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Opportunities Available at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

There are 282 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
13.30.03.B6678 AFRL Computational Studies of Energetic Materials for Rocket Propulsion Applications Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.03.B6920 AFRL Advanced Polymer Composites for Propulsion Applications Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.03.B6921 AFRL Advanced Polymer Nanocomposites Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.03.B7524 AFRL Multifunctional Composite Structures for Space and Missile Propulsion and Power Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.03.B7679 AFRL Combustion and Ignition Chemistry of Energetic Propellants Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.04.B0202 AFRL High Pressure and Supercritical Combustion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.04.B5781 AFRL Experimental Mechanics and Solid Rocket Propellants Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.04.B7680 AFRL Computational Algorithm Development for Rocket Propulsion Flowfield Simulations Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.04.B7681 AFRL Novel Meshing Paradigms for Rocket Propulsion Flowfield Simulations Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.05.B0204 AFRL Material Science of High-Temperature Materials Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.05.B7618 AFRL Computational Physics of Nonequilibrium Plasma for Space Propulsion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.05.B8140 AFRL Computational Modeling of Properties and Reactivity for Rocket Propulsion Applications Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.06.B6891 AFRL Synthesis of Advanced Nanomaterials and Polymer Nanocomposites Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.04.01.B0208 AFRL Advanced Air Breathing Propulsion US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.01.B4654 AFRL Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Code Development Applied to Unsteady Aerodynamics US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.01.B5492 AFRL Closed Loop Flow Control US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.01.B5849 AFRL Applications of Plasma Actuators to Low Speed Flow Control US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.01.B6641 AFRL Computational and Experimental Evaluation of Maneuvering and High Speed Aircraft US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.02.B0212 AFRL Laser Cooling and Nonlinear Optics US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.02.B5798 AFRL Dynamics of Ionospheric and Mesospheric Optical Emissions US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.02.B7637 AFRL Space Situational Awareness US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.03.B7467 AFRL Design, Synthesis, and Reaction Chemistry of Metallocenes and Organometallic Materials US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.03.B7788 AFRL Functional Polymers and Composites for Advanced Materials US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.05.B6035 AFRL Use of Photosynthetic Organisms in the Development and Validation of a Novel Microbial Solar Cell Technology US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.06.B7697 AFRL Cooperative Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.07.B8235 AFRL Cyber Threat Detection US Air Force Academy CO
13.04.08.B8275 AFRL Applying Information Technology to Create Research-Based Innovative Learning Pedagogies US Air Force Academy CO
13.45.01.B7694 AFRL Additive Manufacturing of Multifunctional Materials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B3771 AFRL Continuum Mechanics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B6025 AFRL Bench Top Energetics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B6624 AFRL Energetic Nanocluster Thin Films Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B6866 AFRL The Science and Technology of High Velocity Impact Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B6888 AFRL Structural Dynamics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B7106 AFRL Meso-structure – Property – Performance Relationships in Energetic Materials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B7604 AFRL Detonating Systems Research Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.B7623 AFRL Shock Physics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B6695 AFRL Integrated Navigation Techniques for Precision Guidance, Navigation, and Control Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B6949 AFRL Information-Based Collaborative Estimation and Control Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B7040 AFRL Relational Information Theory for Networks Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B7085 AFRL Centralized Control Algorithms on a Wireless Grid Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B7218 AFRL Seeker/Sensor Technologies for Advanced Guidance of Future Weapon Platforms Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B7505 AFRL Characterization of Photonic Crystals, Metamaterials, and Metasurfaces Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B7626 AFRL Target Phenomenology Modeling and Simulation for Infrared Sensors Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.03.B8133 AFRL Advanced Technology for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.04.B7894 AFRL Electro-Optic Sensors for Seekers Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.05.B7454 AFRL Agile Munition Vehicle Sciences Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.10.04.B5867 AFRL Advanced Satellite Characterization and Modeling Maui HI
13.10.04.B6935 AFRL Analysis of Strong Turbulence Effects on Laser and Speckle Propagation Maui HI
13.10.04.B7746 AFRL Physics Research in Quantum Computing Maui HI
