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Opportunities Available at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

There are 296 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
64.15.85.B8177 NRL 2D Materials and van der Waals Heterostructures for Opto-electronics and Quantum Science Washington DC
64.15.25.B7522 NRL 2D Materials: Fundamental studies in Processing, Nanofabrication, Transport, and Optoelectronics Washington DC
64.15.89.C0156 NRL A New Global Nonhydrostatic Model of the Deep Atmosphere from 0-150 km Altitude Washington DC
64.15.85.B7886 NRL Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and Lithography of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Washington DC
64.15.85.B5309 NRL Additive Manufacturing Microstructures Washington DC
64.15.04.B5315 NRL Advanced Acoustic Materials and Metamaterials Washington DC
64.15.90.C0171 NRL Advanced Atomic Clocks Based on Quantum Entangled Atoms Washington DC
64.15.85.B7745 NRL Advanced Characterization of 3D Material Microstructures Washington DC
64.17.01.B6303 NRL Advanced Data Assimilation for Coastal Ocean Circulation Studies Stennis Space Center MS
64.17.01.B6579 NRL Advanced Data Assimilation into Ocean Models Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.67.C0213 NRL Advanced Inertial Sensors Based on Laser-Cooled Atoms Washington DC
64.15.15.C0496 NRL Advanced Perovskite-Based Photovoltaics Washington DC
64.15.76.B5709 NRL Advanced Plasma Diagnostics Washington DC
64.15.76.B5710 NRL Advanced Plasma Processing Washington DC
64.15.25.B7955 NRL Advanced Processing Techniques for Next Generation Photovoltaics and IR Photodetectors Washington DC
64.15.06.B4357 NRL Advanced Seafloor Mapping and Image Processing Washington DC
64.15.67.B3981 NRL Advanced Simulation of Semiconductor Quantum Heterostructure Devices Washington DC
64.17.01.C0489 NRL Aeolian Sediment Transport on the Subaerial Beach Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.15.C0585 NRL Aerosol Deposition and Atmospheric Corrosion Washington DC
64.15.06.B4881 NRL Analysis of Hyperspectral and Multisensor Imaging Data Washington DC
64.15.85.B6646 NRL Analytical Studies of Extraterrestrial Materials Washington DC
64.15.09.C0350 NRL Applied Molecular Microbiology Washington DC
64.15.06.B2663 NRL Astronomical Optical Interferometry Washington DC
64.16.66.B4884 NRL Atmospheric Predictability Studies Monterey CA
64.16.66.B3062 NRL Atmospheric Processes Monterey CA
64.15.15.C0445 NRL Bio-inspired Design of Multi-Functional Materials Washington DC
64.17.01.C0600 NRL Bio-Optical Linkages to Acoustic Scattering Layers Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.15.B8457 NRL Bioelectronics: Protonics for Biological Actuation Washington DC
64.15.09.C0507 NRL Biological Systems Engineering Washington DC
64.15.15.B5302 NRL Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip Based Sensors Washington DC
64.15.15.B7994 NRL Carbon Fixation Pathways from the Marine Dark Biosphere Washington DC
64.15.04.C0321 NRL Catalysis of CO2 to reactive intermediates for fuel production Washington DC
64.15.09.B8115 NRL Center for BioMolecular Science and Engineering (Multiple Opportunities) Washington DC
64.15.25.C0440 NRL Chalcogenide Phase Change Material Engineering for Emerging Electronic and Optical Applications Washington DC
64.16.66.B3069 NRL Characterization, Analysis, and Prediction of Atmospheric Aerosols Monterey CA
64.15.15.B3984 NRL Chemical Reactions at Surfaces Washington DC
64.15.15.B2732 NRL Chemical Sensors-Data Analysis Strategies Washington DC
64.15.25.B2841 NRL Chemical Vapor Sensor development Washington DC
64.17.01.C0143 NRL Coastal and Nearshore Hydrodynamics Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.18.B5294 NRL Cognition in Complex Tasks Washington DC
64.15.18.B8356 NRL Cognitive Models of Thinking and Reasoning Washington DC
