6419 NOAA Marine Fisheries Ecology Beaufort NC
26.09.10.B0467 NOAA Marine Forensics: Molecular Genetic Applications Charleston SC
26.03.68.B7775 NOAA Marine Habitat Suitability Modeling Juneau AK
26.03.37.B0500 NOAA Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Population Biology La Jolla CA
26.09.10.B6566 NOAA Marine Mammal Health and Disease Charleston SC
26.03.39.B5767 NOAA Marine Species’ Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Risk Assessment Seattle WA
26.05.01.B0568 NOAA Measurements of Halocarbons for Studying Global Atmospheric Processes and the Effectiveness of International Environmental Policy Boulder CO
26.03.43.B7965 NOAA Microalgal Blooms of Biscayne Bay, Florida and their Ecological Implications Miami FL
26.05.01.B0566 NOAA Modeling of Atmospheric Trace Gas Sources and Sinks Using Observed Mixing Ratios Boulder CO
26.03.39.B7847 NOAA Modeling Salmon Responses to Climate Change in Freshwater and Marine Environments Seattle WA
26.07.96.B7005 NOAA Modification of SAC-SMA Model Silver Spring MD
26.03.58.B5824 NOAA Molecular Genetics of Marine Mammals Lafayette LA
26.09.10.B0466 NOAA Molecular Structure and Dynamics Charleston SC
26.03.40.B7919 NOAA Movement Ecology of Marine Mammals Seattle WA
26.51.00.B6881 NOAA Multidisciplinary Coral Reef Studies Under NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program at AOML In Miami, FL Miami FL
26.03.38.B3815 NOAA Multispecies Predator-Prey Modeling for Marine Fishes of the Global Ocean Ecosystem Woods Hole MA
26.76.00.B4261 NOAA Numerical Weather Prediction for Forecasting and Research Norman OK
26.51.00.B6308 NOAA Nutrient Dynamics in the Oceans Miami FL
26.51.00.B0619 NOAA Observational and Modeling Studies of the Meridional Overturning Circulation Miami FL
26.77.85.B7760 NOAA Ocean Acidification and Marine Carbon Cycle Research Seattle WA
26.03.53.B7349 NOAA Ocean Acidification Influences on Phytoplankton Species Milford CT
26.03.80.B7855 NOAA Ocean Ecosystem Indicators for Sea Turtle Bycatch and Juvenile Recruitment Honolulu HI
26.03.39.B4647 NOAA Olfactory Physiology and Behavior of Salmonids Seattle WA
26.05.03.B5039 NOAA Optical Remote Sensing Applications in Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality Research Boulder CO
26.05.03.B0592 NOAA Optical Remote-Sensing Technique Development for Climate and Air Quality Research Boulder CO
26.03.40.B7832 NOAA Optimal sampling strategy for assessment of Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska groundfish Seattle WA
26.07.96.B7003 NOAA Parameterization and Physically-Based Schemes for Precipitation-Runoff Models Silver Spring MD
26.03.39.B5772 NOAA Pathogenesis, Host Response, and Epizootiology of Disease in Pacific Salmon Seattle WA
26.03.05.B6319 NOAA Penaeid Shrimp Stock Assessment Galveston TX
26.05.03.B6607 NOAA Photochemistry, Radiation, and Transport in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Boulder CO
26.77.85.B8023 NOAA Physical Oceanography and Ecosystems of the Alaskan Arctic Seattle WA
26.03.37.B8090 NOAA Physiology and Behavior of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates La Jolla CA
26.03.53.B4984 NOAA Phytoplankton Trophic Interactions Milford CT
26.03.55.B6594 NOAA Planktonic Processes and Fisheries on the Northeast US Continental Shelf Narragansett RI
26.05.02.B6555 NOAA Polar Meteorology and Boundary Layer Processes Boulder CO
26.03.39.B6310 NOAA Population and Conservation Genetics of Anadromous and Marine Fishes Seattle WA
26.03.39.B6601 NOAA Population and Ecosystem Research for Salmonid Conservation and Recovery Seattle WA
26.03.05.B6333 NOAA Population Biology of Marine Invertebrates Galveston TX
26.03.44.B7815 NOAA Population Biology of Sea Turtles Beaufort NC
26.03.60.B6063 NOAA Population Dynamics and Assessment of Elasmobranch Fishes Panama City FL
26.03.39.B7446 NOAA Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Viability of Species at Risk Seattle WA
26.03.44.B5058 NOAA Population Ecology of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Beaufort NC
26.03.44.B5874 NOAA Population Ecology of Exploited Marine Resources Beaufort NC
26.03.56.B4573 NOAA Population Ecology of Marine Fishes of the Northeast US Highlands NJ
26.03.40.B0519 NOAA Population Ecology of Marine Mammals Seattle WA
26.03.40.B6138 NOAA Population Ecology of Stellar Sea Lions and Northern Fur Seals in Alaska Seattle WA
