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Ford Foundation Fellowships Scholar Award List - 2012

The following 119 outstanding scholars have been awarded fellowships
in the 2012 Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs competition administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies. The programs seek to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

  Applicant Name Institution Name Field of Study
Predoctoral Competition - 60 individuals
Alcaraz Silva, Barbara Univ of California-Irvine Biology
Andemicael, Awet Univ of Notre Dame Theology
Andrews, Megan Tria Univ of California-Berkeley Education Research
Beltran, Hector Univ of California-Berkeley Cultural Anthropology
Bettergarcia, Jennifer (Jay) Nicole Univ of California-Santa Barbara Counseling Psychology
Bowen, Chyna Univ of Texas-Austin African-American History
Brewton-Tiayon, Shanna Univ of Maryland Sociology
Carrasco-Zevallos, Oscar Rice Univ Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Carrillo, Daniela Cristina Univ of California-Berkeley Sociology
Chambliss, Melanie Yale Univ Black/African American Studies
De La Torre, Monica Univ of Washington Women's Studies
Figueroa, Elizabeth Raquel Rice Univ Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
Fletcher, Kanitra Shenae Cornell Univ Art History
Givens, Jarvis Ray Univ of California-Berkeley African-American History
Guardado, Jesus Omar Stanford Univ Materials Science
Hernandez, Rebecca Renee Stanford Univ Environmental Sciences, Earth Science-based
Hosbey, Justin Univ of Florida Cultural Anthropology
Hunter, Michael Anthony Univ of New Mexico Physiological Psychology
Husain, Atiya Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Sociology
Jaramillo, Carlos Andres City Univ of New York Graduate Center Robotics
Jimenez, Carlos Univ of California-Santa Barbara Media Study
Jimenez, Monica Alexandra Univ of Texas-Austin Latin American History
Jogoleff, Christina Geri Univ of California-Riverside History of Science
Jones, Shawn Christopher Tracey Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Psychology
Jones Jr, McArthur Univ of Colorado Boulder Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
Kangas, Karina Univ of California San Diego Organic Chemistry
Levy, Dorainne Northwestern Univ Social Psychology
Longo, Ana V Cornell Univ Ecology
Lukaniec, Megan Elizabeth No active institution for code: 21610I Linguistics
Marin-Chollom, Amanda Mia City Univ of New York Graduate Center Psychology
Marira, Tiwirai Douglas City Univ of New York Graduate Center Psychology
Martinez, Enmanuel Rutgers Univ Comparative Literature
Mendez, Michael Anthony Univ of California-Berkeley Urban and Regional Planning
Montoya, Teresa Maria New York Univ Anthropology
O'Keefe, Victoria Michelle Oklahoma State Univ Clinical Psychology
Ortega, Manuel Alejandro Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Biochemistry
Paiz, Christian Oswaldo Univ of Southern California Chicano History
Prado, Carolina Univ of California-Berkeley Interdisciplinary Sociology
Purifoy, Danielle Duke Univ Interdisciplinary Political Science
Quinn, Johanna Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Sociology and Education
Ramirez, Lucio Cloud Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor Psychology
Redding, Camillia Ann Columbia Univ Political Science
Reichenberger, Erin R Drexel Univ Bioinformatics
Rigosi, Albert Felix Columbia Univ Solid State Physics
Robinson, John Nelson Northwestern Univ Sociology
Rodriguez, Janna Stanford Univ Mechanical Engineering
Roquet, Nathaniel Bernard Harvard Univ Biophysics
Roy, Christopher Lawrence Rice Univ Ecology
Skinner, Kenneth Arthur Harvard Univ Biochemistry
Smith, Shushannah Marie Univ of Alabama-Huntsville Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
Soto, Cesar Leon Univ of Notre Dame English Literature
Sprunger, Christine Dazil Michigan State Univ Agriculture
Stepney, Cesalie Taylor Rutgers Univ Clinical Psychology
Tabor, Martin Gregory The Scripps Research Institute Organic Chemistry
Tarpeh, William Abraham Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Environmental Engineering