13.10.02.B6079 AFRL High-Brightness Semiconductor Mid-Infrared and Long-Infrared Laser Development Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B6932 AFRL Advanced Gas Lasers and High-Performance Computing Simulation of Multiphysics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B6933 AFRL High-Power Microwave Vacuum Electronic Sources Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B6934 AFRL High-Performance Compact Pulsed Power Components Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B7370 AFRL Experimental Investigation of Ultrashort Laser, Nonlinear Matter Interaction, and Propagation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B7371 AFRL Theory of High Peak Ultrafast Laser Pulse Propagation and Nonlinear Matter Interaction Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B7668 AFRL Far-From-Equilibrium Systems—Modeling, Simulation, Diagnostics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B7777 AFRL High Power Electromagnetic Interactions in Plasmas and High Temperature Materials Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.B8163 AFRL High-Power Fiber Lasers Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.03.B0162 AFRL High-Power Microwave Source Research Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.03.B6936 AFRL State-of-the-Art, Massively Parallel Computational Electromagnetics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.03.B6938 AFRL Algorithm Development for Electromagnetic Plasma Simulation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B0159 AFRL Applications of Infrared Sensor Technology Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B0180 AFRL Solar-Terrestrial Physics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B0183 AFRL Plasma Spacecraft Interactions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B6640 AFRL Theoretical Studies of Optical Excitation, Quantum Transport, and Ultrafast Carrier-Scattering Dynamics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B6879 AFRL Advanced Structures and Materials for Space Power Generation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7343 AFRL Space Structures Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7443 AFRL Data Fusion, Reasoning, Decision-Making, and Verification/Validation Approaches for Autonomous Spacecraft Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7444 AFRL Control- and Game-Theoretic Approaches for Resilient Satellite Radio Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7445 AFRL Advanced Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, & Control Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7488 AFRL Satellite Guidance, Navigation, and Control Applied to Close-Proximity Missions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7497 AFRL Spacecraft Materials Properties for Spacecraft Charging Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7620 AFRL Electromagnetic (EM) Wave Radiative Transfer through Cloudy Atmospheres and Hyper-Temporal Detection of Forward/Multiply-Scattered Light Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7633 AFRL Ionosphere/Magnetosphere Modeling of Wave Propagation or Wave-Particle Interaction Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7659 AFRL Game-Theoretic Based Decision Support Tools for Persistent Space Threat Interdiction Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7696 AFRL Coronal and Solar Wind Models and the Data Used to Drive and Validate Them Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7835 AFRL Blind and Beacon-Less TDMA Scheduling for Ad-Hoc LEO Satellite Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7836 AFRL Security in Cyber-Physical Networked Systems Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7908 AFRL Resilient System Controllers and Terminals for Wideband Global SATCOM Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7961 AFRL Reactive Optimal and Robust Actuator Parameter Identification Control Allocation for Fault Tolerant Spacecraft Control Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8159 AFRL Comprehensive Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Electron and Hole Transport Properties through Narrow Constricted Paths with Strained, Lattice Mismatched, Semiconductor Interfaces for Ultrahigh-Frequency Optoelectronic/Electronic Device Applications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8171 AFRL Communication Signaling and Signal Transmission in Low Probability of Interception Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8172 AFRL Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Multi-Dimension Directions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8228 AFRL Baseband Diversity Product Approaches for Protected Wideband Satellite Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8304 AFRL Spacecraft Performance Analytics and Computing Environment Research Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8307 AFRL Data Fusion and Reasoning Frameworks for Space Situational Awareness Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.04.B0170 AFRL Atmospheric Ion Chemistry Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.04.B0205 AFRL Electron Dynamics and Performance Issues in Infrared and Visible Detectors Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.04.B0207 AFRL Research and Development in Advanced Sensors for Use in Space Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.04.B7769 AFRL Millimeter-Wave Radio Frequency Propagation Modeling and Validation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.04.B8143 AFRL Nonlinear Plasma Processes in the Subauroral Geospace Weather Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.09.B7485 AFRL Laser Spectroscopy of Next-Generation Propellants Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.10.B5812 AFRL Remote Sensing of Ionospheric and Upper Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.10.B5822 AFRL Seismic and Infrasound Research for Monitoring Nuclear Explosions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.10.B8178 AFRL Embedded Systems Cyber Resiliency Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B6818 AFRL Optics & Instrumentation, Sensor Development, Space Weather, Solar Physics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B7987 AFRL Cold-Atom Precision Timing and Inertial Navigation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8020 AFRL Development of Methods for Local and Near Regional Seismic Event Discrimination and Characterization Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8021 AFRL Investigations into the Vertical Structure of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances, Their Assimilation into Ionospheric Models, and Their Impacts on RF Propagation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8031 AFRL Energetic Particle Detection, Data Analysis, and Modeling for Radiation Belt Studies Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8066 AFRL Advanced Space-based Imaging Field Campaigns, Data Analyses and Cloud Characterization Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8089 AFRL Characterization of Hyperspectral Imagers Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8174 AFRL Passive Optical Remote Sensing and Imaging of Manmade Objects in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8192 AFRL SSA Characterization Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8227 AFRL Fundamental Investigation of Plasma Chemistry Kinetics and Dynamics towards Improved Communications Abilities Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8303 AFRL Development of Ultrahigh Temperature Chemistry Models for Hypersonic Flow Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.B8318 AFRL Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling-Data Analysis and Numerical Simulations Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.91.B5171 AFRL Speech and Audio Processing Rome NY