64.15.67.B8176 NRL Cold Atom Quantum Information Science Washington DC
64.15.27.B2843 NRL Combustion Dynamics Washington DC
64.15.15.B2779 NRL Combustion Modeling Washington DC
64.16.66.B6128 NRL Computational Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Monterey CA
64.15.04.B8408 NRL Computational Mechanics and Structural-Acoustics Washington DC
64.15.85.B6226 NRL Computational Modeling and Simulation of Data-Driven Multiphysics Systems Washington DC
64.15.18.C0633 NRL Computational Models of Perception and Attention Washington DC
64.15.09.C0387 NRL Controlling light on demand with dynamic plasmonic pixels Washington DC
64.15.15.B3024 NRL Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Washington DC
64.17.01.B6644 NRL Coupled Bio-Optical-Physical Modeling, Data Assimilation, and Adaptive Sampling Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.85.B6139 NRL Coupling Between Charged Defects and the Applied Electric Field during Flash Sintering Washington DC
64.15.15.C0654 NRL Data Analytics and Modeling for Analytical Chemistry Washington DC
64.16.66.B3063 NRL Data Assimilation Monterey CA
64.15.25.C0006 NRL Decentralized Distributed Computing on Mobile Network Architectures Washington DC
64.15.18.B8506 NRL Deep Learning Postdoctoral Researcher Washington DC
64.15.25.B5718 NRL Defects Affecting SiC Power Devices Washington DC
64.15.76.B2961 NRL Dense-Plasma Atomic Physics Washington DC
64.15.85.C0186 NRL Density-Functional Theory Studies of Binary Nanocrystal Solids Washington DC
64.15.15.B5643 NRL Designing Mesoporous, Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures and Nanocomposites Washington DC
64.17.01.C0087 NRL Deterministic and Probabilistic Modeling of Nearshore Hydro- and Morphodynamics Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.15.C0607 NRL Developing, Testing, and Prototyping Next-Generation, Beyond Li-ion Batteries Washington DC
64.15.06.C0402 NRL Development of Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems and Techniques Washington DC
64.15.15.C0479 NRL Development of Multifunctional Materials for Heterogeneous or Electro-Catalysis Washington DC
64.15.15.C0155 NRL Development of Novel Solid-State and Hybrid Ionic Conductors and Electrolytes Washington DC
64.15.15.B7717 NRL Development of Novel Synthesis Methods and Formulations for Metal Nanoparticles and Nanopowders Washington DC
64.15.86.C0647 NRL Development of Plasma Cathode Electron Sources for Reactive Species Washington DC
64.15.15.B4861 NRL Development of Sensing Technologies for Shipboard Fuel Diagnostics and Prognostics Washington DC
64.17.01.B7780 NRL Development of the Adjoint-Free Variational Data Assimilation System for Regional Models Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.15.B8394 NRL Diagnostics and Prediction of Turbulent, Multi-phase Fluid Mechanics Washington DC
64.15.76.B2965 NRL Diode Physics Washington DC
64.15.85.B5704 NRL Direct-Write of Electronics, Sensors, and Micro-Power Sources Washington DC
64.15.09.C0367 NRL DNA-based Nanoplasmonics Washington DC
64.15.76.B5714 NRL Dusty Plasma Experiments Washington DC
64.15.89.B5733 NRL Dynamics and Predictability of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere at Small and Large Scales Washington DC
64.15.76.B4870 NRL Dynamics and Stability of Radiating High Energy Density Plasmas Washington DC
64.17.01.B7131 NRL Dynamics of Ocean Fronts and Eddies Stennis Space Center MS
64.16.66.B8423 NRL Electro-Magnetic Radiation Scatter and Refraction in the Troposphere Monterey CA
64.15.25.B6854 NRL Electron Emission Physics and Characterization Washington DC
64.15.85.B2995 NRL Electronic Properties of Novel Electrically Conducting Systems Washington DC
64.15.15.C0465 NRL Energy Storage Materials Washington DC
64.17.01.B8114 NRL EnKF (Ensemble Kalman Filter) Based Global Ensemble Forecast System Using HYCOM Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.06.B3850 NRL Environmental Remote Sensing with Polarimetric Microwave Radiometers Washington DC
