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Opportunities Available at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

There are 36 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
62.10.03.B7338 NPS 3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live-Virtual Training Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0543 NPS Additive Processing of Novel Coatings and Composites for Extreme Environments Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0119 NPS Advanced Sensors Based on Atom Interferometers Monterey CA
62.10.06.B2630 NPS Aerospace Guidance, Control, and Optimization Monterey CA
62.10.02.C0525 NPS Applying Machine Learning to Satellite Data Monterey CA
62.10.02.B7181 NPS Arctic Climate Change and Prediction Monterey CA
62.10.06.B6710 NPS Artificial Intelligence, Fine Pointing, and Adaptive Optics, Monterey CA
62.10.03.B6622 NPS Astrodynamics, Guidance and Control of Orbiting Space Robotic Systems: Analysis, Numerical Simulations, Experimentation Monterey CA
62.10.02.B7054 NPS Computational Methods for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Monterey CA
62.10.03.B2612 NPS Computer-Aided Software Design and Synthesis Monterey CA
62.10.02.C0536 NPS Convective Cloud Processes and Precipitation Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0569 NPS Cryptography and Applications Monterey CA
62.10.03.B4383 NPS Cyber and Cyber-Physical Systems Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0243 NPS Design and Characterization of Novel Metamaterials Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0019 NPS Design and Test of Energy Generation, Storage and Transport Systems Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0433 NPS Design, Develop and Test of High-Power Power Electronics Monterey CA
62.10.03.B6844 NPS Fatigue and Cognitive Performance Monterey CA
62.10.07.B7678 NPS First-Principles Simulations of Energetic Materials Monterey CA
62.10.03.B6995 NPS High-Fidelity Modeling and Control Algorithms Engineering for Unmanned Systems Monterey CA
62.10.07.B8048 NPS High-rate Mechanics of Reactive Materials and Energetic Composites Monterey CA
62.10.07.C0435 NPS Infrasound and Acoustic-gravity Waves in the Atmosphere: From Ocean and Land to Space Monterey CA
62.10.03.B8361 NPS Intelligent Autonomy of Cooperative Unmanned Vehicles in Resource Constrained Applications Monterey CA
62.10.05.B2625 NPS Large-Scale Optimization Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0269 NPS Logical and Physical Internet Mapping Monterey CA
62.10.03.B5419 NPS Machine Learning of Clues to New Cyberattacks from Honeypots and other Forensic Data Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0434 NPS Modeling, Control, and Prototyping of Power Electronics Monterey CA
62.10.02.B2632 NPS Ocean Analysis and Prediction Monterey CA
62.10.02.B7070 NPS Ocean Dynamics and Modeling Monterey CA
62.10.02.B2636 NPS Ocean Surface Currents Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0174 NPS Role of Microstructure – Property Relationships on the Development of Materials Relevant to US Navy Applications Monterey CA
62.10.03.C0270 NPS Simulating Robotics in the Maritime Environment Monterey CA
62.10.02.B7335 NPS Surfzone and Riverine Processes Monterey CA
62.10.03.B4011 NPS The Design and Analysis of Integrated Guidance, Navigation, and Control Systems for Unmanned Air Vehicles Monterey CA
62.10.02.B6621 NPS Theoretical/Computational/Observational Research in Dynamic Meteorology, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes Monterey CA
62.10.03.B2622 NPS Unsteady Unmanned Aircraft, Helicopter, Missile, and Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Aerodynamics Monterey CA
62.10.03.B7337 NPS Virtual Training Simulations in Support of Ground Troops Training (Urban Warfare Operations) Monterey CA
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