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Opportunities Available at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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There are 162 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
50.68.21.B8017 NIST Absolute Quantitation in Molecular Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8479 NIST Actinic Optical Dimensional Characterization of Deep-Subwavelength Nanostructures Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7582 NIST Advanced Ballistics Identification Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8528 NIST Advanced Electronic Structure Measurements of Novel Materials and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8149 NIST Advanced Instrumentation for Fundamental Electrical Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.C0059 NIST Advanced New Memory Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8007 NIST Advanced Properties of Single-photon Sources and Detectors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7910 NIST Applications of Computational Optical Imaging Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7178 NIST Applications of Frequency Combs to Remote Sensing Boulder CO
50.68.21.B8151 NIST Atom and Neutron Interferometry Meet Quantum Information Theory Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7731 NIST Atom Probe Tomography of Complex Semiconductor Nanostructures Boulder CO
50.68.82.B8165 NIST Atomic Clocks and Wavelength References on a Chip Boulder CO
50.68.82.B8493 NIST Atomic Devices and Instrumentation with Laser-Cooled Atoms Boulder CO
50.68.41.B8094 NIST Atomic Physics for Plasma Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B1740 NIST Atomic Spectroscopy for Astrophysical Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8024 NIST Atomically Precise Patterning to Enable Single Atom Transistors and Solid State Quantum Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B8346 NIST Biophysics: Studying Single Biological Molecules with Atomic-Scale Resolution Boulder CO
50.68.41.B4399 NIST Bose Einstein Condensation Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7932 NIST Broadband Bioelectromagnetic Measurements Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5520 NIST Broadband Nanoscale Probing, Material Characterization and Field Imaging, for Beyond-CMOS Electronics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8409 NIST Chip-Scale Nonlinear Optics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6459 NIST Coherent Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots Boulder CO
50.68.51.B7853 NIST Cold-Atom Vacuum Standard Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B7953 NIST Collective Effects and Entanglement for Advancing Quantum Metrology Boulder CO
50.68.21.B7577 NIST Computational Radiation Dosimetry in Medicine Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7322 NIST Conductivity and Resistivity of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0070 NIST Discrete Photon Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B4789 NIST DNA Transport in Single Nanopores Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B7939 NIST Dynamics and Magnetic Properties of Materials and Nanostructures for Advanced Data Storage and Spintronics Boulder CO
50.68.31.B8326 NIST Electronic and Optomechanical Measurements of Biomolecules Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B6460 NIST Engineered Quantum States of Light Boulder CO
50.68.41.B6755 NIST Engineering Atoms for Fundamental Constants and Atomic Data Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B6812 NIST Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7568 NIST Enhanced X-Ray Imaging Techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8247 NIST Enriched Silicon Quantum Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7674 NIST Exploring Fundamental Limits Spin Currents in Novel Materials Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8286 NIST Fabry-Perot Interferometry for Accelerometers Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8456 NIST Femtosecond Time-Resolved Measurements in Semiconductor Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7536 NIST Fluid Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B6418 NIST Functionalizing Semiconductor Surfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7576 NIST Fundamental Evaluation of Photonic and Electronic Processes in Atoms, Molecules and Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B4084 NIST Fundamental Physics with Cold and Ultracold Neutrons Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B6965 NIST Graphene for Spintronics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8189 NIST Graphene for Terahertz Sources and Detectors Boulder CO
50.68.41.B7753 NIST Graphene Metrology for New Intrinsic Quantum Electrical Standards and Device Technologies Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7541 NIST Ground- and Space-Based Remote Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8259 NIST High Frequency Electrical Metrology for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B6964 NIST High-Frequency Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures for Spintronics Applications Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8373 NIST High-Performance Cryogenics Boulder CO
50.68.82.B6765 NIST High-Resolution Spectroscopy with Optical Frequency Combs Boulder CO
50.68.72.B5923 NIST High-Resolution THz and Ultraviolet Laser Studies of Polypeptide Structure and Dynamics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7592 NIST Hybrid Quantum Systems Boulder CO
50.68.72.B7935 NIST Hybrid Superconductor-Ferromagnetic Devices Boulder CO