64.15.25.C0198 NRL Environmentally-Controlled Pressure-Assisted Sintering (EC-PAS) of Nanopowders Washington DC
64.15.25.B8530 NRL Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of Metal Oxide and Nitride Thin Films Washington DC
64.15.86.B7705 NRL Eulerian Orbit Dynamics Washington DC
64.15.89.B3048 NRL Experimental Aeronomy and Ultraviolet Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Atmosphere Washington DC
64.15.25.C0651 NRL Experimental fabrication and characterization of SiC structures for quantum networks Washington DC
64.15.15.B7926 NRL Extended Solids Design and Synthesis Washington DC
64.15.89.B5734 NRL Extension of Navy’s Global Weather Forecast Models and Prediction Capabilities to ~400 km Altitude Washington DC
64.15.25.B3603 NRL Femtosecond Dynamics in Condensed Matter Washington DC
64.15.15.B2680 NRL Femtosecond Studies of Molecular Dynamics Washington DC
64.15.85.B4307 NRL Ferromagnetic Semiconductors: An Emerging Spintronic Materials Technology Washington DC
64.17.01.B6662 NRL Field Measurements of Bottom Boundary Layer Processes Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.15.B7508 NRL Field-Deployable Chemical/Biological Sensing Devices Washington DC
64.15.15.B5424 NRL Fire Fighting Foams: Dynamics and Behavior Washington DC
64.15.85.B7963 NRL Fuel from Seawater Washington DC
64.15.15.B6051 NRL Functional Material Synthesis and Crystal Growth Washington DC
64.15.09.B8510 NRL Fungal and Molecular Biology Washington DC
64.15.25.B7920 NRL Gallium Nitride MEMS Acoustic Resonators Washington DC
64.15.25.B6575 NRL Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Materials for Electronic Device Application Washington DC
64.15.18.C0175 NRL Game Theoretic Decision-Making for AUV Teams Washington DC
64.15.89.B3036 NRL Gamma-Ray Burst Science Washington DC
64.15.89.B3037 NRL Gamma-Ray/Neutron Instrument Development Washington DC
64.15.06.B3088 NRL Geophysical Processes and the Oceanic Crust Washington DC
64.16.66.C0250 NRL Global Earth System Modeling Monterey CA
64.17.01.B4364 NRL Global Predictive Seafloor Modeling; Geoacoustics, Sediment Physics, Gas, and Gas Hydrates Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.25.B7603 NRL Graphene and 2D Materials: Growth, Functionalization, and Devices Washington DC
64.15.25.B8317 NRL Growth and Fabrication of Nanostructures for Quantum Information and Quantum Sensing Washington DC
64.15.04.B7434 NRL Heat Transport in Nanostructured Materials and Thin Dielectric Films Washington DC
64.15.89.B3044 NRL Heliophysics Theory and Modeling Washington DC
64.15.25.C0417 NRL Heterogeneous Integration for Advanced Microscale Optoelectronic Devices Washington DC
64.15.15.C0261 NRL High Performance Biomaterials for Operation in Extreme and Underwater Environments Washington DC
64.15.25.C0657 NRL High Performance Metal Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics (PV) for Current and Future Naval Applications Washington DC
64.15.15.B8451 NRL High Temperature Polymers/Composites, Refractory Ceramics and Additive Manufacturing of High Temperature Materials Washington DC
64.15.89.B3042 NRL High-Energy Astrophysics Washington DC
64.15.76.B2954 NRL High-Power Laser-Target Studies for ICF Washington DC
64.15.04.C0005 NRL Hydrodynamic Tank Experimental Research Washington DC
64.15.04.B7975 NRL Hydrogen and Oxygen Storage for Undersea Fuel Cells Washington DC
64.15.06.B7981 NRL Hydrologic Optics and Ocean Color Remote Sensing Washington DC
64.15.27.C0283 NRL Hypersonic Vehicle Aerodynamics and Propulsion Washington DC
64.15.06.B2673 NRL Hyperspectral Characterization of the Coastal Regime Washington DC
64.15.89.C0047 NRL In-Situ Measurements and Remote Sensing of the Solar Wind Washington DC
64.15.76.B4340 NRL Inertial Confinement Fusion and Laser-Driven Hydrodynamics Washington DC
