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Ford Foundation Fellowships Scholar Award List - 2013

The following 120 outstanding scholars have been awarded fellowships
in the 2013 Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs competition administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies. The programs seek to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

  Applicant Name Institution Name Field of Study
Predoctoral Competition - 60 individuals
Adjepong, Lady Anima University of Texas-Austin Sociology
Aguilar, Angela Raquel University of California-Berkeley Ethnic Studies
Ajala, Olutobi Johns Hopkins University Molecular Biology
Arroyo, John C Massachusetts Institute of Technology Urban and Regional Planning
Arvayo, Alberto Leyva Stanford University Mechanical Engineering
Bautista-Chavez, Angie Maritza Harvard University Political Science
Berona, Johnny University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Clinical Psychology
Bevel, Felicia Janine Brown University American Studies
Bongers, Jacob Lewis University of California-Los Angeles Archaeology
Cisneros, Miguel University of Texas-Austin Geochemistry
Darby, Patrice Simone Harvard University Virology
Davis, Jalondra A. University of California-Riverside Black/African American Studies
Day, Faithe University of Southern California Media Study
Driggers, Kristopher Tyler University of Chicago Art History
Eason, Arianne E University of Washington Social Psychology
Gomez, Eric Jordan Rice University Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Goo, Marisa University of California San Diego Biology
Guise, Holly Yale University Native American History
Hernandez, Fidel Stanford University Mechanical Engineering
Holt, Kevin Christopher Columbia University Ethnomusicology
Jasso, Guadalupe Jannet Harvard University Immunology
Jauregui, Christian T Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics
Jemison, Michael L University of California-Berkeley Topology
Jernigan, Kasey Aliene University of Massachusetts Amherst Anthropology
Johnson, Kaja University of California-Berkeley Clinical Psychology
Kamelamela, Katie University of Hawaii at Manoa Ecology
Kocieda, Sylvia University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Philosophy
Lampi, Marsha Christine Cornell University Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Luchetti, Giovanni Stanford University Biochemistry
Macias Munoz, Aide University of California-Irvine Evolutionary Biology
Mahadeo, Rahsaan University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Sociology
Malaga, Karlo Adrian University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Manzo, Vida Magarita Northwestern University Psychology
Marcus, Guy Geyer University of Pennsylvania Theoretical Physics
Martin, Rey William Northwestern University Chemical Engineering
Mata, Shylene Michigan State University Fish and Wildlife
Monica, Stefanie Dolores University of California-Berkeley Developmental Biology
Onyeador, Ivuoma Ngozi University of California-Los Angeles Social Psychology
Ornelas, Alexandra University of California-Santa Barbara Ethnic Studies
Orozco, Jessica Mae Claremont Graduate University Botany
Ortiz, Irma University of California-Riverside Botany
Ortiz-Hernandez, Samia George Washington University Clinical Psychology
Peralto, Leon Jackson No'eau University of Hawaii at Manoa Other Specialty Field
Perez, Hector Eduardo University of California-Berkeley Systems Engineering
Reed, Nia Georgia State University Social Science
Roberts, Steven Othello University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Developmental Psychology
Rodriguez, Marcus Duke University Clinical Psychology
Santana, Michael University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Mathematics
Serrato, Claudia University of Washington Anthropology
Spears, Asya Jewel University of California-Los Angeles Biostatistics
Stickel, Ariana University of Arizona Clinical Psychology
Tanner, Jessie Caitlin University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Animal Behavior
Treviño, Jason Benjamín University of California-Berkeley English Literature
Trope, Megan Oklahoma State University Genetics
Vega, Irene Isela University of California-Los Angeles Sociology
Waters, Brandi M Yale University Latin American History
Williams, Alexia Victoria Yale University American Studies
