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Opportunities Available at National Security Agency (NSA)

There are 8 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
36.01.00.C0511 NSA 2D Materials and Devices for High Performance Computing College Park MD
36.01.00.C0509 NSA Basic and Applied Novel Materials and Devices Research College Park MD
36.01.00.C0514 NSA Epitaxial Materials for Quantum Information Science College Park MD
36.01.00.C0512 NSA Hot-Electron Bolometer for Quantum Information College Park MD
36.01.00.C0523 NSA Integrated Photonic Devices for High Performance Computing Interconnects College Park MD
36.01.00.C0524 NSA Integrated Photonic Transducers College Park MD
36.01.00.C0505 NSA Quantum Information and Device Theory College Park MD
36.01.00.C0593 NSA Reversible Fluxon Dynamics for Efficient Digital Logic College Park MD
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