64.15.06.B2658 NRL Infrared Astronomy Washington DC
64.15.67.B3978 NRL Infrared Semiconductor Lasers and Detectors Washington DC
64.15.25.B5722 NRL Infrared-Bandgap Type II Antimonide Superlattices for Infrared Photodetectors and Focal Plane Array Washington DC
64.15.06.B2661 NRL Instrumentation Development for Astronomy and Remote Sensing Washington DC
64.15.18.B8290 NRL Intelligent Agents Washington DC
64.15.15.B6581 NRL Intelligent Data Fusion for Multi-Modal or Multi-Sensory Systems Washington DC
64.15.18.B4651 NRL Intelligent Decision Aids Washington DC
64.15.76.B8524 NRL Intense Electromagnetic Field and Material Interaction Physics Washington DC
64.15.76.B8084 NRL Intense Lasers and Particle Beams Washington DC
64.15.09.B8545 NRL Intercellular Signaling and Functional Nanomaterials at the Abiotic/Biotic Interface Washington DC
64.15.85.B4868 NRL Interfacing Molecular and Cell Biology with Solid State Technologies Washington DC
64.15.86.B8343 NRL Investigation of New Hollow Cathode Architectures for Spacecraft Plasma Propulsion Washington DC
64.15.89.C0191 NRL Investigation of the Solar Wind in the Solar Corona and Heliosphere Washington DC
64.15.89.C0650 NRL Investigations of the Solar Drivers for Space Weather Washington DC
64.15.89.B8100 NRL Ionospheric and Thermospheric Specification and Forecasting Washington DC
64.15.89.C0407 NRL Ionospheric Modeling Washington DC
64.15.89.B8289 NRL Ionospheric Modeling and Radio Propagation Washington DC
64.15.06.B7564 NRL Ionospheric Studies with Radio-frequency Interferometers Washington DC
64.15.76.B2967 NRL Laboratory, Ionospheric, and Space Experiments Washington DC
64.17.01.C0022 NRL Langmuir Turbulence Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.67.B6113 NRL Laser Cooling and Guiding of Atoms in Optical Waveguides Washington DC
64.15.86.C0649 NRL Laser Induced Fluorescence and Thomson Scattering Plasma Diagnostics for Aerospace Applications Washington DC
64.15.85.B4320 NRL Laser-Based Processing of Thin Films Washington DC
64.15.15.B8044 NRL Lithium-ion Battery Performance and Safety Washington DC
64.15.85.C0338 NRL Low Dimensional Phase Transitional Magnetism Washington DC
64.15.04.B7992 NRL Low loss amorphous dielectric thin films for superconducting qubit applications Washington DC
64.15.85.B4863 NRL Low-temperature Electron Transport through Nanostructures at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface Washington DC
64.15.76.B5711 NRL Low-Temperature Plasma Research Washington DC
64.16.66.B8579 NRL Machine Learning Applications: Nowcasting Hazards Monterey CA
64.15.15.C0178 NRL Machine Learning for Synthetic Chemistry Washington DC
64.15.09.B8502 NRL Machine Learning/Bioinformatics Washington DC
64.15.85.B3022 NRL Magnetic and Structural Characterization of Magnetic / Semiconductor Interfaces Washington DC
64.15.89.B7948 NRL Magnetic Sources of Solar Activity Washington DC
64.15.89.C0508 NRL Magnetohydrodynamic Evolution of Solar Flares Washington DC
64.15.25.C0486 NRL Manipulating Light at the Nanoscale Washington DC
64.15.09.C0351 NRL Marine Environmental DNA (eDNA) Research Washington DC
64.15.85.B5705 NRL Materials Development for Direct-Write Processes Washington DC
64.15.25.C0405 NRL Materials Scientist in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Washington DC
64.15.67.B8036 NRL MBE of Antimonide and Phosphide Lasers, Detectors, and Solar Cells Washington DC
64.15.85.B6225 NRL Mechatronic Inverse Characterization of Materials under Multi-Field Conditions Washington DC
64.16.66.B6304 NRL Mesoscale Ensembles Monterey CA
64.15.85.B8366 NRL Metal Oxide Thin Films for Metamaterial and Plasmonic Applications Washington DC
64.15.85.C0284 NRL Metamagnetic Transitions as a Route Towards Fully Controllable Magnetism Washington DC
64.16.66.B3068 NRL Meteorological Mesoscale Modeling Monterey CA
