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Opportunities Available at Chemical and Biological Defense Funded Laboratories (CBD)

There are 51 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
01.13.01.C0161 CBD Acinetobacter baumannii as a Model for Burkholderia pseudomallei in Development of Antibody Therapeutics West Point NY
01.10.01.B3474 CBD Aerobiology Fort Detrick MD
01.11.01.B5389 CBD Analysis of Time-Series Physiologic Data Frederick MD
01.04.01.B4664 CBD Apis Mellifera Durham NC
01.15.04.B0050 CBD Applied Aerosol Research Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.09.02.B7330 CBD Atmospheric, Biological, Organic, & Chemical Aerosols Adelphi MD
01.13.01.C0138 CBD Bacteriophage for Biothreat Treatment and Remediation West Point NY
01.06.01.C0287 CBD Bio-inspired Membranes for Chemical/Biological Defense Natick MA
01.15.01.B0034 CBD Bio-inspired Optical and Spectral Materials Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.01.B4464 CBD Biological and Chemical Recognition and Response Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.01.02.B6373 CBD Biomolecular Interactions of Nanoparticles Wright-Patterson AFB OH
01.12.01.B3487 CBD Brain Neurotransmitters Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.11.01.B6344 CBD Computational Prediction of Protein Structures for Medical Countermeasures Frederick MD
01.15.01.C0311 CBD Deployable and Automated Biological Assay for Biological Detection Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.11.01.B6587 CBD Development and Application of Network Science Methods for the Study of Biological Interaction Networks Frederick MD
01.11.01.B4953 CBD Development of Computer-Based Tools to Support Military Bioinformatics and Biomedical Computation Needs Frederick MD
01.10.01.B7377 CBD Development of Novel Diagnostic Assays, Platforms, and Capabilities for Detection of Biothreat Agents Fort Detrick MD
01.11.01.B4971 CBD Development of Physiologic Data Base Frederick MD
01.10.01.B7513 CBD Development of Vaccines and Therapeutics to Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Fort Detrick MD
01.15.04.B0057 CBD Electrospray Ionization - Tandem Mass Spectrometry in the Detection of Micro-Organisms Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.01.B4623 CBD Elucidation of Virulence Mechanisms and Detection of Pathogens Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.01.B8550 CBD Environmental Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents and Residues Using Engineered Bacteria Incorporating Synthetic Gene Circuits Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.00.01.B5871 CBD Experimental and Computational Chemical Physics Applied to CBRN Objectives AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
01.06.01.B8300 CBD Fundamental Study of Graphene-Based Multiplexed Chem/Biosensors Natick MA
01.15.01.B7736 CBD Genetic Barcodes for Environmental Tracking of an Anthrax Simulant Strain Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.11.01.B6389 CBD Genomic and Proteomic Biomarkers Frederick MD
01.10.01.B5410 CBD Hantavirus and Orthopoxvirus Countermeasures Fort Detrick MD
01.10.01.B7146 CBD Host Immune Cell Signaling in Response to Pathogenic Agents Fort Detrick MD
01.10.01.B4629 CBD Immunoregulatory Cells and Antigen Recognition Fort Detrick MD
01.06.02.B7109 CBD Materials Design Based on Molecular Self-Assembly and Nanomaterials Natick MA
01.12.01.B6968 CBD Mechanistic and Applied Studies to Develop Novel Countermeasures Against Botulinum Neurotoxins and Nerve Agents Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.10.01.B5422 CBD Molecular Diagnostics and Pathogenesis Fort Detrick MD
01.10.01.B8572 CBD Molecular Pathogenesis of Burkholderia and Development of Glanders and Melioidosis Vaccines Fort Detrick MD
01.10.01.B8095 CBD Molecular Pathogenesis of Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, and Burkholderia Fort Detrick MD
01.10.01.B3460 CBD Molecular Virology and Vaccine Development Fort Detrick MD
01.12.01.B3578 CBD Neurobehavioral Effects on Organophosphate Exposure Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.12.01.B7179 CBD Neurotoxicity Assessment of Chemical Warfare Agents and Traumatic Stress: Evaluation of Countermeasures Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.01.B8130 CBD Novel Strategies for Countermeasure Development against Antibiotic Resistant Organisms Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.02.B4586 CBD Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Catalysts, Materials, and Environmental Matrices Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.10.01.B3443 CBD Pathogenesis and Host Responses to Bacterial Diseases Fort Detrick MD
01.06.01.B8081 CBD Peptide-Based Biosensors with Thin Silk Film Sensitivity and Stability Enhancement Natick MA
01.15.02.B7072 CBD Protein Toxin Structure and Conformational Dynamics Associated with Ligand and Macromolecule Binding Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.15.01.B8217 CBD Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.09.02.B3126 CBD Raman Spectroscopy for Characterization of Airborne Biological Particles Adelphi MD
01.15.02.B7629 CBD Rational Design of Multifunctional Materials Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.10.01.B4228 CBD Respiratory Immunology Fort Detrick MD
01.04.01.B7038 CBD Selective Methods for C-X Activation Durham NC
01.02.01.B6888 CBD Structural Dynamics Eglin Air Force Base FL
01.15.01.B4587 CBD Synthetic Biology and Paper-based Gene Switches for Detection in Austere Environments Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
01.03.01.B7168 CBD The Interface between Molecular Recognition and Catalysis Research Triangle Park NC
01.10.01.B7426 CBD Viral Pathogenesis and Animal Models Fort Detrick MD
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