13.20.91.B7907 AFRL Application of Game Theory and Mechanism Design to Cyber Security Rome NY
13.20.93.B6173 AFRL Research Issues Relating to Information Management Rome NY
13.20.94.B4950 AFRL Radiowave Propagation and System Engineering for Advanced Satellite Communications Rome NY
13.20.94.B5505 AFRL Quantum Information Science Rome NY
13.20.94.B6924 AFRL Architectures for Perception and Learning Rome NY
13.20.94.B6925 AFRL Computational Networking Science Rome NY
13.20.94.B6926 AFRL Nanocomputing Rome NY
13.20.94.B6927 AFRL Optics for Quantum & Other High Performance Computing Rome NY
13.20.95.B3766 AFRL Information Assurance Technology Rome NY
13.20.95.B4749 AFRL Adapting Fault Tolerance for Cyber Defense Rome NY
13.20.95.B7951 AFRL Wireless Sensor Networks in Contested Environments Rome NY
13.20.95.B7952 AFRL Complex Network Inference Rome NY
13.20.97.B4266 AFRL Robust Interference Mitigation and Spread Spectrum Signaling Rome NY
13.20.97.B4613 AFRL Market-Based and Game Theoretic Methods for Resource Allocation in the Cloud Rome NY
13.20.97.B6931 AFRL Cognitive Radio-Based Wireless Networks Rome NY
13.15.02.B4964 AFRL Adaptive Methods for Competency-based Needs Assessment, Training Design and Delivery, and Performance Assessment Research in Dynamic Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.02.B6521 AFRL Computational and Mathematical Models of Human Performance and Learning Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.02.B7362 AFRL Computational Modeling of Human Information Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B5700 AFRL Auditory Perception, Speech Communication, and Source Localization in Adverse Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B6109 AFRL Cognitive Performance Optimization Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B6403 AFRL Enhanced Tactical Communication Interfaces Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B7673 AFRL Applied Neuroscience Approaches for Assessing Individual and Team Cognitive Functional States Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B7693 AFRL Mathematical Modeling and Visualization of Multidimensional Data and Complex Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B7698 AFRL Investigations of Methods to Characterize and Reduce Noise Emissions from High-Performance Jet Engines Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B7719 AFRL Modeling Multispectral Visual Perception and Decision Making Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.07.B7879 AFRL Neurobiology of Stress and Performance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.11.B6087 AFRL Biomimetics: Bio-Nano Interface Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.11.B6373 AFRL Biomolecular Interactions of Nanoparticles Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.11.B7137 AFRL Molecular Signatures of Cognition and Performance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.13.B0077 AFRL Perceptual & Cognitive Factors in Real-Life Information Seeking: Theories, Models, & Methods Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.13.B5699 AFRL Bio-Inspired Image Fusion Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.13.B7301 AFRL Bio/Nano Hybrid Interfaces for Sensing Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.13.B7366 AFRL Trust Research in the Air Force: Implications for Measurement, Culture, and Calibration Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.14.B8236 AFRL Smart Adaptive Interfaces Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B3757 AFRL Liquid Crystal/Polymer Materials for Optical Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B4278 AFRL Computational Modeling and Diffraction Studies of Polymeric Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B4279 AFRL Nano- and Meso-structured Polymeric Materials and Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B7041 AFRL Materials Heterogeniety in Electron and Thermal Transport and Energy Storage Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B8199 AFRL Laser Processing of 2D Materials for Flexible Electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B8231 AFRL Novel Materials for Agile and Flexible Electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B8256 AFRL Microbial Contamination of Materials: Microbially Influenced Corrosion and Biofouling Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B8298 AFRL Epitaxial Oxides and Nitrides for Next-Generation Optical and Electronic Material Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B0154 AFRL Optical Properties of Semiconductors Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B5456 AFRL Surface Phenomena in the Formation of Epitaxial Quantum Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B6434 AFRL Materials Behavior in Operating Electronic Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B7052 AFRL Growth and In-Situ Control of Graphene and Carbon-Based Nanostructures in Epitaxy Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B8055 AFRL Multiferroic Heterostructure Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B0140 AFRL Growth and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B0141 AFRL Nonlinear Optical Chromophores, Nanoparticles and Polymers Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B4280 AFRL Metamaterials: nano-optics and structured systems for tailored nonlinear properties Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B4282 AFRL Infrared Optical Material Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B4959 AFRL Oxide Bulk Glass, Vitreous Enamel, and Glass-Bearing Ink. Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B5471 AFRL Development and Characterization of Photorefractive Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B7210 AFRL Materials for High Power Microwave Sources Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B7646 AFRL Shape programmable materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B7889 AFRL Optoelectronics and Electronics Based on Carbon and Two-Dimensional Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B0132 AFRL Synthesis and Properties of Novel Molecular and Polymeric Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B4968 AFRL Computer Simulations for Design of Improved Aerospace Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B5104 AFRL Materials for Integrated Electro-Optic Circuits Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B6127 AFRL Organic and Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials for Power and Energy Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B6673 AFRL Nucleation and Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.05.B8105 AFRL High-Temperature Polymer Thermosets and Inorganic Hybrids Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.B5509 AFRL Theory and Computation for the Design of Molecular-to-Nanomaterials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.B5769 AFRL Ceramic Matrix Composites for High-Temperature Structural Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.B6414 AFRL Constitutive Modeling of Time-Dependent Behaviors in Composite Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.B7664 AFRL Composite and Hybrid Materials for Responsive Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.B0146 AFRL Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.B0150 AFRL Processing Science Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.B6890 AFRL Shock Physics of Additively Manufactured Material Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.B6948 AFRL Modeling Structural Alloys for Aerospace Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.10.B4956 AFRL Molecular and Polymeric Materials: Modeling and Synthesis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B0101 AFRL Combustion and Spray Studies and Diagnostic Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B0102 AFRL Model Development and Validation Experiments for Aviation Fuels Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B0104 AFRL Aero and Thermodynamics of Rotating Machinery Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B0106 AFRL Computational Modeling for Advanced Concepts in Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B5437 AFRL Advanced Diagnostics for High-Speed Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B5439 AFRL Injection and Flameholding in Supersonic Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B5859 AFRL Gas Turbine Control Systems and Engine Health Management Research Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B6706 AFRL Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer in Turbines Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B6843 AFRL Studies of Novel Combustion Concepts for Propulsion Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B7396 AFRL Nanoenergetics for Fuels, Propellants, and Energy Sciences Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B8029 AFRL Low-Power Fiber-Coupled Optical Diagnostics for Hypersonic Flow Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B8127 AFRL Transonic Fan Distortion Transfer and Tolerance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.01.B8144 AFRL Improving Structural Dynamic and Material Characteristic Understanding of Turbomachinery Components Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B4834 AFRL Electro-thermo-mechanical optimization for reliable power packaging for high temperature operation Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B6421 AFRL Mixed ionic and electronic conductivity metal oxides for aerospace applications. Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7102 AFRL Thermal Energy Storage Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7103 AFRL High Performance Electric Actuation System Thermal Management Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7147 AFRL Efficient and Novel Thermal Management Approaches Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7148 AFRL Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, Carbon Nanotubes, Magnetic Materials, and Thermal Physics for Energy, Power and Thermal Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7347 AFRL Advanced Combustion Concepts for Emerging Propulsion and Power Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7348 AFRL Pressure Gain Combustion for Emerging Propulsion and Power Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.02.B7486 AFRL Extreme Light/Matter Interaction Studies Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B0123 AFRL System Level Integration for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B3817 AFRL Control Systems for Air Force Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B4614 AFRL Active Flow Control Modeling and Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B4615 AFRL Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition and Control Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B4617 AFRL Computational Nonlinear Aeroelasticity Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B4943 AFRL Computational Aeroelasticity and Fluid/Structure Interaction Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B5739 AFRL Computational Fluid Dynamics Research in Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B5740 AFRL Computation of Supersonic and Hypersonic Flow Phenomena and their Control Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B5741 AFRL Numerical Simulation of Glow Discharges for High-Speed Flow Control Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B6462 AFRL Unsteady Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity for Micro Air Vehicles Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B6719 AFRL High-Fidelity Multidisciplinary Computational Fluid Dynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B6873 AFRL Morphing Aircraft Structural Technology Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B7450 AFRL Numerical Simulations of Hypersonic Nonequilibrium Flows Using State-to-State Kinetics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B7779 AFRL Camber Morphing and Continuously Reconfigurable Wing Structure Design and Analysis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B7781 AFRL Multiscale Modeling for Aircraft Thermal Management Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B7787 AFRL Electron Energy Distribution and Transfer Phenomena in Non-Equilibrium Gases Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B7954 AFRL Combustion Enhancement in High-Speed Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.07.B8312 AFRL Cooperative Control of Autonomous Systems in Uncertain Information Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B0118 AFRL Solid-State Laser Source Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B0220 AFRL Advanced Antenna Technology Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B0229 AFRL High-Performance Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Front-end Antenna Technology Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B4478 AFRL Radar Systems Theory Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B4480 