64.15.67.B8092 NRL Micro-/Nano-Optomechanical Systems and Optical MEMS: Mode Perturbation, Optical Forces, and Light Matter Interactions Washington DC
64.15.09.B7112 NRL Microbial Electrochemistry and Microbial Photosynthesis Washington DC
64.17.01.B7868 NRL Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Materials in Marine Environments Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.09.C0520 NRL Microbiology and Synthetic Biology Washington DC
64.15.85.B3026 NRL Microstructural Evolution in Naval Materials Washington DC
64.15.06.B7271 NRL Middle Atmospheric Data Assimilation Washington DC
64.15.06.B2660 NRL Millimeter-Wave Atmospheric Spectroscopy Washington DC
64.17.01.C0179 NRL Mixing Processes in the Southwestern Japan/East Sea (MJES) Stennis Space Center MS
64.17.01.C0209 NRL Mixing, circulation, and air-sea interaction in the Bay of Bengal Stennis Space Center MS
64.17.01.B3083 NRL Modeling of Ocean Surface Waves Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.09.C0348 NRL Molecular Biology of Emerging Vector-borne Diseases Washington DC
64.15.15.B8030 NRL Molecule Synthesis for Stimuli-Responsive / Dynamic Materials Washington DC
64.15.15.B2778 NRL Multi-Phase Combustion Mechanisms and Diagnostics Washington DC
64.15.85.C0144 NRL Multiferroics Materials and Devices Washington DC
64.15.15.C0346 NRL Multifunctional Catalytic Materials for Degradation and Energy Conversion Washington DC
64.15.85.B6293 NRL Multiscale Simulations of Mechanical, Structural, and Energetic Properties Washington DC
64.15.18.B8141 NRL Multisensory Integration and Inference in an Attention-Driven Cognitive System Washington DC
64.15.89.C0618 NRL Multiwavelength Pulsar Science Washington DC
64.15.04.B7073 NRL Nanomechanics, Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication, Nanooptics, and Surface Chemistry Washington DC
64.15.09.B8126 NRL Nanoparticle-Biomolecular Interfacial Phenomena Washington DC
64.15.67.B6651 NRL Nanophotonics and Integrated Photonics Washington DC
64.15.25.C0263 NRL Nanoscale Photonics Washington DC
64.15.09.B7949 NRL Nanoscale Probes for Real-Time Imaging of Neuronal Cell Activity Washington DC
64.15.25.B3613 NRL Nanostructure theory Washington DC
64.15.06.C0258 NRL Near Real-time Satellite Data Analysis Washington DC
64.15.15.B2757 NRL Networks Washington DC
64.15.25.B7928 NRL Next-Generation Electronic Materials and Devices Washington DC
64.15.76.B2975 NRL Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Research of High Dimensional Systems in the Physical and Biological Sciences Washington DC
64.15.76.C0652 NRL Nonlinear Dynamics of Partially Coherent Beams Washington DC
64.15.15.B7714 NRL Nonlinear Optics at the Nanoscale Washington DC
64.15.76.B2970 NRL Nonlinear Science Washington DC
64.15.15.B7921 NRL Novel Multifunctional Polymeric Materials for Military Applications Washington DC
64.16.66.B3999 NRL Nowcasting the Battlespace Environment Monterey CA
64.15.15.B5300 NRL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance for Materials Evaluation Washington DC
64.15.15.B5299 NRL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Materials Washington DC
64.17.01.B3086 NRL Numerical Modeling of River-Influenced Coastal Ocean Dynamics Stennis Space Center MS
64.17.01.B3085 NRL Numerical Tide Modeling Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.04.B7706 NRL Ocean Acoustic Communications and Signal Processing Washington DC
64.17.01.B6114 NRL Ocean Data Assimilation for Operational Ocean Forecasts Stennis Space Center MS
64.17.01.B7457 NRL Ocean Ensemble Forecasting Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.25.B4347 NRL Optical and Structural Properties of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Washington DC
64.15.89.B6124 NRL Optical Atmospheric Spectroscopy Washington DC
64.15.85.B7433 NRL Optical Detection of Explosives and Other Illicit Chemicals Washington DC
64.15.89.C0632 NRL Optical Sensor Development for Astrophysics Washington DC