Theissen, Christopher Alexander Boston Univ Astronomy
Tilghman, Jessica Johns Hopkins Univ Cell Biology
Tompkins, Christien Philmarc Univ of Chicago Cultural Anthropology
Vieira, Philip Univ of California-Riverside Neurosciences
Zeiner, Carolyn Alexandra Harvard Univ Environmental Engineering
Dissertation Competition - 37 individuals
Alexander, Ariana Elizabeth New York Univ American History
Almanza, Maria Elena No active institution for code: 21610I English Literature
Amador, Emma Balbina Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor Puerto Rican History
Armstrong, April Charity Princeton Univ Religious Studies
Blanding, David Brown Univ Political Science
Carpio, Genevieve Tania Univ of Southern California American Studies
Chow, Candace Cornell Univ Sociology and Education
Daal, Miguel Demetrius Univ of California-Berkeley Astrophysics
Deas, Joseph Benjamin Univ of Arizona Entomology
Deomampo, Daisy City Univ of New York Graduate Center Cultural Anthropology
Diaz, Vanessa J. Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor Cultural Anthropology
Espinoza, Araceli Ayala Univ of Southern California Education Research
Garza, Irene Univ of Texas-Austin Ethnic Studies
Gonzales, Elena L Brown Univ American Studies
Gonzalez, Martha Elvira Univ of Washington Women's Studies
Greenlee-Donnell, Cynthia Renee Duke Univ African-American History
Griffith, Gina L. Univ of Oklahoma-Health Science Center Pathology
Hampton, Melvin New York Univ Counseling Psychology
Haskins, Anna Rose Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Sociology
Hidalgo, Alexander Univ of Arizona Latin American History
Isler, Jedidah Yale Univ Astrophysics
Jerry, Anthony Russell Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Cultural Anthropology
Kim, Joo Ok Univ of California San Diego American Literature
Knight, Christina Harvard Univ Theater
Koenke, Erik Anthony Univ of Notre Dame Theology
Laurent-Perrault, Evelyne New York Univ Latin American History
Luna, Augustin Boston Univ Bioinformatics
Magaña, Maurice Rafael Univ of Oregon Cultural Anthropology
Monk Jr., Ellis Univ of California-Berkeley Sociology
Perillo, Jeffrey Lorenzo Univ of California-Los Angeles Performance Study
Pexa, Christopher John Vanderbilt Univ Native American Literature
Ponce, Albert Univ of California-Los Angeles Political Science
Potts, Thomas M Univ of Arkansas-Fayetteville Chemical Engineering
Roundfield, Katrina Elaine DePaul Univ Clinical Psychology
San Pedro, Timothy Jose Arizona State Univ Education Research
Sarabia Ortiz, Rachel R. Univ of California-Santa Barbara Sociology
Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Sociology
Postdoctoral Competition - 22 individuals
Abrego, Leisy J Arizona State Univ Ethnic Studies
Balance, Christine Duke Univ Performance Study
Casselberry, Judith Harvard Univ Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Chatelain, Marcia Univ of Texas-Austin American Studies
Covington-Ward, Yolanda Denise Carnegie Mellon Univ Cultural Anthropology
Daut, Marlene Leydy Duke Univ African-American Literature
Diaz, Julia Michelle Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Marine Sciences
Finch, Aisha Purdue Univ Caribbean History
Fuentes, Marisa Joanna Rutgers Univ Women's Studies
Gillion, Daniel Q Harvard Univ Political Science
Hernandez, Daniel J Univ of Minnesota-Twin Cities Algebra or Number Theory
Jimenez-Castellanos, Oscar Hugo Univ of South Florida-Tampa Educational Policy Research
Lightfoot, Natasha Jaheem City Univ of New York Graduate Center Caribbean History
Ojeda, Lizette Texas A&M Univ Counseling Psychology
Pelet, Jeisa M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering
Preza, Gloria Univ of Southern California Pathology
Ralph, Laurence Institute for Advanced Study Cultural Anthropology
Rouhana, Labib Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Genetics
Sealey-Ruiz, Yolanda Univ of North Carolina-Charlotte Teacher Education Research
Soto, Lilia Univ of California-Irvine Ethnic Studies
Spencer, Quayshawn Nigel Julian Stanford Univ Philosophy of Science
Thompson, Ameer Columbia Univ Physiology
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