50.68.51.C0027 NIST Infrared Detection Using Novel Materials and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7540 NIST Infrared Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.C0076 NIST Integrated Quantum Nanophotonic Systems Boulder CO
50.68.51.B8194 NIST Intraoperative Visualization Tools Using Optical Molecular Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B6736 NIST Intrinsic Force Standards Based on Atomic and Molecular Interactions Gaithersburg MD
50.68.82.B1802 NIST Ion Storage Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8411 NIST Johnson Noise Thermometry with Superconductive Waveform Synthesizers Boulder CO
50.68.41.B1752 NIST Laser Cooling of Neutral Atoms Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8466 NIST Measurement and Control of Microfluidic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8472 NIST Measurement and Control of Quantum-Dot States in Semiconductor Nanophotonic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7737 NIST Measurement of Dose at the Molecular Scale: Liquid Scintillation-Based Reverse Micelle Nanodosimetry Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7537 NIST Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Boulder CO
50.68.51.B7535 NIST Measurement Science for Astronomy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B8118 NIST Measurement Science for Nuclear Forensics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7575 NIST Medical and Industrial Radiation Research Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7380 NIST MEM-Based Scanning Probe Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8393 NIST MEMS/NEMS Resonators Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B5887 NIST Metrology and Prototyping of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Quantum Nanowire Structures and Devices Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8193 NIST Metrology for Faint Photonics Boulder CO
50.68.21.B8214 NIST Metrology for Needed Nuclear Structure and Radioactive Decay Data Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7534 NIST Metrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8278 NIST Micro- and Nano-Optomechanical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B1509 NIST MicroElectroMechanical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B8322 NIST Microfabricated MRI Contrast Agents and NMR Sensors Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6732 NIST Microwave Polarimetry: Precision Measurements for Cosmological Physics Boulder CO
50.68.31.B8225 NIST Modeling for Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B8150 NIST Molecular Biophysics and Protein Dynamics via Microfluidics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy Techniques Boulder CO
50.68.31.B4752 NIST Molecular Electronics: Electrical Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B8301 NIST MRI-Based Multimodal Imaging and Enhanced MR Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.41.C0031 NIST N-Photon Entanglement and N-Photon Detection for Quantum-Based Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7785 NIST Nanoelectronic-Based Manipulation and Measurement Tools for Biological Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B6811 NIST Nanoparticle Engineering, Production, Assembly, and Characterization Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B5919 NIST Nanoscale Systems, Nano-Optics and Nanomeasurement Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.C0093 NIST Neural Net Deep-learning for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction and Diagnosis Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8483 NIST Neuromorphic Computing Using Superconducting Optoelectronic Neural Networks Boulder CO
50.68.21.B6257 NIST Neutron Detection and Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B1796 NIST Neutron Field Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7860 NIST Neutron Imaging for Materials and Energy Research Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7563 NIST Neutron Interferometry and Optics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B1800 NIST Neutron Polarizers Based on Polarized 3He Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.C0060 NIST New Electron-Spin-Resonance Method for New Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7548 NIST Next Generation Flow Measurement Standards and Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B5559 NIST Nonlinear Optical Studies of Polymer, Biomimetic, and Biological Interfaces Boulder CO
50.68.41.B5784 NIST Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7579 NIST Optical and Physical Characterization of Advanced Photovoltaic and Electronics Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.82.C0044 NIST Optical Atomic Clocks Based on Laser-Cooled Neutral Atoms Boulder CO
50.68.82.B4405 NIST Optical Frequency Combs for Clocks, Metrology, Waveform Synthesis and Spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.68.51.B7542 NIST Optical Properties of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8471 NIST Optical Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B5884 NIST Optical Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots Boulder CO
50.68.31.B8267 NIST Performance Evaluation of Advanced Dimensional Measurement Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B7814 NIST Phase and Frequency Dynamics of Arrays of Coupled Spin Torque Oscillators Boulder CO