64.15.85.B4322 NRL Optical Spectroscopy in Condensed Matter and Materials Science Washington DC
64.15.15.B5073 NRL Optical Studies of Catalysts and Fuel Cells Washington DC
64.15.15.B6676 NRL Optimizing Metal-Adsorbate and Metal-Support Interactions for Photocatalysis and Plasmonics-Driven Chemistry Washington DC
64.15.85.B5702 NRL Organic Synthesis in the Areas of Sorbents, Sensing Materials, and Infrared Taggants Washington DC
64.15.85.B4866 NRL Origin of Electron Pairing Without Superconductivity Washington DC
64.15.25.B4871 NRL Photophysical Processes in Nanoscale Materials Washington DC
64.15.25.C0352 NRL Photophysics of 2D van der Waals Materials Washington DC
64.15.85.C0240 NRL Physicochemical Properties of Sorbent Materials Washington DC
64.15.25.B6829 NRL Physics and Electronics of Graphene and Other 2-Dimensional Materials Washington DC
64.15.04.C0464 NRL Physics Informed Data Analytics and Modeling for Dynamical Systems Washington DC
64.15.76.B2971 NRL Physics of Intense Ultrashort Pulse Laser-Matter Interactions Washington DC
64.15.76.B5713 NRL Physics of the Earth’s Radiation Belt Washington DC
64.15.85.C0342 NRL Plasmonic and thin-film devices, THz photonics, metamaterials and nanophotonics Washington DC
64.15.06.B2678 NRL Polar Ozone and Aerosol Measurement Experiment (POAM III) Washington DC
64.15.15.B6047 NRL Polymer Rheology Washington DC
64.15.15.B8498 NRL Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biofabrication, Tissue Engineering, Microphysiological Systems Washington DC
64.15.76.B2964 NRL Pulsed Power Washington DC
64.15.76.B2963 NRL Pulsed-Power X-Ray Sources Washington DC
64.15.85.B2884 NRL Quantum Computation of Molecules and Materials Washington DC
64.15.15.C0173 NRL Quantum Simulations Washington DC
64.15.06.C0492 NRL Radar technology, processing, and analysis Washington DC
64.15.76.B2957 NRL Radiation Magneto-Hydrodynamics of High Energy Density Plasmas Washington DC
64.15.06.B2659 NRL Radio Astronomy Washington DC
64.15.15.B8439 NRL Rarified Gas Flow Diagnostics Washington DC
64.15.18.B8142 NRL Reasoning and Explanation in a Computational Cognitive Architecture Washington DC
64.17.01.B3633 NRL Regional and Coupled Modeling Systems Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.06.B2671 NRL Remote Sensing Washington DC
64.15.06.C0429 NRL Remote Sensing of Surface Fluxes of Sea Spray, Gases, and Heat for Air-Sea Interaction Studies Washington DC
64.17.01.B3080 NRL Satellite Altimetry and Data Assimilation for Ocean Circulation Studies Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.06.B6340 NRL Satellite Analysis of Pyro-Convection and Chemical/Transport Processes in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Washington DC
64.15.06.B2672 NRL Satellite Meteorology and Climate Research Washington DC
64.17.01.C0596 NRL Separation of internal waves from oceanic state variables Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.76.B2951 NRL Short-Wavelength Laser—Vacuum-Ultraviolet and X-Ray Lasers Washington DC
64.15.25.B6832 NRL SiC and GaN Power Devices Washington DC
64.15.15.B2728 NRL Simulations of Chemical Reactions in Materials Washington DC
64.15.85.B7167 NRL Simulations of Nanocrystal Doping Washington DC
64.15.09.B6693 NRL Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Intracellular Signaling Events Washington DC
64.15.27.B2845 NRL Solar, Atmospheric, and Astrophysical Sciences Washington DC
64.15.15.C0571 NRL Solid Electrolyte Fuel Cell Technologies Washington DC
64.15.25.B8129 NRL Solid State Quantum Systems Washington DC
64.15.76.B2968 NRL Space Physics Simulation Chamber Experiments Washington DC
64.15.76.B3606 NRL Space-Plasma Physics Washington DC
64.15.06.B7600 NRL Spectral remote sensing of terrain, modeling, and analysis Washington DC
64.15.89.B6420 NRL Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Processes in Collisionless Plasma Washington DC