Wilson, Brian Kevin University of California-Berkeley Chemical Engineering
Wright, Willie University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Geography
Yemane, Yonas Tedla Stanford University Mechanical Engineering
Dissertation Competition - 36 individuals
Alvarado, Louis Calistro University of New Mexico Anthropology
Cornejo, Kency Duke University Art History
Enriquez, Laura Elise University of California-Los Angeles Sociology
Erving, Christy LaShaun Indiana University-Bloomington Sociology
Ficek, Rosa Elena University of California-Santa Cruz Cultural Anthropology
Figueroa, Michael Andrew University of Chicago Ethnomusicology
Fuller, Sharon Y. University of California-Berkeley Social Science
Gaither, Sarah Elizabeth Tufts University Social Psychology
Garcia, San Juanita Edilia Texas A&M University Sociology
Green, Delbert Andre Harvard University Evolutionary Biology
Green, Kai Marshall University of Southern California Black/African American Studies
Huerta, Monica University of California-Berkeley American Studies
Hull, Charles L. H. University of California-Berkeley Astronomy
Logan, Tanya Camela University of Michigan-Ann Arbor French Literature
Martinez, William Depaul University Clinical Psychology
Mendoza, Mary Elizabeth University of California-Davis History
Meza-Lopez, Maria Magdalena Rice University Ecology
Miller, Conrad Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics
Morales-Franceschini, Eric University of California-Berkeley Interdisciplinary Literature
Perez, Arnulfo Indiana University-Bloomington Mathematics and Education
Phillips, Anne Marie Duke University History
Quizar, Jessica University of Southern California Ethnic Studies
Raudzens Bailey, Adriana University of Colorado Boulder Atmospheric Sciences
Rocha, Janet University of California-Los Angeles Education Research
Rodriguez-Abudo, Sylvia University of New Hampshire Ocean Engineering
Romo, David Arturo University of Texas-El Paso History
Seligmann, Katerina Gonzalez Brown University Caribbean Literature
Shange, Savannah University of Pennsylvania Ethnic Studies
Shih, Elena University of California-Los Angeles Women's Studies
Smith, Shively TeNille Jackson Emory University Theology
Strong, Krystal Sharice University of California-Berkeley Cultural Anthropology
Towler, Christopher University of Washington Political Science
Vazquez, Eric Adrian Carnegie Mellon University American Studies
Webb-Binder, Bernida Anne Cornell University Art History
Wells, Alexis Sybil Emory University Religious Studies
Wells, Brandy T. Ohio State University African-American History
Postdoctoral Competition - 24 individuals
Alcazar, Rosa Maria Carnegie Institution for Science Department of Embryology Bioinformatics
Bell, Muyinatu A. Lediju Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Byrne, Leah University of Pennsylvania-Branch Unknown Neurosciences
Carroll, Clint University of Texas-Austin American Indian Studies
Connor, Kwasi University of California-Irvine Marine Biology
Cox, Aimee Meredith New York University Anthropology
Fujii, Lee Ann Rutgers University Political Science
Garcia, David G. University of Colorado Boulder Chicano History
Garcia, David M. Stanford University-School of Medicine Biology
Hidalgo, Jacqueline University of California-Los Angeles Chicano Studies
Hobbs, Allyson Vanessa University of Michigan-Ann Arbor African-American History
Howard, Tiffiany O University of California-Los Angeles Political Science
Jayakumar, Uma Madhure University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Social Science
Kim, Eun-Hae University of Arizona Environmental Sciences, Biology-based
Marasigan, Cynthia George Mason University American History
McDougall, Brandy Nalani University of Hawaii at Manoa Literature
Negrón, Rosalyn Columbia University-Teachers College Education Research
Patino, Jimmy Charles University of California-Santa Barbara Chicano History
Rodenas-Ruano, Alma Yeshiva University Albert Einstein College of Medicine Neurosciences
Terriquez, Veronica University of California-Berkeley Sociology and Education
Teves, Stephanie Nohelani University of California-Berkeley Cultural Studies
Whitfield, James Daniel Vienna University Interdisciplinary Physics
Williamson, Terrion LaShon Michigan State University Cultural Studies
Wright, Nazera Sadiq American Antiquarian Society African-American Literature
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