AFRL Electro-Optical Sensor Research Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B4946 AFRL Electromagnetic and Optical Wave Interaction with Complex and Periodic Media Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B4960 AFRL Advanced Digital Receiver/Aperture Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B5790 AFRL Phenomenology-Based Adaptive Radar Signal Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B5858 AFRL Bio-Inspired Radar Systems for Intelligent Information Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6350 AFRL Investigation and Optimization of Existing and Novel Electronic Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6351 AFRL Multichannel Radio Frequency Sensor Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6593 AFRL Nonlinear Optical Materials and Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6851 AFRL Secure, Reliable, and Responsive Distributed Sensor Networks Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6878 AFRL Infrared Sensing Research Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B6994 AFRL Semiconductor Laser Source Phenomenology and Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7059 AFRL Electronic Warfare Wideband Digital Receiver Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7061 AFRL Integration of Multicomponent Oxide Materials in Sensor Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7062 AFRL Distributed Netted Radar Signal Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7063 AFRL Computational Physics for Radar Signal Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7108 AFRL Photonic Circuits for Quantum Information Processing and Computing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7313 AFRL Waveform Agile Radar Processing (WARP) Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7326 AFRL Ultrasensitive Receiver Architectures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7368 AFRL Intracavity Laser Dynamics and Diverse Waveform Generation Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7373 AFRL Real-Time Multisensor Image Registration of Wide Area Streaming Data Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7392 AFRL Printed and Flexible Electronics and Photonics for USAF Sensor Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7397 AFRL Sensors Aboard Hypersonic Vehicles Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7398 AFRL Scattering and Propagation in Complex Environment Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7518 AFRL Printed Devices in Photonics and Electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7606 AFRL Geo-Registration of Video and Imagery Data Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7630 AFRL Crystal Growth and Study of Nonlinear Quasi-Phase Matched Materials for Frequency Conversion Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7635 AFRL Innovative Fieldable Dismount Threat Signatures Discovery Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7636 AFRL Innovative Feature Model Development in Conjunction with Target Tracking Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7640 AFRL Fully Adaptive Radar Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7665 AFRL Mid-IR Quantum Optics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7686 AFRL Electro-Optical Devices for Laser Beam Control Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7989 AFRL Plasma Physics Research & Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B8123 AFRL Infrared Plasmonic Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B8237 AFRL Integrated Photonic Devices, Circuits, and Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5163 AFRL Material Damage and wear that are due to High Energy Impact Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5164 AFRL Chemical Lasers and Laser Spectroscopy Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5167 AFRL Molecular Reaction Dynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5168 AFRL Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Studies of Various Narrow to Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5871 AFRL Experimental and Computational Chemical Physics Applied to CBRN Objectives Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B6666 AFRL Fracture and Fatigue of Advanced Materials Including Nanocomposites and MEMs Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7384 AFRL Mission Assurance: Impact Assessment and Situational Awareness Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7385 AFRL Precision Navigation for All Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7386 AFRL Networking and Security Applied to Critical Infrastructure Protection, Satellites, Cognitive Radios, and Cloud Computing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7459 AFRL Device-Limiting Point Defects in Advanced Electronic and Optical Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7465 AFRL Combustion Dynamics for Novel Combustor Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7596 AFRL Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7597 AFRL Mathematical Fluid Dynamics and Magneto-Hydrodynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7598 AFRL Dynamic Optimization and Control Theory Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7801 AFRL Detection and Destruction of Dangerous Water Pollutants Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7998 AFRL Information Fusion and Receiver Operating Characteristic Manifolds Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B8088 AFRL Computational Analysis of Half-Life Learning Curve Models for Cognitive Human Performance Assessment Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.10.B3740 AFRL Laser-Tissue Interaction Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B3743 AFRL The Physiological Response(s) to Intense Electrical Stimuli Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B7419 AFRL Impact of Short Pulse Electromagnetic Fields on Mammalian Cells Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B7570 AFRL Theoretical and Computational Laser Biophysics Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B7901 AFRL Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Photobiomodulation Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B8075 AFRL Investigation of the Biophysical Mechanisms Underlying Infrared Stimulation of Neurons Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B8076 AFRL Investigation of Biological Response to Electromagnetic Exposure Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.B8221 AFRL Biological Effects Associated with Terahertz Radiation Fort Sam Houston TX
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