64.15.15.B3987 NRL Spectroscopic Studies of Plasma Processing Washington DC
64.15.85.C0303 NRL Spin dynamics of charge to spin conversion in topological insulators. Washington DC
64.15.85.B3600 NRL Spin-Injection, Transport, and Localization in Graphene and Group IV Materials Washington DC
64.15.25.B2840 NRL Structural Characterization of Electronic Materials Washington DC
64.15.25.B7826 NRL Sub­Diffraction Confinement of Photons using Surface Plasmon and Surface Phonon Polariton Nanostructures Washington DC
64.15.85.B2990 NRL Superconducting Materials Washington DC
64.15.15.B2737 NRL Surface Chemistry of Electronic Materials Washington DC
64.15.25.B8128 NRL Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics Washington DC
64.15.85.C0610 NRL Synthesis of Epitaxial Cubic Boron Arsenide Films for Wafer-Scale Thermal Management Washington DC
64.15.09.C0589 NRL Synthetic Biology and Material Science Washington DC
64.16.66.B4885 NRL Targeted Observing for Improved Forecasts of High-Impact Weather Events Monterey CA
64.15.18.B7079 NRL The Analysis of Informatic Phenomena Washington DC
64.15.89.B8015 NRL The Hydrodynamics of Coronal Heating Washington DC
64.15.15.B5077 NRL Theoretical Materials Chemistry Washington DC
64.15.85.C0290 NRL Theoretical Search of Nanostructure with Ground Bright Exciton States Washington DC
64.15.85.B2868 NRL Theoretical Studies of Electronic and Optical Properties of Nanocrystal Quantum Dots and Ordered Nanocrystal Solids Washington DC
64.15.85.B6443 NRL Theory of Functional Energy Materials Washington DC
64.15.89.B3055 NRL Thermospheric and Ionospheric Physics Washington DC
64.15.15.C0541 NRL Thin-Film Conductive Polymer Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization Washington DC
64.15.85.B7885 NRL Three-Dimensional Mesoscale Tomography of Hard/Soft Materials Using Focused Ion Beam Microscopy Washington DC
64.15.85.C0404 NRL Time resolved analysis of spin dynamics in antiferromagnetic films for spin to charge conversion in topological insulators Washington DC
64.15.85.C0323 NRL Topological Materials Synthesis and Device Applications Washington DC
64.15.15.B7121 NRL Trace Analysis Testing and Verification Washington DC
64.15.15.B7825 NRL Trace Analysis Testing and Verification of Energetic Materials Washington DC
64.15.15.C0544 NRL Transferrable Active Chemical Structures for Bottom-Up Heterogeneous Tissue Engineering Washington DC
64.15.85.B7831 NRL Transient and Space Charge Effects on Beam Quality of Photo and Field Emission Electron Sources Washington DC
64.15.85.B5310 NRL Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials Washington DC
64.15.85.C0418 NRL Transmission Electron Microscopy of Planetary Materials Washington DC
64.15.85.B5095 NRL Transport and Magnetic Properties of Oxide Materials Washington DC
64.16.66.B8541 NRL Tropical Air-Ocean-Wave-Land-Hydrology Interaction Research and Modeling Monterey CA
64.15.27.B2846 NRL Turbulence in Nonreacting and Reacting Flows Washington DC
64.17.01.B7899 NRL Turbulence Resolving DNS and LES Modeling of Estuarine and Coastal Processes Stennis Space Center MS
64.15.25.C0106 NRL Ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor devices and materials Washington DC
64.15.09.B8532 NRL Ultrafast Studies of Charge Transfer Plasmonics Washington DC
64.15.76.C0368 NRL Uncertainty Quantification in Low Temperature Plasmas Washington DC
64.15.09.C0386 NRL Understanding Light-Matter Interactions in Plasmonic Aerosols Washington DC
64.15.27.C0551 NRL Unlocking the Fundamental Physics of High-Speed Combustion Through Numerical Simulations Washington DC
64.15.04.C0568 NRL Value-added Localization with Noise Washington DC
64.15.27.B2848 NRL Vortex Shedding and Transient Fluid Dynamics Washington DC
64.15.89.B3033 NRL X-ray Instrument and Mission Development Washington DC
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