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Opportunities Available at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD)

There are 9 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
34.01.01.B8008 NAWCWD Super-hydrophobic Composite Resins China Lake CA
34.01.01.B8011 NAWCWD High Performance Renewable Fuels China Lake CA
34.01.01.B8012 NAWCWD Renewable Polymers and Composites China Lake CA
34.01.01.B8013 NAWCWD Synthesis of Low-Valent Metal Clusters China Lake CA
34.01.01.B8014 NAWCWD Design and Synthesis of Novel Organic Semiconductor Materials for Applications in Energy Storage and Generation China Lake CA
34.01.01.C0148 NAWCWD High Density Energetic Materials China Lake CA
34.01.02.B8009 NAWCWD Nonlinear Stable Signal Processing Using Invariant Scattering China Lake CA
34.01.02.B8033 NAWCWD Compressive Sensing in Radar for Alternative Waveforms and Improved Precision China Lake CA
34.01.02.B8573 NAWCWD Computation of Nonlinear Effects on Electromagnetic Propagation in Lossy Materials China Lake CA
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