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Opportunities Available at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)

There are 10 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
15.61.00.B0242 AFRRI Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology: Human Biodosimetry Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B8529 AFRRI Effect of Ionizing Radiation Doses on Human Endogenous Retroviruses: Reactivation, Pathogenesis and Potential to Use as Radiation Biomarkers Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B8446 AFRRI Etiology of the Acute Radiation Syndrome across Multiple Animal Species and Biological Moderators of Radiation Sensitivity Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B5111 AFRRI Gene Expression Changes as Radiation-Responsive Molecular Biomarkers for Human Biological Dosimetry Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B6655 AFRRI Hypoxia and Radiation Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B6382 AFRRI Mechanism of Action of Radiation Countermeasures: Cellular and Molecular Immunology Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B4584 AFRRI Mechanisms of Non-targeted Effects of Radiation or Depleted Uranium Late Effects Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B7495 AFRRI Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Mammalian Cell Injury and Development of Radiation Biomarkers Bethesda MD
15.61.00.B0252 AFRRI Pathophysiology of Viruses and Radiation Bethesda MD
15.61.07.B8445 AFRRI Tissue and Organ-Specific Biomarkers of Radiation Injury Bethesda MD
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