26.05.04.B8073 NOAA Predictability and Advanced Ensemble Forecasting Methods Boulder CO
26.77.85.B8058 NOAA Quantifying Oceanic Sources and Sinks of Trace Gases Seattle WA
26.03.57.B8079 NOAA Quantifying the Effects of Elevated Ambient Noise on the Ability of the Sciaenid (Croakers and Drums) and Gadoid (Cod and Haddock) Fishes to Communicate Acoustically Gloucester Point VA
26.76.00.B7647 NOAA Quantifying the Impact of High-Temporal-Resolution Ground-Based Thermodynamic Profile Retrievals on Numerical Weather Prediction Simulations Norman OK
26.03.44.B7818 NOAA Quantitative Fisheries Ecology Beaufort NC
26.76.00.B6864 NOAA Radar Data Quality Control and Assimilation Norman OK
26.07.96.B0676 NOAA Real-Time Precipitation Estimation Silver Spring MD
26.05.03.B0553 NOAA Regional Climate and Air Quality: Interactions due to Long-Range Transport of Anthropogenic Emissions Boulder CO
26.04.63.B6003 NOAA Regional Climate Modeling and Applications College Park MD
26.01.34.B6324 NOAA Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Aerosol Properties College Park MD
26.01.30.B5365 NOAA Remote-Sensing Applications in Climate Studies Asheville NC
26.03.39.B0525 NOAA Reproductive Biology of Finfish Seattle WA
26.07.98.B0685 NOAA Research with Advanced Observing Systems College Park MD
26.07.45.B0580 NOAA Response of the Upper Atmosphere to Solar, Magnetospheric, and Lower Atmosphere Forcing Boulder CO
26.03.68.B7479 NOAA Sablefish Abundance Index Modeling Juneau AK
26.01.34.B5366 NOAA Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosol and Applications College Park MD
26.01.33.B5760 NOAA Satellite Remote Sensing of the Ocean Silver Spring MD
26.01.25.B0462 NOAA Satellite Sounding Developments for Mesoscale Applications Fort Collins CO
26.01.34.B6082 NOAA Sea SurfaceTemperature and Aerosol Retrievals over Oceans College Park MD
26.76.00.B7602 NOAA Severe Weather Studies with Phased-Array Radar Norman OK
26.07.45.B5042 NOAA Solar and Coronal Event Phenomena Boulder CO
26.07.45.B5043 NOAA Solar Energetic Particles and their Impact on Terrestrial Environment Boulder CO
26.07.45.B6002 NOAA Space Weather: Near-Real-Time Multiview Solar Observations Boulder CO
26.07.45.B0583 NOAA Space Weather: Specification and Prediction Boulder CO
26.51.00.B0617 NOAA Statistical Analysis of Oceanic Data Miami FL
26.03.43.B7845 NOAA Stock Assessment/Fisheries Ecologist Miami FL
26.76.00.B6868 NOAA Storm-Scale Modeling, Assimilation, and Prediction Norman OK
26.05.04.B0559 NOAA Study and Numerical Weather Prediction of North American Weather Systems Using the Rapid Refresh and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Boulder CO
26.77.77.B8082 NOAA Studying Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity and Ocean Circulation Using Noble Gas Isotopes Newport OR
26.01.08.B4936 NOAA Surface Marine Climate Analysis College Park MD
26.03.52.B7721 NOAA Systematics and Evolutionary Relationships of Marine Mammals Washington DC
26.03.37.B7128 NOAA The Biology and Ecology of Large Pelagic Fish and their Fishery Interactions La Jolla CA
26.77.85.B0669 NOAA The Formation, Fate, and Climatic Effects of Tropospheric Aerosol Particles Seattle WA
26.77.85.B5364 NOAA The Role of the Tropical Oceans in Climate Seattle WA
26.76.00.B4638 NOAA Thunderstorm Electrification Modeling and Lightning Data Assimilation in Mesoscale Models Norman OK
26.51.00.B8111 NOAA Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Variability and its Impact on Extreme Weather Miami FL
26.05.01.B0570 NOAA Tropospheric Aerosol Measurements Boulder CO
26.07.96.B6970 NOAA Two-dimensional Hydraulic Modeling for Operational Flood Forecasting Silver Spring MD
26.76.00.B7468 NOAA Understanding of Severe Convective Weather to Improve Hazardous Weather Forecasting Norman OK
26.05.02.B7215 NOAA Understanding the causes of evolving climate conditions and extreme events Boulder CO
26.77.77.B4631 NOAA Underwater Environmental Acoustics Newport OR
26.76.00.B6876 NOAA Using Mesoscale Numerical Models for Operational Forecasting and Diagnosis of Physical Processes Norman OK
26.05.02.B6001 NOAA Weather-Driven/Climate-Dependent Renewable Energy Boulder CO
26.03.02.B7114 NOAA Web Service Development for the Display and Delivery of Environmental and Biological Data Pacific Grove CA
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