50.68.51.B7538 NIST Photometry, Colorimetry, and Solid-State Lighting Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8390 NIST Physical, Chemical, and Biological Studies using Spin Resonance Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7950 NIST Portable Device for Realization of Primary Radioactivity Standards Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8219 NIST Precision Interferometry for Realization of the Meter Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B4592 NIST Precision measurement and quantum metrology—Probing ultracold matter with novel light source Boulder CO
50.68.41.B8455 NIST Precision Optical Measurements of Dynamic Force Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0034 NIST Pressure and Vacuum Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B7010 NIST Quantitative biophotonics for the study of molecular structure and function Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6468 NIST Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8226 NIST Quantitative Optical Medical Imaging for Clinical Applications Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8246 NIST Quantum Circuits and Parametric Techniques in Quantum Information Boulder CO
50.68.41.B7593 NIST Quantum Electrodynamics and Fundamental Constants Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8166 NIST Quantum Hall Effect in Epitaxial Graphene Monolayers Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B4400 NIST Quantum Information and Quantum Optics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7002 NIST Quantum Information Applications of Si Single Electron Tunneling Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.C0036 NIST Quantum Information Processing Boulder CO
50.68.41.B8101 NIST Quantum Many-Body Physics, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7923 NIST Quantum Nanomechanics with Superconducting Microwave Circuits Boulder CO
50.68.41.B8145 NIST Quantum Optomechanical Force Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7571 NIST Quantum Transport Properties of Semiconductor Structures and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8137 NIST Quantum-Accurate Waveform Synthesis and Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7583 NIST Radiation Pressure assessment of high power laser emittance Boulder CO
50.68.31.B6810 NIST Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanostructures Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B1498 NIST Scanning Probe Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8354 NIST Secured Platform for Internet of Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B4380 NIST Semiconductor Quantum Optics Boulder CO
50.68.41.B8478 NIST Single Electron Devices for Quantum Information and Metrology in Silicon Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8321 NIST Single-Photon Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0037 NIST Single-Photon Devices for Quantum Information Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B7933 NIST Smart Nanoagents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.31.B8389 NIST Solid-State Device Reliability and Resiliency Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B6492 NIST Solid-State Quantum Information Processing, Electrical Metrology, and Astrophysical Detectors Boulder CO
50.68.62.B4766 NIST Spectroscopy of Wide-Bandgap Mesoscopic Materials Characterization by CW and Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Boulder CO
50.68.92.B1813 NIST Spectroscopy, Dynamics, and Kinetics of Molecules Boulder CO
50.68.72.B6412 NIST Spin Electronics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8565 NIST Spin-orbit Phenomena in Magnetic Structures for Spintronics and Spin-orbitronics Boulder CO
50.68.92.B7591 NIST Strongly Interacting Cold Gases and Particle Physics in Cold Molecules Boulder CO
50.68.31.B7578 NIST Structure-Function Determination of Membrane Proteins Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B3587 NIST Superconducting Detectors for Photons from Millimeter Waves through Gamma Rays Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8069 NIST Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7559 NIST Superconducting Quantum Electrodynamic Circuits, Simulations, and Optomechanics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B5189 NIST Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Development Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8460 NIST Superconducting/Spintronic Neuromorphic Systems Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8016 NIST Superresolution Molecular Spectroscopy for Bioimaging and Biodetection Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8239 NIST Surface Noise Metrology Boulder CO
50.68.51.B7533 NIST Synchrotron Radiation Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7543 NIST Temperature Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7580 NIST Theoretical Physics and Computer Simulations for Semiconductor Contacts, Interconnects, and Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7561 NIST Theoretical Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, and Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B5237 NIST Theory of Quantum Computing with Ultracold Neutral Atoms Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8330 NIST Time-Resolved Spectroscopy for Enabling Dynamic Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.C0095 NIST Towards Enhanced Quantum Metrology and Quantum Simulation with Correlated Quantum Matter Boulder CO
50.68.41.C0038 NIST Ultracold Atomic and Molecular Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7877 NIST Ultrafast Condensed-Phase Dynamics Using Mid-Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.92.B4406 NIST Ultrafast Optics and Physics Boulder CO
50.68.51.C0069 NIST X-Ray Computed Tomography Gaithersburg MD
50.68.72.B8406 NIST X-Ray Science with Superconducting Sensors Boulder CO
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