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Opportunities Available at U.S. Army Research Office (ARO)

There are 7 opportunities:

RO # Program Title City State
14.05.00.B8560 ARO Investigating Normal Physiology and Blast-induced Damage of Hair Cells in a Mature Cochlea London ENGLAND, U.K.
14.02.00.B4664 ARO Apis Mellifera Durham NC
14.02.00.C0103 ARO Neuromorphic Computing Circuits and Systems Based on Emerging Electronic Devices Durham NC
14.01.00.B6626 ARO Use of Ionic Liquids to Process and Characterize Biomaterials Research Triangle Park NC
14.01.00.B7038 ARO Selective Methods for C-X Activation Research Triangle Park NC
14.01.00.B7168 ARO The Interface between Molecular Recognition and Catalysis Research Triangle Park NC
14.01.00.B8167 ARO Tectonics and Glacial Dynamics Research Triangle Park NC
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